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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Are these girls really boys?

From Domina World on Tumblr

I found this photo on a tumblr site and the caption was insinuating that these are boys! What do you think?

There is something about each one that make me believe they are boys! Maybe their legs? They have boy legs and if I were a real girl I would not show off legs like that!

Maybe their faces? Again, I would not be too overjoyed if I were a real girl and I had boyish faces like them!

OK --- I just think they are all boys! And if they are, what great sissies they make! I wish I could have gone to school like that, even if it was for a special occasion like a show or pep rally!

They are all shaved and wearing pink! How great that would have been to go to school like that.

What do you think? Do you think these girls are really just girlie boys?


Lee said...

One could easily think of all four as male. I thought of their legs being more male than female before I read your comments.

Felicia Wood said...

I wonder which one(s) got very, very turned on by it... and what they did to relive all that pressure and tension they must have been feeling so deep inside...

Sissy said...

Look at the elbow. I had a police officer friend tell me once that the way they could usually tell male from female was if the elbow breaks above the waist - male. If the elbow breaks at the waist - female. He said it's not foolproof but 99% of the time they would be correct.

Sissy Slut Michelle said...

I'll just be in the fantasy with them. End up after school at the one who's parents aren't home yet. Blow them all !!

Anonymous said...

they are guys

Belinda Reed said...

The angular noses and demeaner gives it away but they're fulfilling their fantasy and some may well fantasies including them. Either way it's all good.

Stevie Stevens said...

And I get the feeling that this is not the first time these girlie boys ever dressed up!

Billie said...

I think they may be boys, if they are I hope they want to be girls! They look darling!

jennapher said...

No doubt in my mind they are boys, but I agree with Billie, I hope they want to be girls because they are young enough to make those girlie dreams come true

jennapher said...

No doubt in my mind they are boys, but I agree with Billie, I hope they want to be girls because they are young enough to make those girlie dreams come true

Veronica Glenne Vayne said...

When I was in the first grade in a small town, there was a high school tradition that all the boys had to dress up as girls as freshman and visit each of the grade school classrooms as a group. They did it again when I was a second grader, but then the school nixed the tradition, probably for the best. I was not dressing myself yet and all I really remember is that they really smelled bad. Most likely they were all wearing too much perfume of different scents creating a total reeking aroma. As to these four in the picture, if they are all boys anyone of them could have a date with most other boys if they wanted to.

Veronica Glenne Vayne said...

I meant to add that if you enter womanless beauty pageant into the youtube search engine you will find several video of high school boys dressed up as girls for fun. I suspect these four boys did this for fun rather than out of any desire to be girls.

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