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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Joined by another sissy!

We would be three sissy girls
like these real girls!
This picture reminded me of pleasurable days I had when I was a young teen!

I have written about how I played house and dressed up with my sissy friend Timmy and how two regular boys would join us for BJ sessions. Well, there was a 3rd sissy who would join us occasionally but not as much as Timmy and I played house.

So we were in our play area at Timmy's house and we took turns shaving our bodies in the shower and we were as smooth as teen girls! We got into Timmy's mother's spray scents and soon were smelling delightfully girlie!

But we did not dress up in any girls clothes or moms' lingerie like we did a lot. We wanted to savor our fresh girlie smoothness so we just all got onto the bed like the girls pictured above! I remember how we played around like silly girls: Rubbing our smooth bodies against each other and cuddling and tickling and caressing and kissing each other! (Oh by the way, we all had little sissy clitties and this play did give us little sissy boners!)

We gabbed about the hot girls in school -- mostly the ones we envied and wanted to be because they would never have us as real boys. And we gabbed about the hot boys we liked, boys we wanted to be naked with, boys who we saw naked in the shower, boys we wanted to cuddle with and give a BJ to!

Timmy and I actually did this a lot, but those couple of times when our third sissy friend joined us were especially nice! Hopefully you had sissy friends you got together with? Please tell us about it you did!

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Anonymous said...

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