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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Did you ever raid a clothesline?

A memory -- both sad and funny -- popped into my head today for no apparent reason whatsoever. I just thought of it and had not thought of it in many years. This actually happened to me between when I was 13 and 15 and in junior high school:

There was this jerky bully who lived on my street. He was something like three years older than me. Hot shot football player. Thought he was a tough shit and he he was actually. A big brute. A real asshole. He would pick on me and the other sissies a lot.

Most of the time it was name calling. I remember he called me a "cunt" all the time and several times he de-pantsed me (pulled my pants down) to show that I was wearing panties and give everyone a good laugh.
Please tell me that someone else raided a clothesline!

One time though he pushed me down, sat on my chest, and unzipped his fly. He pulled out is dick and rubbed it across my face and lips. He did not make me suck him but he kept saying how everyone knew that I wanted to do it. He ridiculed me. He smacked my face with his dick, much to the delight of his goofy friends. Of course I made it worse by crying and begging him to let me go.

So, not long after that. I noticed his mother's laundry hanging in their yard. Like I said, they lived on my street, maybe only three blocks away. There was a short white dress -- his mother was a nurse -- and white hose. Also bras and panties and other items. I thought this was my chance to get even.

So I took the dress, hose, a bra and a pair of panties. I got great satisfaction as I wore those clothes in my bedroom. If he only knew! Well, actually, he would have beat the crap out of me for sure. I wore those clothes for months, even laundered them and rinsed out the hose.

After the great feeling of revenge wore off though, I started to feel guilty about taking the mother's stuff when she had nothing to do with it. So I put the dress in a bag and put it on their back porch. I, uh, well I kept the hose and the bra and the panties. I felt I was owed something for the abuse that kid dealt me.

I only took a bra and panties one other time from a clothesline. They belonged to sexy high school girl who was also maybe three years older than me. I was just being stupid. Did you every do such a thing?did


Just Sissy said...

Oh sweetie,

what a question to ask. You triggered some sweet memories with this post. And yes, I took the panties of my neighbor once (I was about 12 years)... it was a wonderful red satin panty. and I wore it whenever I had the chance too. I felt very bad, but I was not able to give it back ...

On day, about 5-6 weeks after I took it, she came up to me and asked me, if I had seen her red slip (well I was the only boy how actually did come close to laundry) - I blushed and she told me that I should keep it - I never will forget her smile.

I kept it for years... I don't know if I might still have it...


Anonymous said...

OMG, this was one of the scariest/worse memories of my puberty. I was somewhere around 12-13 years old. One night I noticed laundry hanging on the clothes line at the house behind ours. I imeediately became obsessed with taking some underwear. Now I don't even remember what I grabed from the line...panties I think, but they were not particularly sexy or alluring. What I do remember is this. The girl who owned them and who was older (high school senior or college) came out her back door and asked me in a level voice "What are you doing?" I was in the middle of her hanging clothes about 25 - 50 feet from her as she stood on her back step. I said something stupid like "Oh, nothing, just passing through to my house." and made a beeline for my yard. For weeks after that I lived in terror because I was sure that after I was gone she figured out what was missing and knew exactly who had taken it. But she never did or said anything. It almost would have been better if she had because wondering when the knock would come at our door over the next several weeks was ten times worse. I've never thought of it before, but I wonder whether the shame and humiliation of being publically labeled as a "panty stealer" actually has led to some kind of kinky tendency in later life. Interesting scenario to ponder. Maybe I could get my wife to re-enact that scene. NOT!

vanesa9997 said...

Yes im afraid to say when i was in my teens, i raided clotheslines, dryers, washing machines. I grew up in country in apts. so many to raid from. I feel bad now/

Nyoka-TGirl said...

I have never raided a clothesline, but I have raided when people got put out of their house/apartments and abandon their things I be going mainly after the girly things.:)

and I have raided behind the washer/dryer at the apt complex that I work, and girly things they left behind when they moved out

Those events is where I got most of my girly things!:)

sissy gracie said...

mmmm ohhh Yes.. this sissy raided the clothes lines too.. which of course dates us all doesn't it? Even as an adult.. i was driving down a street and noticed things hanging.. i parked way down the road.. snuck back into the yard and "borrowed the bra, panties, girdle, slip and stockings that were all out as if they were there for me....... mmmm it felt so good . what a rush.... i saviored those items for a long time.........

urmila said...

yes I have done that, but not as a young boy, but in my late teens and later too, before i took up a job started earning. I used to pick panties,camisoles and half slips. I haven managed to take inner skirts and blouses 2-3 times. It was a thrilling experience doing this

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