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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Hard nipples hard to hide!

I work in an office and I work evening hours. About two thirds of the people might be gone for the day, but about a third of the people work in the evening.

Working those hours, we are allowed to dress casually like the girl at right. This particular evening I had on a top similar to what this girl is wearing, only it was a hoodie.

No need to go into detail, but at some point during the evening I had to go out and move my car. It was a chilly night and I did not grab my jacket. So I moved my car and I walked back through the big office room. A number of people looked up at me and for some odd reason they kept giving me a second look. Well, I had to tinkle, so I went to the unisex bathroom. When I walked in I saw in the mirror that because of the chill outside my nipples were hard and very noticeable, just like in the photo above! That was what some of those people noticed!

I tried to sneak back to my desk without getting any further notice, but several people again looked up at me. I sat down at my desk and, sure enough, my nipples were still pointing out through my top! I put on my jacket, the one I wrote about in a previous post, and I said something like "Boy it is cold outside. I'm freezing."

Most people at the office -- except for the new people -- know what a sissy I am. But I guess that even if the nipples on a real girl were showing it would make people notice! Did anything like that ever happen to you?


Anonymous said...

I don't have big nipples, but they are unstoppable. I can nip-out in anything. I did have a girlfriend who used to tease me about it, but she's the only one who's mentioned it--at least to my face.

Drecksau said...

This girl on the picture is very horney

Marie Nichols said...

yes, I forgot to remove my small nipple falsies one morning and rushed out the door. I was running late getting to the Health Dept. I didn't notice that my nipples were very prominent under my male t-shirt,which is form-fitting, until my arrival at the building. Should I remove them (not easy considering I had no adhesive remover handy!)? Go back home? No, I decided to forge ahead. On the elevator ride up, a young lady caught a glimpse of me in the polished brass doors of the lift. Surprisingly, she turned and started talking about, of all things, the weather. But as she chatted, I noticed her occasional glimpses downward, at my chest, and the slight smile upon her face. She acknowledged the presence of my protruding nipples cheerfully it seemed. At the front counter it was a much different and nastier evocation that confronted me. The Bureau Chief frowned disapprovingly while pointedly staring at my chest, but I stood my ground, proudly erect with shoulders thrown back, my points riding high. the only other outward notice of my protuberance was from the elderly matron who is the file clerk, a bright twinkle and perky smile were her additions to the silent commentary on my nipples. I felt empowered by this episode, from the reactions of all involved, the positive I absorbed as acceptance of my right to personal expression, the negative I absorbed as the courage to let no one label me as their rigid social standard demanded.

Billie said...

My "tip of the hat" goes to all the commenters here. Being able to have nips-out is a liberating experience and mine are seen via the fitted tee-shirts I wear. I also wear a cammie but it doesn't hide much, maybe I need a bra, lol!

Stevie Stevens said...

Marie: Your story is so hilarious! I have had my bra showing through a shirt numerous times. And my bra straps showing! I noticed so I would imagine others did as well!

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Did you ever raid a clothesline for bras or panties?

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