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Monday, November 19, 2012

Sent to the principal's office!
I love this photo (found on a great tumblr site for T-girls!)

I envision this girl was called into the principal's office. She was caught giving blow jobs to boys for her lunch money in the janitor's closet. (Oh my! Why did I not think of that when I was in high school? I had to think of it just now! I could have made a lot of lunch money!)

So the principal is deciding what the punishment should be for this silly sissy T-girl. She does not want to be suspended because her parents would punish her as well, like grounding her! But the principal is hanging a suspension over her. She starts to cry like a sissy girl would do in this situation.

She thinks fast though. She's thinking: "What can I do to get myself out of this jam?" What would any sissy do? She hikes up her school girl skirt and pulls down her panties to show the principal her little sissy clitty. She says to him, "Maybe we can work something out, sir. I can't be suspended. I want to go to college. Anyway, my parents will kill me!"

The principal is a reasonable man. Well, he has dealt with incorrigible real girls before. He has made them stay after school for detention, only it has included doing some things for him in his office on a very personal basis!

The principal says, "OK dear, there are some things you can do for me to keep your record clean. Only I'm not interested in that little sissy thing in your panties. Stand up and turn around and bend over. Let me see what you got back there."

The sissy does as she is told. The principal likes what he sees. He smacks the sissy's behind a few times. "OK girl," he says. "You will report to me at 3:30 for the next month. Tell your parents you have a club that is meeting. Since you love sucking dick in the closet I expect great blow jobs from you. I will be fucking that pretty little sissy ass of yours hard and deep. I will get great enjoyment out of spanking and paddling your cute little sissy behind. If I am satisfied, there will be no blemish on your record."

The sissy girl just says, "Thank you sir. I will do whatever you want me to do. Thank you so much for not suspending me." She pulls up her panties and pulls down her skirt and exits the principal's office.

Hope you liked my little story! I have such great sissy imagination, don't I! But it was just something I wish could have happened to me!


Scott K said...

Great story Stevie :) and wonderful picture

Nikki Stone said...

Great story for a cute picture.

Billie said...

Wow! I really spent most of my school days in those same closets doing the same things! And I've eaten lunch very well, come to think of it, I still do!

Great picture and a great story, Stevie, thanks.

Ashley said...

love the pic and story...mmmmmm

Throughout your life as a sissy T-girl, what derogatory name have you been called the most?

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As a young sissy, did you look at naked men in locker rooms?

Did you ever raid a clothesline for bras or panties?

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Do you want to have your penis removed?

Do you take female hormones to be more girlie?

What is your mental state as a T-girl who wishes they were a girl?

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Who was the first female you envied and wanted to be like?

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