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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Watching our mothers in their lingerie!

(Let me know if this sounds familiar. If you are a sissy T-girl, I bet you had similar feelings and experiences.)

I still remember how I saw my mother dressed like the girl at right when I was young sissy! My mother did not hide as she was getting dressed and often I would walk into her bedroom and maybe sit on the side of the bed while she was doing so!

When I was 10 to 12 years old and about to get very very interested in dressing as a girl, my mother was still in her late 30s and still quite attractive -- like the young woman at right!

And also like this girl, she wore the control-type garter belt like the one pictured at left and not something you might see in the Victoria's Secret catalog. And my mother was quite busty, also like this girl.

So I would watch my mother as she dressed in her bras and panties and other lingerie and a lot of times I would even see her topless. Needless to say, as a young sissy, I was quite amazed. I really cannot remember things from when I was under the age of 10, but I bet I acted like a sissy then too. Probably at age 10 the feelings of wanting to be a girl kicked in and I know that when I was 12 I was putting my feelings into action.

By the way, I also had two older sisters growing up and although I did not see them nakie unless it was by mistake, they did walk around in maybe a tank undershirt and panties a lot.

But I really did love watching my mother and, of course, I wanted to be just like that! It was not long after I first had those feeling that I was trying on her lingerie. And if you did that too, you know had that led to greater things!


marilynsturn said...

AH yes! I do remember. Lingere was not so fancy in my Mom's day She was born in 1910.I lived in a cold climate so we had space heaters and we wpould gather near to dress in the AM
I was totally fascinated. She wore a bra-girdle combo. I think they refereed to it as a foundation. Mom was big aall over and that was chic in the 30's I was born in the 30's. Mom treated me as if I wer the daughter she longed for.I took the Name Marilyn because that is waht she wanted. Thanks Stevie you are the best

Billie said...

marilynstrum, I was also taught to be a girl by my mother! I was encouraged/allowed to wear female intimates since I was 6 years old.

Nice write-up, Stevie.

Stevie Stevens said...

You two girls were so fortunate to be treated like little girls! I was not exactly, but I did girlie things with my mother like baking and sewing and other household chores that girls did. She recognized what a sissy I was, but I do not think dressing me as a girl or treating me more like a girl ever occurred to her.

I know what really influenced me in addition to spending time with my mother was the fact I had two older sisters who I wanted to be like!

SexyLeslie said...

I had similar encounters with my aunts and cousins. My aunt in particular was the one who led me into liking what i like now, she wold walk around wearing lingerie, lace body-shapers, and all kinds ooutfits. I loved sneaking into her room and trying on her clothes and worn lingerie, she was such an inspiration! ;)

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