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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Loving being smooth like a girl!

I don't know if you've ever used Nair or a similar lotion hair removal product. I use it occasionally and I really do love the effect.

What I like to do is put the Nair on -- sometimes all over but more likely just on my legs. Then wait the required 4 minutes or so. Then instead of just rinsing it off, I grab a bar of soap in the shower and a razor and soap up my legs and shave off the Nair and the soap lather. I always feel twice as smooth over just shaving. Just another way to feel even more girlie!

Like I may have said before, when I started having body hair I just hated it. This was probably when I was 12 or so, I really don't remember. But what I do remember was that I detested it. I wanted to be smooth like the girls, not hairy like the boys. I mean I really really was fixated on being smooth once I discovered shaving my legs.

I am still like that today of course. I could not imagine having any body hair except for girlie pubic hair. What about you? What are your thoughts about shaving and being smooth and girlie?


Sharon said...

I use Nair about once a week all over. I detest hair on my body and I hate seeing so called cross dressers with hairy legs. Some may call me a sissy because I don't hair on my legs or any place else. Everything seems so much nicer when I am hairless.

Josie T-girl said...

I luv the female condition too: soft, smooth and silky skin. I also detest my body being hairy. I use Nair, once a week every week. But these days my growth is only stubble after a week. I really only need it anymore for this stubble on my pubic area and bikini area. My legs take weeks and weeks to get stubble and that is soft and very light in color. Shaving is reserved for touch-ups to my legs and underarms. Life for me is wonderful and being soft and smooth and feminine is just me.

Cuckolded Sissy Husband said...

I couldnt bare to have body hair, I hate it, it looks too male and disgusting to me.

I prefer the smooth silky soft feeling of freshly shaved legs each morning and fully shaved body

( yes even "down there " ;)
Not only is it more feminine, but also more hygienic.
I love the smooth feeling as my ankle chains slide up and down around my ankle.

cliveskink said...

I wish I could shave every hair from my body. Unfortunately, my wife would be horrified. I do shave my balls and trim my pubic hair and that feels delicious

SissyChrissyPinkPanties said...

I love the feeling of my silky panties sliding up my soft smooth legs! Or even better a cute baby doll or chemise that brushes my thigh tops. Soooo girly

Sammie said...

I like being shaved too, but I get a lot of bumps on my ass and the back of my thighs. I think it is from the hair growing back.

Stevie Stevens said...

My experience was that that goes away with time. Just don't shave over any irritation!

Anonymous said...

I use Nair with baby oil. It leaves my legs so smooth and sexy! Then I follow that with lotion on my knees.

There is just nothing like the feel of nylons over soft shaved legs!

Smiles, Tracy

Cuckold Janitor John Loser ( No girl would ever go out with me) said...

I am 50 and have been smooth from the knees up for 20 years , I prefer Daisy Fresh

gloria said...

oh yes i do agree i use nair but still unimpressed with chest hairs they seem to grow back to quick

jenny clayton said...


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