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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Losing those dreaded erections!

The way it should be: Only the
real man with the erection,
but never the sissy or t-girl!
The other day I wrote about playing house with my sissy friend and other boys coming around for bj sessions when I was a teen.

And later that day I had to laugh to myself because the memory popped into my head how my sissy friend and I would get these little boners -- we called them boners at that age! -- while the boys we were pleasuring had beautiful nice-sized ones (at least until we took care of them).

What made me laugh was the thought of the two sissies with little boners pleasuring these boys and these little boners would eventually shrink up and go away while the act was taking place until they were back to their sissy state at the time the real boys were cumming in the sissies' mouths!

It brought back a pleasant memory because we sissies lost our boners while we were pleasuring the real boys probably subconsciously because we knew that sissies were not supposed to get boners if they had little sissy clitties like we had.

Since we were definitely leaning toward the girlie side, boners were really not something we were supposed to have.

That is what is great about female hormones and testosterone blockers. They will definitely take away those nasty dreaded erections for guys who wish they were girls!

So the questions would be: Do you hate getting erections (boners!)? Are you doing anything to rid yourself of those nasty things?


Miss MT said...

i never get hard when I'm with a guy - even though i love the whole thing - kneeling in front of a guy, sucking his cock, and eventually being bent over and having him fuck me, my excitement never expresses itself in an erection!

bubblepopmei said...

I'm so proud to be tiny and limp. I can get hard sometimes but its really only if I pay specific attention to my dicklet, and why bother doing that? Hahaha

I had never felt so aroused when a man fuck me but my little princess was smaller than ever limp and the man said even 1 inch.

sissy corey said...

I always get hard [even though I have a pathetic sissy size dick] when I get fucked or give real men bj's.

Stevie Stevens said...

Limp is definitely more manageable! Limp fits in your panties more nicely!

Anonymous said...

It's much easier to tuck when limp, and she likes to stroke me just above my boyclit

Sissy Faggot said...

For years I've been on very low dose estrogen and the last few years it's finally shrunk what was small to start with down even smaller. I haven't really been big enough for sex with my wife for almost 4 years and starting about 2 years ago, the only time I could get my less than 3" hard was when I knew my wife was with one of her boyfriends. Then for the last year, I haven't even been able to get hard when she was visiting one of her real men. Being impotent is wonderful and it's such a great thing knowing that she's in bed with a man because I can't give her what she wants. Hopefully she even tells the men what a wimp I am.

Darlene said...
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Darlene said...
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Darlene said...

i never had an erection at least not any that i remember. i never get hard when being fucked or giving BJs no matter how hot my guy is or how excited i am. my pleasure does not come from my "thing", but from being penetrated. even a sight of a beautiful dick excites me, makes me tremble, i get weak in the knees but no erection, very gladly. hopefully i will get rid of it by the end of summer.

sissydoll said...

I love having my tiny clit limp as I pleasure my man either orally or anally. However, I need those small erections to have an orgasm. I haven´t been able to have true girly orgasms with my limp clitty.

Anonymous said...

Haveing my red lips loveingly wrapped around a thick hard cock and submitting to the passion of the man fucking my mouth makes the feeling of my soft little sissy clit in my panties just sooo sexy

Kathyann Hitt said...

I never get hard when I'm with a guy. The main reason being that I was castrated by my Mistresses & my mother long ago.

Belinda Reed said...

To me i accept them as Permanent Reminders of the pleasure I feel from the notion of being used rather than me thinking about penetrating another. They can contextually be source of grear mirth for any top with me

lessthanzeromasculinity said...

I have been on anti-androgen and estrogen for over a year now so I have essentially chemically castrated myself and am well on my way to full womenhood so the idea of me ever getting hard again is literally laughable. Seriously, the intentional loss of my male sexuality is a source of humor and amusement around our house. Technically I'm still married to a drop-dead gorgeous woman but not for much longer. More than two years ago it became abundantly clear that I was no longer man enough to keep her or even please her. About then I pretty much became her girlfriend and handmaiden and she went out and quickly met a real man. He is very muscular and notably masculine so it is always extremely feminizing to me to serve him cocktails and entertain him while my wife gets ready for him and he has gotten quite a kick out of observing my genetalia atrophy over the last six or so months.

Nancy Lewis said...

When I am dressing, I start by having an erection. But, as I progress and the female persona envelops me, I lose it rapidly. And it doesn't return, thankfully.

Not having it makes me feel "normal". It helps too when I tuck.

Kathyann H said...

My sissy clit never gets hard, thank goodness. You see, when I was a young sissy growing up and under my step-mother and my sister's feminization training they took control of my sissy clit. They made sure that I always had on the smallest chasity device that they could find. When I was ready to jump into my teen years, my mom put me on hormones. I was just getting ready to turn 16, when my step-mother & my sister decided that the hormones and chasity weren't enough for me. So on my 16th birthday I was taken to my step-mother's clinic (she's a doctor) at manila, Philippines. That's when she removed my testicles. But, she had the foresight to realize that she had to install a small silicon ball in my empty sack, to serve two purposes. To keep the sack distended & to so I can still have something to use to anchor my chasity too. Even though I was castrated and they was no way that I was ever going to get hard again, she wanted to make 100% sure even if she gave me male hormones to make me erect, I wouldn't get erect. She does that at times to make me squirm in the chasity.

Nikkij Madison said...

i did the same... me and Stevie and Larry played with our little dickies after school all the time

Sally said...

I hate touching that thing between my legs, these days I pee sitting down, but I love the taste of a real penis deep down my throat my boyfriend ties my thing and testicles in a nouse and pulls it tightly up behind me. I love when he fucks me in the arse whilst his testicles full of his sperm shoots his seed into me.

anbhow1 said...

Belinda Reed said...

To me i accept them as Permanent Reminders of the pleasure I feel from the notion of being used rather than me thinking about penetrating another. They can contextually be source of grear mirth for any top with me
August 19, 2012 at 10:01 AM

BELINDA REED said it better than i could have ever said it. We sissies are for the use and pleasures of others and not for ourselves and the fact that my erections have faded to a limp bump is a bonus to me. I can not have to worry about at least one thing and concentrate on the others pleasures.

Sissy Mishel said...

I haven't been able to get an erection for the last 10 years since being chastised by my wife and her sister. My wife trained me to receive pleasure by pleasuring others. Where once I would get hard while sucking a cock now I dribble cum from my limp sissy clit. While offering my sissy pussy up to a real man I am able to drip streams of cum through my cage. I still get the feeling inside that I am ejaculating but my cum does not shot out across the floor like a man's but instead wets my panty very well. I feel so much like a slut when that happens.

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As a young sissy, did you look at naked men in locker rooms?

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Do you hate getting erections?

Do you want to have your penis removed?

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What is your mental state as a T-girl who wishes they were a girl?

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