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Friday, May 18, 2012

What to do about creepy neighbor?

I like to do this, but neighbor makes me uncomfortable.
For a number of years, I had these wonderful neighbors. An elderly couple that pretty much kept to themselves.

I would see the woman only here and there out in the yard doing some gardening. Only talked to her a couple of times. I heard she had some depression problems. The man would be out cutting the grass on his riding mower. Talked to him more and he was nice and very smart. He invented some famous thing, but right now I can't recall it. He had been in an auto accident and had some problems lingering from that.

With them as neighbors I would wear around my yard my shortest shorts and girliest tank tops that did not hide my boobies. I'd wear a tank top and a bikini swimsuit bottom. Never worried about how they felt about me doing that and I had to wonder if they even noticed my lifestyle. Never worried that they would notice me sunbathing naked around my pool.

About two years ago they had to move to a retirement home because taking care of their house became too much. Shortly after that the man passed away.

We got new neighbors, also a retired couple. The woman is strange. I say hello to her and she ignores me. The man is stranger. Whenever I am out in the yard and he sees me, he stops what he is doing and stares at me. It is so damn obvious. I mean he does that all the time and it is making me uncomfortable.

I know he is checking out what I am wearing and he is checking out my chest. I repeat: I feel really uncomfortable walking around my own yard and I am starting to look out the window before I go out to make sure he is not out there. Last summer I worried that he was spying on me when I was around my pool and now that time of year is coming up again really soon.

Oh, one other thing, the guy flies a confederate flag! He has a cycle so I bet he thinks it's a harmless redneck symbol or something. But I consider it a symbol of hate and intolerance!

How would you deal with someone like this if you were in my position? And I'm sure some of you are. I have certainly come across people like this before, but not on such a daily basis.


Billie said...

There is always another side to every story. I am reminded that there is one story, a second story and some where in the middle is the truth.

The old man's invention must not have been so important at all.


To even you the Confederate flag IS a symbol.

I'd just let it go and live honestly as me.

drutv said...

You are probably so much more beautiful than what he has. But as far as him being creepy,I dont know maybe get a dog that will bark everytime he's snooping. Good luck,please keep us posted.Drew

drutv said...
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Stevie Stevens said...

Just yesterday, I am out in the yard doing some yard work and he's standing on the edge of his deck watching me the whole time! What the fuck! Maybe I SHOULD take my top off and give him the show he is looking for!

Justin said...

Most of all, do not allow this couple to make you a prisoner in your own home. You're doing nothing wrong. If you enjoy being in your yard topless, or in any mode of dress, that's your right. Life to make yourself happy, and the crazy couple can just bugger off.

Billie said...

I'm not so sure I'd take my top off to reward his creepiness but, I'd keep on living my life for me!

Maybe some tight fitting teal short shorts would look good? I recommend lots of spandex, just sayin'

Just keep on living for you NOT him!

Stevie Stevens said...

You know what is funny is that two houses down there is a really nice older guy who mows his lawn with his shirt off and he has bigger boobs than I do!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Billie, one-sided stories are tempting to receive undivided attention, but there's always another side to the story.

Live and let live, my neighbours treated me like shit and I will never forget the torment they caused.

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