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Friday, December 14, 2012

Using falsies like the flat-chested real girls!

 OK, who has ever used falsies! I would bet most sissy T-girls who dress up girlie have used at least the foam falsies shown in the top photo! I know that is what I would use!

Funny thing is, I remember when some of the real girls in junior and senior high school who were flat-chested would get teased because someone found out they used falsies and they blabbed it! Or maybe it was just so obvious that the girl was using falsies! Wonder would have happened if word got out that a certain sissy was doing the same thing!

I am intrigued by the item in the middle photo! Invisible straps so you could just wear the titties like they were your own! As long is they fit tight against your chest I suppose!

I don't wear falsies or a padded bra out in public unless I am wearing a wig and makeup and a dress! Really not a good idea when just being a sissy in regular unisex clothing like shorts and tank tops!

I am -- and I better others who look in here are too -- actually past the need for wearing falsies. I actually sometimes have to be careful when in sissy mode of looking too busty, if you know what I mean. Hormones will do that do you! I show a lot when wearing a tank top or tight T-shirt! I fill a regular bra quite nicely and an underwire bra is all I need to have a nice T-girl bust!

But anyway, have you ever used or do you now use falsies, especially like the ones in the top photo?


Leeanne Montgomery said...

I use them all of the time, except in my daily boy mode. Otherwise, always.

marilynsturn said...

I use on occasion. I do have a nice set that took years to develope. My spouse loves em and insists on thier being prominently displayed.I go bralesss out but as instructed, bra at home.Your blogs just get better.
I too wear unisex mostly. I hve no more boy clothes except one slcks and one dress shirt

susanrhodes said...

I once had a set like the top ones, but only wore them once and decided they were too unrealistic. I then bought what was quite an expensive set when i bought them (approx £150), however i am on the verge of buying some new ones. iof anyone has any recommendations for some silicone ones please let me know. xx

dualpurpose said...

yes i use them when told

Billie said...

I have to wear them because I'm flat-chested. Men like big ones so ... They enjoy them on me and I simply love the way they make me look.

Stevie Stevens said...

I wish I could remember how I felt when I took my first set of falsies up to the lady at the checkout counter! I bet I was pretty apprehensive, but I also bet I had great determination because I wanted to have them so badly!

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