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Thursday, November 1, 2012

This is how a sissy schoolgirl should be!

I wish I could say this is the view from behind of me walking to or from school! 

Unfortunately, I did not get to dress like the sissy Iwas during school hours. I had to wait until after school to play dress-up with a sissy friend! But it was a much anticipated time of day for us as we sure had fun dressing up in our mothers' lingerie and my sister's clothes after school and on Saturdays!

But in a perfect world, I would have jumped at the chance to be a sissy school girl! I love the short whatever it is to show the sissy behind! Is that a skirt or shorts?

And, of course, what sissy would not have a pink backpack! Or even better: A Hello Kitty backpack or maybe one that just says I (Heart) Black Men on it!


marilynsturn said...

Love it. The heart too.I lived that dream afew years ago mmmmmmmmmm YUmmie

jennapher said...

Oh yes, it would have wonderful to go to school and tease all the real boys in an outfit like that. While I never tried on my mother's lingerie-way too old for me even then lol- i always enjoyed looking at my sister's lingerie, panties and bras and wonder what it would be like to wear them.
As for the pic, Stevie, I think that love long girl is wearing a garter skirt, very sexy and provacative! xo, jennapher

Billie said...

I wear that exact outfit behind closed doors! And I have painted "I (heart) BBC" on the chest of my top!

Oh, BTW, the memories are not just memories! I simply live for it.

Nice pic, Stevie.

Ashley said...

oh god to look like that...i am going out to buy the outfit

Lisa Kaufmann said...

Many times after school and on some weekends I would be at my very first boy friends house and we would play man and wife. I would wear his mothers items as at the time I had none of my own and I would get to satisfy him. As he went to an all boys school and sometimes needed a date, well you can imagine what happened. It is so much fun to dance backwards in heels!! Someday maybe I will tell "the rest of the story" after his mother caught us a time or two.

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