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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Do you have a similar sissy story?

Joy wrote a little story -- See Girlie Talk -- about her experience with two boys in a tent in a yard when she was 14. That reminded me about a similar experience that I had at about the same age:

It involved our Catholic youth group actually! The priest had a yacht at a marina on the big river. We went for a boat ride, in shifts because there were dozens of us, and there was a picnic set up at the marina. There were also some canoes that the kids were taking out on the river while the yacht was out, but staying close to the marina for safety reasons. (There was a lock and dam in the vicinity.)

There was also an island in the river where people would go to party or fish or whatever you can imagine. These two boys said they were going to take a canoe over to it and said that I should come along. Now, I knew these two boys only through this youth group and being altar boys and they really were not my friends. I should have known why they wanted me to go along, and I really do not remember my feelings about why I went. I just remember that I did.

I have to stop here. If you have read my other posts, then you know that I have written about being such a sissy and giving blow jobs to boys and how really it was not much of a secret. Oh, so that's why they wanted me to go along! Duh!

So we go out to this island, dragged the canoe ashore. Explored it. Then the boys wanted to go skinny dipping on the far side of the island away from the marina. And I go too. We get out of the water, go to towel off and -- I should have seen this coming except that I was such a floozy sissy -- they take my clothes. And no towel either.

So I'm saying "Cmon guys, quit it." And they tell me I have to blow them or else they will leave me naked on the island or take me back naked in the canoe. My choice! Well, some choice! So we went back into the brush and I got down on my knees and sucked both of their cocks. I swallowed both guys, which they thought was extra amazing and really had a good time seeing that. 

I remember I did not cry because I did not want to give them the satisfaction. I was mad however. They gave me my clothes and took me back and they laughed the whole time.

It's gets better: When we went back to school, another sissy pulled me aside and said those boys were telling the other boys about how I approached them on that island and how I ASKED if I could suck their cocks! How I was being such a faggot. That made me even madder, but what could I do? They would have beat me up for that, for sure.

I sure if you grew up a sissy girl you have story similar to mine and Joy's.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Definitely more like a housewife!

I could never do this because I
could never even lift
a sledgehammer!
Follower Joy made a good point in response to my post about being weak: 

"Growing up, my female relatives realized from early on that I was a little sissy and treated me as such. As a teenager, my chores around the house were always limited to things that girls would do. I recall many times when I was unable to do certain tasks expected of a typical boy my age the females around the house would often say to me 'don't try to do that sweetie,' we will get a "boy" to do it. It seems as though even back then everyone knew I was a girl except me."

That pretty much says it all for us sissies, does it not? As a sissy teen, probably the most manly chore I ever did was cut the grass with a push lawnmower! 

-- I was never strong enough to carry anything heavy or dig a ditch or do anything at all related to construction. 
This was definitely more like me!
And yes I have always loved housework!

-- I knew nothing about fixing a car, plumbing or electrical. And I still do not, except for the very basics. (Since I was nerdy, I do know a little about how to work with computers!)

Because I was a sissy, my father did not spend time with me, so I never learned how to do male things, as Joy states. I spent time with my mother, sisters, aunts and neighbor females, learning how to cook and bake and sew and about clothes and makeup.

Does this sound familiar to other besides Joy and me? I bet it does!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Have you ever gotten breast enhancement offers?

I actually look like this "before" shot
on my plastic surgeon's website!
So, earlier this year I was being checked at the dermatologist for signs of melanoma (make sure you do that, by the way) and I asked the doctor about a small cyst I had on my forehead near the hairline.

He told me what it probably was and that it would be no big deal to have it taken care of. But he said that because of its location, he would recommend a plastic surgeon who would be better at not leaving an unsightly scar.

They are sending me emails asking
me if I would love to look like this!
And oh yes I would!
So I went to the plastic surgeon and it was quick and totally uneventful, except for the moment when she had to show me what had been removed!

But the reason I am writing about it is because I got on this plastic surgeon's mailing list and some of the mailings I have been getting have concerned getting my breasts enhanced! If that doctor only knew! I would love to go back to her and have my breasts enhanced! Oh boy, I sure would!

I just think it is so funny! Even funnier than getting Viagra ads, because having a 4-hour erection is something I definitely would never want to have.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I'm a weak sissy T-girl, but I would not change that!

Easier Handling bag was made
for sissies like me! 
I wrote a post one time about the simple pleasures of being a sissy! You know what I mean, things like freshly shaved legs, some nice nail polish. So why am I posting a picture of bag of salt?

There is a good sissy explanation! I live in a rural area. I have well water and a water softener. You need to dump bags of salt in the water softener. The salt would come in 40- and 80-pound bags. The 80-pound bags? HAHA, don't even go there! I could never lift 80 pounds in my entire life! I could never do pushups or even one pullup! Or climb that damn rope in gym class!

There were times that I purchased the 80-pound bags and some strong boy or man had to lift it into the trunk of my car or back of my SUV for me! But when I got it home, I obviously could not get it out of the car, so I had to cut the bag open and use either a coffee can or bucket to carry smaller portions to the water softener until the bag was light enough for me to carry the rest!

I would buy the 80-pound bag for the simple reason that it was cheaper than buying two 40-pound bags. But at some point I just said screw it and started to get the 40-pounds bags -- using a coupon that is often in the paper or in the mail.

But still, with my weak wrists and all, those 40-pound bags were still a struggle to carry! So I really appreciate those 25-pound bags! They still seem heavy to me and I still struggle with them, but I can manage to get them in the basement and lift them up to pour into the water softener brine tank.

Recently, I also purchased some bird seed at a farm store and strong man put two 50-pound bags into the back of my car. I struggled to pull them out of the car and to the ground behind it. Luckily I have a dolly that enabled me to get them into the garage. There was no way I was going to be able to carry a 50-pound bag of anything! That dolly helps me out with a lot of heavier things that I cannot handle.

The point of all this: I love being the way I am. I love being a weak feminine sissy! Yes I was bullied for being that way in school but after graduation I have been able to live my life as a sissy T-girl!

If you are a weak sissy, how do you feel about being that way?

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Oh, geez, which pajamas to choose?

OK, so which sleepwear would you choose! 

Would you choose to wear the pajamas on the left
and be just like any other regular (read: boring) guy?

Or would you want to be special and choose the pretty pink sleepwear on the right? Oh, and also be shaved smooth all over and pretty smelling and maybe have titties from taking hormones?

Oh geez! I just cannot make up my mind!
Let's see: boring guy or special girl! Of course I'm being silly!
 I am already like the girl on the right and have been for some time!

And I would not have it any other way!

What about you? Boring PJs or pretty sheer pink baby doll?

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Baby oil: Soooooo girlie smooth!

Wouldn't you love to have a girlie baby oil party!
We girls could all lather each other up and then
rub each other's smooth legs and bummies
and titties against each other!
When I was shaving yesterday I noticed that my legs seemed to be very dry. So I finished shaving everything except for my girlie V that I am currently growing and was going to get some body lotion off the shelf.

But I saw some baby oil and I thought, how wonderful it would be smooth on some of that to make myself feel really really girlie smooth! I have used it before; I guess I just haven't thought about using it for a while.

So I smoothed on some baby oil all over and I felt sooooo girlie smooth! 

If you are a sissy T-girl, you have probably already used baby oil, but if you have not, you have to. And do it right after you shave in the shower so your pores are open. More than 12 hours later I am still extra smooth and I can still smell the wonderful aroma of the baby oil!

Monday, September 16, 2013

A wonderful sissy T-girl worthy of envy!

A sissy T-girl worthy of our envy!
I found this photo of this awesomely pretty sissy and I had some thoughts about it.

My sister had dresses like this and I would borrow them and dress up in my bedroom. Also, I would take them to my sissy friend's house when we "played house." I supplied my sister's short dresses and my sissy friend supplied her mother's lingerie for our sissy playtime!

You know, I was dressed like this one time when my mother opened the door to bring my clean laundry to my room and she saw me! I don't think my bedroom door had a lock on it because you'd think I would have locked the door. But I cannot remember for sure.

But my mother did not say anything to me about seeing me dressed in my sister's dress. Oh, I had been shaving my legs as well! Of course, she knew what a sissy I was so it was certainly no shock to her. I always loved my mother so much for accepting my sissyness and not making any fuss about it!

As a younger teen, I did not have long hair like the sissy girl in the photo, nor access to a wig. This pretty girl must certainly be going out in public like this! And I really envy her for that! 

One regret that the great majority of us have is that we could not or cannot live our lives as the sissy T-girls that we are. There are all sorts of reasons that we have to lead secret lives. I would have given anything to be able to dress like the sissy girl in the photo and just go about living my everyday life like that!

I never understood why it is pretty much OK for girls to be tomboys. Look at all the girls playing sports nowadays. Some of them are tough-looking gals! But it was never OK for boys to be sissies and be feminine-looking! That always really sucked!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Wish I could play with myself like this!


One of the many great things
about being a girl is that
you could play with yourself
all day long! At least until you
met up with the man or woman
who was your lover!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Love the breeze on bare legs!

Living in the northeast U.S., I have always loved the four seasons. I even like the snow as long as the roads aren't bad!

Of course, I love summer because I can wear as few clothes as possible! And you know how sissies love that! I love my short shorts and tank tops, showing my bare legs and arms! I love my bikini bottom bathing suits!
I love to dress like this even in the fall!
I love the cool breeze against my freshly
shaved legs!

I have been shaving my legs since junior high school! Of course, I have always loved to show my bare legs during the summer! But I have also loved the feel of the cool fall breeze on my freshly shaved legs! If your are a sissy T-girl who shaves her legs, then you know just what I am talking about! It is a great feeling! 

I will wear shorts until it gets really chilly out. I will even wear a hoodie to keep warm up above, but I like to show my bare legs even in the fall. Eventually, the flip flops or sandals have to go because your toes get cold! So I have a pair of moccasins that I like to wear.

So, if there is one thing that I do not like about the seasons, it is when the time comes to cover up my legs because it is just too darn cold out!

What about you? Do you love to show your freshly shaved bare legs as long as possible too?

Sissies absolutely cannot do pushups!

I have such skinny sissy arms that I have never been able to do push-ups! Well, I take that back a little: I can do maybe three! Just look at that girl above! She has so much more upper body strength than this sissy does for sure!

This girl looks so much stronger than sissies like me
and you! I cannot even do the so-called girlie push-ups!
I had written before recently about how I could not climb the rope in gym class. Me and all the other sissies! Well, I have no opportunities to climb that rope! (Thankfully!) But I have tried to those push-ups in order to try to stay fit. And you know what: I still cannot do them! I cannot push up my upper body! Three times maybe, or less!

So I usually resort to sit-ups and leg raises to try to stay in shape or go for a nice walk in a scenic spot. But push-ups? No way!

What about you? As a sissy T-girl, are you able to do push-ups or are you also a weakling?

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Called a fag for the way I carried my books!

How sissies like me
carry books!
How guys carry books!
With another school year starting, I was thinking back to my junior and senior high school days. 

I drove by our local high school the other day and the second thing you notice -- after some of the hot girls we sissies always wished we could be -- is how the girls and guys carry their books: The guys carry them at their side and the girls hug them against their chest. 

OK, to be more accurate the girls and the sissies hug their books against their chest. That is how I carried my books, along with my fellow sissies during my time in school.
This is how I would
have looked like
walking down the all
in high school!

Of course -- as you know if you carried your books like a girl -- that was just another reason for the mean kids to hurl verbal abuse at you and call you a pussy and a faggot. I lost count of how many times I walked by the football players carrying my books like a girl and they called me names.

Then at some point, I bought a book bag like the girl at right has, and carried it just like in the photo. I used it mostly to carry my notebooks and other papers because it was not really strong enough to put more than one book inside of it. Then, you guessed it, the mean kids called me a faggot because I was carrying a "purse."

Did anyone else run into this annoying trouble because of the way you carried your books in school?

Monday, August 26, 2013

I envy my pretty niece so much!

My niece looks like this!
And I am so envious of her!

And, oh yes, she dresses just
like this all the time, too!
I have written about how I have two older sisters who I wanted to be like as I grew up a sissy. Especially the one who is just a year older than me and who is very pretty and was one of the most popular girls in school.

Well, I also have a younger brother. He is actually a lot younger than me, by eight years. He did not turn out like me! He seems to be pretty well-adjusted! He did go through a divorce, but his second wife is awesome!

Anyway, he has two teen-aged kids, a boy and a girl. The reason I posted the photo of the pretty girl above is that my niece looks just like that girl! Now, I am not some pervert that wants to take advantage of a young girl, now 17. As a sissy, I have always want to be like those girls, not to have sex with them! (By the way, my nephew shows signs that he is a sissy!)

But I have to say that I am so envious of my niece! And I am so frustrated that I could not have been dealt those genes, since they obviously have existed in our family line. Like I said, my sister looked like that in high school too.

I should add here that my aunt recently let me scan some old family photos and some were of my mother when she was a teen. Except for the much more conservative clothing she wore growing up, it was evident that she also was a real beauty. She passed those genes down to my sister. But not me! (If you were here right now, you would be seeing a really sad expression on my face!)

But I watched my niece growing up and you could just tell that she was going to be a beauty like the girl in the photo. I had fun watching her -- and also other pretty young girls -- but it sort of makes me sad that I did not grow up like that. If your are reading this, then you are a sissy T-girl who probably feels the same way!

But my niece -- nephew too -- just love me so much. She always gives me a big hug and she is so sweet. But I have to say that I just envy her so much!

Anyone else have a similar story to tell?

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Do you remember your very first time?

Do you remember the first time you ever sucked a cock! It was some time ago for me as I was probably 13! I am going to try to recall most of the wonderful event!

My sissy friend Timmy and I had started playing dress-up at an attic apartment at his house, using clothes from my sister that I brought and lingerie from mostly his mother that was at his house. This went on for a while and as I have written before we would prance around as girls and we would cuddle and kiss each other.

Well, these two boys started to join us, only they had no desire to dress up and be girls. They did, however, get naked for us. And, naturally, we began to kiss and cuddle with them.

I seem to remember that the first time I sucked a guy I was just playing around with him. He either was nakie or had his undies off for sure. I do not remember exactly what I was wearing but I am sure it was a short dress or lingerie because that is how we sissies usually were attired.
I came across this photo some time 
ago, but was saving it for this post!
This guy looks a lot like
the first guy I ever sucked!
His face, his body and his cock!

We were just sort of tickling and pinching either other, you know, playful stuff. I remember stopping and looking him in the eyes and kissing him on the lips. I had kissed Timmy on the lips, but this was the first real guy I had ever kissed.

Then I dropped to my knees and my face was right in front of his cock. I can still picture his cock in my mind after all these years. I know I nestled may face against it, kissed it and started sucking it. 

I cannot remember how long I did it or what he was doing except for standing there. But I do know for sure that when he came that it was in my mouth and I do know that I swallowed his load, probably because I did not know what else to do with it! I cannot give you "juicy" details about that -- how much cum, how it tasted -- because I just can't. I just know that I swallowed it.

I do not remember how I handled myself in that awkward moment after I stood up, whether we said anything to each other or laughed or what. I remember that Timmy was sucking a guy off in the same room at the same time. 

I also cannot recall whether I felt any guilt or shame about what I had just done. I can't remember how I felt when I went home and over the following days after giving that first blowjob. It was just too long ago.

But this is a fact: Probably the next week I was doing it again, so obviously I had the yearning to suck cock and to be with boys! And those two boys who joined us for those first times, well, Timmy and I actually pleasured them all through junior and senior high school! I mostly sucked my original guy, but we did switch off occasionally. 

I may have mentioned before that it was supposed to be a secret among the four of us, but the secret got out and there would be other guys who came around for after-school and Saturday morning blowjobs.

There were a lot of tough things about growing up being a sissy -- the abuse, the confusion in your head, etc. -- but the times in that attic apartment during those six junior and senior high school years was definitely not one of them. 

OK, so do you remember the first time you gave a guy a blowjob? Like me, maybe you cannot recall all the details, but how old were you and who was it and where was it?

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Funny thing about searching for "sissy"

I admit I search for "sissy" on Google a lot because I like to see what is going on out their with fellow sissies and T-girls.

 I like to read their stories and make comments just as much as I like other sissies to read MY stories and make comments here.

But what is funny is what you get for results when 
you Google "sissy." I am sure you have come 
across the examples below just like I have a lot!

Of course, you get a sissy in a pink dress!
And a lot of Sissy Spacek!
And there is Sissy the cat, of course!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Telling a guy "I love you!"

I've been spending a lot of time doing this and not much time on the computer!
I'm still here! I thought maybe one or two people might be wondering! It's just that in the summertime I do not spend a lot of time in the house on the computer. I like to lay out by my pool or on a float like above and there is also endless time spent gardening, watering flowers, and taking care of the yard and house. Not to mention that I also like to go summer festivals when I can. Thus I am not in the house much unless it storms!

Anyway, something popped into my head -- as usual -- and I was thinking, I never really told a guy "I love you." I wanted to several times, but I never did.

Now, in junior and senior high school and in college I would tell guys "I really love your cock" or "I really love sucking your cock." If it was a guy I spent a little more time with, I would say "I really love being with you." But never just "I love you." You probably know what I mean when I say that there is a difference.

I'm not really sure why that is. I loved being with those guys, but I think there was that taboo-ness of being in the gay lifestyle when I was a teen that scared me. Maybe I did not know how gay I was because I was also friends with girls and very confused about it all. There was a time when I wanted to be with girls, but I wanted to be a girl. Then I wanted to be with guys and be their girl. You know how that worked if you are reading this!

And boys, even sissies, did not go around telling guys "I love you" unless you really knew what the response was going to be. You could get beat up over something like that!

There was this one boy though that I knew all through school. And I have mentioned him in a post probably long ago. I met him in 7th grade when we were around 13. That's about the same time I really realized how much I wanted to be a girl and how attracted I was to boys. And also how I was infatuated by adult men as well!

But I developed the biggest crush on this boy. When I would see him at school I would just melt. Just like a silly schoolgirl. And we also ended up in many of the same classes for the six years of junior and senior high school because we were both in the college prep course.

That would include our phys ed classes, so for those six years I would get to see him naked in the shower and locker room at school. He was just so athletic and beautiful! I just wanted to eat him up!
I dreamed of being with my teen crush like this so
I could tell him "I love you!"

I would dream of us together naked in bed, holding and caressing and kissing him, me sucking his beautiful cock until I gave him great pleasure, and then just cuddling naked with him again and kissing him and caressing him all night long. And I would be telling him "I love you" over and over and over! I had that dream so many times! Oh, and imagine how I felt when I would see him in school the very next day!

He played sports and so I would sit with the girls and the other sissies in the cheering section and watch him play. I was always so envious when I saw him talking to a cheerleader or some other real girl. I mean, I wanted to be his girlfriend! So I hated it when he was with other girls!

I don't know if you ever went through something like that, but it was hard. We were actually very good friends, but it was limited at school. He was always very nice to me, which somehow made things harder. There was that line that would never be crossed and I was too scared to even try.

So, like the other sissies, I would give guys blowjobs and I really "loved" them and doing that for them, but even with my teen crush I never once told a guy that "I love you."

OK, what about you? Do you have a story to tell like this?

Friday, July 19, 2013

This sissy could not climb that darn rope!

Climbing the rope in gym class intimidated me so
much and I could not even get off the floor!
I talked about the embarrassment of swimming class so now I will talk about the embarrassment of gym class!

As a sissy, do you remember always being picked last for teams when the boys who were talented in sports were made the captains and were told by the teacher to pick the teams?

Do you remember how you were taunted as a sissy for being one of the sissies always picked last?

Do you remember how you thought that gym class could not possibly get any worse than that?
It got worse for me in high school! Not only did I continue to get picked last for games during gym class, at my high school, which was big on gymnastics, you were expected to climb the rope! And that was something I, and the other sissies, just could not do!

At that age -- I was 15 entering 10th grade -- I had girlie legs and skinny girlie arms. And yes, weak wrists. And yes, I could have been described as limp-wristed. 
There were real girls who could easily
climb the rope when we
sissies just could not!

When it came to climbing that rope, I could not even pull myself off the floor! (Needless to say, I could not do a pull-up either!) The boys would taunt me and the other sissies as we tried and failed. The gym teacher would even get into the act and ridicule us.

What made things even worse was that there girls
 who could easily climb to the top of the rope and back down! They would give us sissies an evil, taunting smile when they passed by us when they came back down. And the mean boys would tell us sissies that we weren't even fit to girls!

It really sucked for us sissies! I hated gym class even more than swimming class. At least in swimming class, I could get by as long as I did not forget my bathing suit.

I will say one thing though. Even though I was taunted in the locker room for being a sissy with a little cockette, I did enjoy seeing the cocks on the real boys! Some of which I was actually secretly sucking. That eased the pain of the whole phys ed experience.

How did you get by in phys ed class as you were growing up a sissy in high school? Did you have problems like I did? Could you climb that rope? Like me, did you at least enjoy the wondering view of the boys' cocks in the locker room?

Thursday, July 18, 2013

A silly sissy dream!

In my dream, I was walking
down a busy street in a pink bra!
I had a silly sissy dream last night! 

Well, normally I dream about being in the arms of a hunky man with a big beautiful cock and I am doing everything that a sissy T-girl would do to pleasure him: Kiss him, suck him and have him dominate my sissy behind! And then cuddle with him, of course!

I bet you all have dreams like that!

But this dream was really silly. I am walking down a busy street. I have on my usual summer clothes of very short shorts and girlie sandals. But as far as a top, I am wearing just a pink bra!

So I am trying not to be noticed. I have on sunglasses, but I am walking down the street with my head down, trying not to make eye contact with anyone. Still, I notice people who probably would be shocked at what a sissy T-girl I am: current co-workers and bosses and some friends that don't really know the whole story about me.

The dream was just about me trying to avoid detection, but really there was nothing I could do about it. I felt like everyone was looking at me! I was walking down a busy street in just a pink bra on top after all! I think I would notice that if a real gal passed by me like that! And that's all the dream was, nothing more. I was still just walking down the street trying to avoid detection when I woke up!

I don't know what the meaning of the dream is. Why I would ever dream that. Have you ever had silly sissy dreams like that? I mean dreams that do not include pleasuring a man? Those are standard dreams for a sissy T-girl! I mean crazy silly dreams!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Abuse for being nakie in swimming class!

Taking swimming class with your
little sissy clitty showing
was a lot like this!
When I was in junior high school, there was no excuse to miss swimming class unless you had a sick note from your parent to miss one class or a note from your doctor to miss multiple times. Back then, swimming class was once a week.

The pool was in the basement of the school under the gym floor. So there were no windows and I cannot remember for sure, but I would bet there was no window on the door either.

The gym teachers' rules were pretty much don't drown, keep your mouth shut and if you forget your swim trunks, that is no excuse and you must take class nakie! Yes, at one time, teachers got away with stuff like that. Sort of like paddling.

I have to say that I really feared having to take swimming class nakie in front of the real boys. At age 13 in 7th grade I had a 1-inch sissy clitty and by that age I had already started to shave my legs (nothing else needed to be shaved at that point). I also had skinny and really weak arms -- I was the kid who could not climb the rope in gym class! 
Mean boys also commented on those shaved
legs, of course, and in a mean way.

My mother was always great at keeping in mind the day my sisters and I had swimming class and my trunks and towel were always reading to go in my gym bag. By the way, the mothers of some of the other sissies always made sure they had an excuse not to take swimming or gym. I remember some sissies sitting out a lot. But my mother did not do that unless I was or had been legitimately sick.

So even though my mother always got me ready for swimming and gym, sure enough one day I forgot my gym back on swimming class day. I can't recall exactly what age I was, but I was in that junior high school between the ages of 13 and 15.

I would have taken measures to stop the
taunting, if you know what I mean.
I had to take class nakie. Once and only once. And all the mean boys in the class got to see my little sissy clitty and how I was all smooth like a girl. I took a lot of verbal abuse before, during and for some time after that class. It wasn't like I had never been called a pussy and a cunt and faggot before, but it really got a lot worse after the day I had to take class nakie. And the boys told many of the girls in school too about how little I had down below.

What really ceases to amaze me about all of that what the fact that some of the boys who abused me verbally were the same boys who were getting blow jobs from me and the other sissies. I guess they felt that they were making us give them blow jobs and so were dominating us.

I wish I had this look of contentment!

I wish this was me so
badly! Just look how
contented she looks!
And you know from
looking at her how
contented she must
have been the night
she got into such
a family way!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Transsexual description sounds just like me!

There is a great blog out there that I always check out and you will find it in my blog list:

A Gender Variance Who's Who

This really interesting post caught my eye today because it really sounds like me and I am sure most of us sissy T-girls:

From transsexual author Kay Brown: her description of a “homosexual transsexual”:
“The prototypical feminine androphilic (“homosexual”) transsexual was called a “sissy” by her peers growing up.  She avoided rough & tumble activities.  Her primary social circle consisted of one or two girls.  She actively participated in girls games and imaginary play.  Her parents were embarrassed by her femininity, and may or may not have sought professional help in trying to discourage her behavior.  
As a young teen, she became interested in girls fashion and make-up, often exploring how she might look as a girl by dressing up and experimenting with make-up.  This did not, of course, involve erotic cross-dressing.
This sissy is just how I was
as a teen! But hey, according
to transsexual author
Kay Brown, we were
great baby sitters!

She had crushes on boys at school.  Her peers thought she might be homosexual.  She was hassled, perhaps even bullied, by homophobic boys, but otherwise was reasonably popular in her chosen circle.  She was considered very neat and well dressed in boy’s clothes.  She sought out opportunities to interact with small children and infants, taking on babysitting jobs.  
As she approached adulthood, looking at her own nature, her potential future, both romantic and economic, made a rational decision to transition to living as a girl so as to grow up to be a woman socially.  Her family may or may not have disowned her in late adolescence.  As she is naturally feminine and passes quite well, she found that she was socially and romantically more successful as a woman.  She actively dated men while pre-op, but assiduously avoided direct contact with her penis, finding that emotionally uncomfortable.  
Being young and lacking capital, she lived several years as a woman, taking feminizing hormones, before having SRS to improve her sex life, replacing genitalia that she didn’t use with those that she did.  She may or may not have found a husband and adopted children.”

The beginning of this statement was especially true with me! I was called a sissy by my peers. I avoided rough and tumble activities in favor of feminine activities. My father did not like that I was a sissy, but my mother loved me the way I was.

With two older sisters, I became interested in girls fashion and makeup and of course I dressed up in my mother's things and those of my one sister.

I had crushes on boys at school. My peers bullied me for probably being gay. But I was popular among the girls, other sissies, other races and nationalities, just about any other group that was not the white boys.

And as far as baby sitting, I had to laugh because that definitely was me! I was drawn to infants and children because I became very maternal and neighborhood people sought me out to be their baby sitter. I got just as many babysitting jobs as the neighborhood girls did!

I cannot speak of transitioning, because I was never fortunate enough to do it. But the rest of Kay's description was right on. I must look her up to read more of her stuff!

How do you compare with what she wrote?

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ever get caught with your nipples showing?

My nipples were showing like
this yound lady's!
I ended up having to do some painting around the house and found that I needed some supplies to do the job and clean up, etc. Normally I will go to a real hardware store because, even though I am not very good at such "manly" things, the fellas there can usually give me enough free advice that I can get a job done.

But I had to go into Wal-Mart today for some other things and thought I would see if they had some of the items I needed. I'm over in the paint section and this pretty blond store employee asks me if she can help me find something. This young lady -- looked to be a college student -- was gorgeous and she had a really really really really really nice ass!

I told her what I was looking for and we're finding the items. The entire time I noticed that she was looking at my chest. I was wearing a tank top and short shorts. (I figure that's why she probably thought I needed help in the first place, because I looked pretty helpless!) And she had such a nice ass!

One moment when she turned away, I noticed that my nipples were showing big time! I do have boobies, but my nipples were protruding like pencil erasers! I don't know what happened. I guess since I do not really get hard down below anymore, I was showing arousal for this young lady by getting hard up above! Did I mention what a really nice ass she had!

She turned back around and while she talked to me she kept looking at my boobies. She was so sweet -- Mmmm, I wish I could  have played with her beautiful bummy -- but it was so obvious that she was eyeing me up!

I was not embarrassed or anything. I just thought it was funny seeing her looking at me continuously! Have you ever had such a moment where maybe your nipples showed or something else like that?

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Regular summer wardrobe!

You would see me dressed like
this in the summertime!
Minus the high heels, this is pretty much what I wear around in the summertime! I don't want to get into too much trouble so I wear just regular low girlie sandals or flip flops!

But I love those girlie tank tops and short shorts!

Sure, I get looks and sometimes I do get some nasty comments. But I have been doing it this way for a long time. I think because 99 percent of the people do not care is why I have always dressed this way since I was a teen.

For example, I went into a convenience store today and there were these rugged construction guys getting food and drinks for lunch. They all eyed me up and down and did not say anything. That is a pretty good test. You know women are not going to say too much too you and neither are older people.

As I have written before, I have gotten snickers from teen girls who have spotted me in a store, especially if I was looking to buy maxipads!

But tank tops and short shorts are my typical wardrobe when the weather is so hot! What do you do?

T-girl birthday presents?

T-girl birthday presents?
I heard a guy on the radio say to his fellow talk show host that he was 48 and felt like he was getting out of shape and putting on weight.

So he says that he hopes that he will not be celebrating his 50th birthday by buying a bra! He said he did not want to get man boobs. I just had to laugh!

I always celebrate my birthdays by buying a bra and panties and stockings and short dresses and silky robes and chemises! Like the beautiful T-girl in the photo!

And I do not have man boobs, but hormone boobs! So I love to celebrate my birthday by buying a sexy bra!

But when I heard the radio guy say that, I just had a nice chuckle!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Here are two girls with a sanitary napkin and belt!

Anyone use a belt and pad?
Here are a couple of real girls wearing a sanitary napkin on a belt, something I wrote about in a recent post!

So much more feminine than even sticking a pad in your panties, don't you think!

I have gone around the house doing my chores just as these two lovelies are dressed! You can do that when you have a 1-inch sissy clitty down below! It snuggles nicely into a maxipad!

As I said, as a young teen I got my start getting into my mother's monthly supplies. This is what she wore. I am sure it was before the sticky pads came out. Although, I managed to find a lace panty in the drugstore next to the pads into which you affixed the maxipad. What an exciting day that was for me when I took those panties and a pack of maxipads up the checkout lady! Do you think she had any inkling as to what was going on!

So, having my panty and pads, I loved wearing them to school just like the hot real girls were doing! Wasn't that a great feeling knowing that you were wearing even panties like the girls were wearing. And that you were shaving your legs just like them! And thinking of boys just like them too.

Don't you just love bridal lingerie!

I think all of us sissy T-girls
would love to be in the position
of a bride as portrayed here
by the lovely Mia!

I actually have this outfit,
including the veil!

What about you? Don't you
just love bridal lingerie!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Wishing to look down at nothing!

Since the age of 12 or so, this is
what I have wished to see looking
down while lying in bed!
Of course, I would tuck my
little sissy clitty and
pretend it was not there! 

And be so frustrated that
my desire would not come true!
Anyone else do the same thing
and have such thoughts?

Saturday, June 8, 2013

What I probably would do with my pussy!

You know, it I had a pussy
I probably would just be
diddling myself all day
 just like these girls!

Well, at least until I had a
male or female lover
to come by
to satisfy my pussy!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Make sure you have bug spray and sunscreen!

The proper way for a
sissy T-girl to hike!
Growing up a sissy, of course, if you were like me you were never any good at playing boys sports. I mean football, baseball and basketball. Am, I correct?

But I was sort of good at sports girls would play, like tennis, swimming and volleyball. Still with me?

But one thing I have always liked to do -- and it is something even a sissy can do -- is hike! I am lucky to have long, strong, in-shape legs! Sort of makes up for my skinny and weak wrists and arms!

I like to get out in the fresh air once in a while, away from the big city. I have mentioned in a previous post about how when I was in school I would hide my clothes somewhere and walk off naked out in the woods! Like what the girls in the photo are doing! That's a silly sissy thing to do! But it sure does feel good to do that.

I actually go to places to hike where you very likely are not going to run into anyone else. And even if I don't hike around naked, I will spread out a blanket and the clothes come off! I just make sure I have bug spray and sunscreen!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Do you use Feminine Deodorant Spray?

I spray this around my little
sissy clitty and my feminine
V patch of pubic hair!
Please tell me that someone else out there uses Feminine Deodorant Spray!

I discovered it when I was a teen sissy probably about the same time I discovered maxipads! I got into my mother things at first before getting the courage to go into a drugstore and buy my own! 

But in addition to buying my own maxipads and a that special panty to hold them in place -- remember them! -- I started buying and using  Feminine Deodorant Spray.

I loved the idea that when I was spraying it on my little sissy clitty that there were girls my age and women out there who were doing the same thing! I know because, like I said, my mother used it!

It was especially fun to spray it in my panties before going to junior and senior high school and being around the pretty girls I wanted to be like!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Princess boy: I know one too!

Princess boy from the Today show a couple of years ago.
I wrote about a boy -- a relative of a relative -- before who is just like the boy featured in the interview done by the "Today" show a couple of years ago -- a princess boy.

Well, I ran into this boy and his family recently at a family function. He must be 11 or 12 by now, still is effeminate as I wrote before, and still likes to play with dolls with his female cousins. But while I was sitting there talking to his mother, she said how he wants to be a princess and has asked for princess costumes so he can dress up. He does it by himself at home and when his little female cousins come over to their house.

His mother said she is perfectly happy with it! She talked about it like it was a non-issue. Personally, I hid my dressing up from my mother when I was 12. Although she and my sisters knew that I was doing it. But I did it and we all pretended that it wasn't going on I guess.

But this boy's mom is sitting there happily talking about how her 11- or 12-year-old boy enjoys dressing as a princess! I guess I never really wanted to do that. I wanted to dress like my older sisters, that is, like teenage girls!

The only thing is: this boy is effeminate and looks like he will be gay. I think I can tell based on my own experience. I hope he does not get picked on when he gets to middle school and high school. I am curious to see what happens. I guess I will be seeing him here and there at family events.

Pretty ladyboys in short dresses!

Love this photo of two pretty
ladyboys! I love their taste in
dresses! I actually have similar
 tastes! And I have
a dress very similar to the
one on the right!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Thinking about my prom!

Saturday, I was in a restaurant and there was some commotion, giggling actually. It was about a dozen couples coming into eat before going to a prom!

I loved seeing the pretty girls walk in! Very envious, actually! Every one of them was gorgeous girl! They all had similar gowns on like the one in the picture at right. I figured the style this year was long, and slit and backless! I even wondered if school officials were allowing such backless dresses because they all were showing a lot of back!

But it made me think of my own prom! The prom I did not attend. Being a sissy, some pretty girl or even an average girl was not going to go to the prom with me. I'm not saying that a sissy never went to a prom with a girl but it did not happen with me.

All the girls that I had as a friend -- not girlfriend, mind you -- went to the prom with a cute guy. Many with the football players. Some with the guys who were mean to me. Some with guys who I had pleasured orally! I know because I heard all of their stories afterward. (Hey, it was funny knowing that some girls were blowing some of the same guys that I and other sissies were blowing!)

Anyway, I would have loved to have gone to my prom just because it was a big social event. Ideally, I wish I could have dressed in a beautiful gown and had my make-up done and gone with a cute guy too! That would have been more like me! I would have surprised more people by walking in WITH a girl, than I would have surprised by walking in AS a girl!

Now, what would I have worn for my gown? As much as the girls I saw on Saturday were so beautiful in their long, slit and backless gowns, I probably would have worn a short dress like the girls at left! I would have wanted to show my legs just like they are doing! I think that even though a long gown is so elegant, a short dress is even more girlie!

Did you go to your prom? Did you sit it out like I did? Would you have gone given the chance to go as girl like I wish I did?

Friday, May 10, 2013

Affected by that manly scent!

Ever have to work closely with a
guy and remember how you felt!
Did you ever have to stop and tell yourself, "OK, get a hold of yourself! Just settle down!"

Well, I had to do that yesterday! As I mentioned, I work in an office. And my computer was getting an error and I could not continue working. Had to call the computer guy.

So he comes down to my desk. Gets really close to me and is looking over my shoulder as I explain what the problem is. That's when I picked up his manly scent and it was starting to turn me on! I mean, he had that manly scent and also a very refreshing manly aftershave scent as well.

So he asks me to let him have my chair so he can fix my computer. I  then end up getting close to him again and looking over his shoulder to see what he is doing.

You know that manly scent that I am talking about! Unmistakable! You know how it turns a sissy on! We sissies always smell like girls! And we love to be around manly men!

But we're right in the middle of this office so I have to tell myself to settle down and control myself, pull myself together! I just wanted to eat this guy up! And I have known him for a number of years, so this is not the first time that I have felt that way!

It was tough, but I regained my composure! Does this sound familiar? Ever been in this situation?

Throughout your life as a sissy T-girl, what derogatory name have you been called the most?

Why do your wear bras? Or not?

Ever pilfer panties from a girl's drawer, clothesline or laundry, etc?,

How do you wear your pantyhose?

As a young sissy, did you look at naked men in locker rooms?

Did you ever raid a clothesline for bras or panties?

Do you hate getting erections?

Do you want to have your penis removed?

Do you take female hormones to be more girlie?

What is your mental state as a T-girl who wishes they were a girl?

Do you tuck away your sissy clitty to pretend you are a girl?

Do you wear a bra on a daily basis?

As a t-girl, what do you shave? (Pick closest choice)

What is your favorite lingerie?

You have always wanted one, but what would you call it?

Did you have a crush on a boy when you were in high school?

When you see a gorgeous girl, do you want to:

At this exact second, what are you wearing?

Do you use feminine protection?

Who was the first female you envied and wanted to be like?

Growing up, did you place dress-up with a sissy friend?

Did you play with dolls like Barbie and Tammy as a young sissy?