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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Love those young office women!

At the office where I work there are always young women running around. Some are college interns and some are recent graduates who were just hired. I get really envious of these pretty, intelligent young women!

There is one young lady who is a new hire who dresses in really sexy outfits! I wish I could dress like that in the office! Actually I probably do have outfits like hers that I do wear at home and on the rare occasions that I sneak out dressed up.

But there is this one girl who has been there for about a year since graduating. She is a really prissy girl! Imagine how a sissy like us would walk around. Very daintily. Maybe more on our toes. Swaying our behinds. Hands at chest level. With limp wrists! That is just how I walk around the house! And how I would walk around in a world where sissies could be themselves.

And she wears really short dresses and skirts. Really short! (I know one of the supervisors who had a hand in hiring her and I know that was considered when she was hired! For sure!) And she wears heels every day. And she has tattooes and piercings that she does not hide -- like back of ear, nose. I don't know about the latter things -- I don't like tattooes and piercings -- but I do like how she dresses and carries on.

I searched for some examples of how this girl dresses in the office and the pictures I posted here are pretty accurate -- short prissy dresses and very short skirts! Sort of like what I like to wear! And probably what you like to wear if you are reading this!

We have this other gal -- an oriental girl -- who is a college intern and although she does not dress like the full-time girl, I have to say that every time she walks by I stop and admire her form. Oh how I wish I could be them!

Have you come across girls like this where you work?


jennapher said...

There was a young woman I worked with for several years that was just such a girlie-girl, she even referred to herself as such! Her desk was just accross from mine, and I got to know her fairly well, and I was soooo jealous! She was very petite, short blonde hair, always very well dressed, make-up perfect! And she loved to shop and loved talking about it. So I was able to exchange shopping tips and experiences with her, it was such fun! I used to dress fairly feminine the last few years I worked with her, I have no idea what she thought about me, but just having her there a few feet away made my job so much more enjoyable!

Stevie Stevens said...

I do have to say though that even though it is hard mentally to see these young girls because I envy them so much, they certainly do brighten up the office. I do not understand why many of the older women have let themselves go, as they say. They have become heavy and do not dress nice. I have better taste in clothes as a T-girl!

jennapher said...

One thing I absolutely love, Stevie, is how much the younger women make the office more alive! And I can't help myself from checking them out as discreetly as I can to see if I can pick up some fashion or make-up ideas or inspirations from them.
And you are so right about the older women, and I agree, I think most of us gurls probably do have nicer clothes.
Of course, the clothes, and how we appear means a great deal more to us and who we are than a lot of those older women who have let themselves go.
Not to mention the men, lol!!

Billie said...

I agree with you Stevie, younger females are hard to look at simply because I envy them so much!

IMHO, I must say that genetic females let themselves go because they think they don't have to try as hard as we t-girls. As an "older woman" myself, I confess I'm very comfortable in the Cougar category!

I certainly don't wish to give the wrong impression, but the woman wearing the white top and brown skirt is the kind of clothes I wear!

Stevie Stevens said...

Billie, I have many short skirts like the girl in the photo, but I also adore the prissy short dresses too. So I love to see the young girls in either of those items. As long as they show their sexy legs, like I also like to do!

marilynsturn said...

You really have it "Going On" Stevie. I remain your oldest fan 77 next month

Stevie Stevens said...

Hey thanks Marilyn! You and Billie are always taking part with your comments on my sissy ramblings and you do not know how much I appreciate the two of you!

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