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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Little black dress!

The other day I purchased at Kmart a "little black dress" and I am so excited. It is actually the first one that I have ever had! I don't know why that is, I have plenty of dresses. Never a totally black one!

But anyway, Kmart has a line of dresses by Sofia Vergara and I have purchased several off them, including the beautiful tangerine one. I got them on sale for $18! They look like they would cost $180!
Check them out if you have a Kmart near you, but I also bought some stuff online and they have free shipping if you spend $50.

You know, I am actually a more frugal shopper than many real girls! I got a pair of Jaclyn Smith shoes for $12.99, also at Kmart. Yesterday I picked up a couple of nice silky chemises at Wal-Mart for $12 each.

When you build a "second wardrobe" like we t-girls do, you have to not go overboard on the cost. But I don't drink in bars, or golf, or waste money at sporting events -- like a guy might do -- so I waste my recreation money like a sissy would do on girls clothes and shoes and fragrances and nail polish! Haha! Do you think I might be different than most guys!

What do you like in girls' clothing? Where do you shop? Where do you find your bargains?


Stevie Stevens said...

I went to see the local symphony the other night and all the musicians wore black with maybe a white top if they wore slacks. Some of the gals wore long gown-like dresses, but many of the gals had on their little black dresses.

So I am sitting there thinking, haha I have a little black dress just like you gals do!

Billie said...

I tend to lean toward more fitted styles, men like them better. I get most of my female things from Wal-Mart or K-mart but shoes I get whenever my heart leaps out for them, lol! Bargains are usually found at various second hand or thrift shops. I found the cutest shorts at a Salvation Army store once. I have two LBD's, both with long sleeves. One with see-thru chiffon and the other with regular cloth.

marilynsturn said...

Macy's Macy's is the place. The clerks are trained to payattention and treat Tg as valued customers. I shop two stores that are close to my home in Florida. The clerks know me and my spouse are regulars.
I am always treated with respect and kindness. I do not pass nor do I try, I wear womens clothes it is that simple.It took me many years to just accept me as I am. Shop is the word Gurls. Shop shop shop. We have no children or extended family to be concerned with. Saturday is shopping day and dine out. red anils and makeup. You will never know what she will pick out for me to wear.
When you know what you sre doing the sales rack and discount coupons at the Macy's is the best and cheapest. Better than a thrift for sure

I love me and everything about me. Ahhhhhhhh freedom

Anonymous said...

I love to go shopping at New look.
I find there bargains for shoes beginning from 7 euro's and they sell lovely panties too.
Everytime I go shopping there is certainly a visit to new look sheduled.
If you would like some proof about it you can always visit there website.

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