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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Would love to be a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader!

Noticed that the Dallas Cowboys were on TV today. And of course that meant the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders!

I don't know much about football. Never played it much except for during recess at the playground behind my school. One time a kid blocked me really hard and put me on my sissy behind and knocked the wind out of me. And we were playing flag football, certainly not tackle. He did it just for the hell of it. Of course, the mean boys got a nice laugh out of it.

My attraction to football, as I have stated before, has always been the cheerleaders! I always wanted to be out there with them! But today I noticed the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders were being shown during the game on TV and I remembered how I always thought how wonderful it would have been to be like them!

Men -- and women too -- would be lusting after you! And watching you shake your pretty behind and your ample breasts during your cheering and your dance routines! And the best thing would be that players would be wanting to get into your panties! That would include of course the super-hung black guys who would screw you for hours and bring you to the greatest heights of ecstasy!

Oh well, wishful thinking! But how great it would be to be such a pretty girl in the first place and a cheerleader like the famous Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders!


Sissy Faggot said...

Stevie, I actually used to know a girl who was a Cowboys Cheerleader. Talk about lusting after someone's body!!! I wanted to be her so bad.

TG Captions by Diane Leonard said...

America's sweethearts, yes they aer the best in pro ball for sure. But did you know there is a tv show called making the team? shows each years try outs from start to finish and all the things they go thru. Its a must see for me every year... One of my female friends was a Raiderette. christy is and was adorable. DCC.. great girls, great group.. ( college cheer/yell has to be USC for sure) giggle
Enjoy kids

Stevie Stevens said...

I have known cheerleaders and dance team members over the years, pretty much back in the high school and college days, and I have always been so very very envious of them!

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