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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Are you still wearing your short shorts?

I'm still dressing like this even
thought it's October!
It's been a fairly pleasant fall in the northeast U.S., but the chill is coming! The nights have been chilly.

But I believe sissy fags like us should be showing our shaved girlie legs until the frost really comes! Don't you agree? I'm still going around like the girl in the picture at right.

In the evening, I may put on a hooded sweatshirt  -- a hoodie! -- when  the sun goes down and it gets chilly but I'm still wearing my short denim shorts like this girl!

I have to say that you really stand out as a sissy girl when you keep wearing your short shorts and showing your shaved legs when it gets chilly out and everyone else has their summer clothes packed away. I went into a Target store the other evening dressed like the girl in the photo and there were a couple of teen girls in shorts, but no one else. Certainly no guys were wearing shorts at this time of year.

Teen girls will still where shorts in October, but then again, they are silly girls and I must be a silly girl just like them.

Have you put your short shorts away or are still showing your shaved girlie legs so everyone can see what a sissy you are?


Anonymous said...

Sweetie, you need to discover sweater dresses, tights, pantyhose, and boots! You can show yourself off and be wicked sexy without freezing!

Smiles, Tracy

marilynsturn said...

I live in Florida Short shorts go on forever

Stevie Stevens said...

You are so fortunate, Marilyn! I hate wearing wool and flannel and boots, but we must! I love bare legs and sandals!

Stevie Stevens said...

Anonymous: I do have pantyhose and tights, and even garter belts and stockings, but I really prefer nice smoothly shaved legs to show off!

jennapher said...

I'm with you Stevie! I will wear my shorts and sandals until the very last vestiges of my summer tan have faded.
Only then will I pull out the tighs and the sweater dresses!

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