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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy campers!

You will be keeping these campers happy!
Why are these guys so happy? It's because you decided to join them on their camping trip! They had asked you and you said you would think about it. But they knew that because you are such a sissy T-girl fag that you would certainly be there!

So you walk up to them in your shortest shorts and skimpiest top and 6-inch heels. You sway your behind as you walk and your wrists are limp, of course! You give each one a kiss ...  with tongue!

Since you are all camping in a remote area, they tell you to strip naked. And you will be that way for the next week! It's not like you have not done this before! So in a few seconds you are displaying your tiny 1-inch limp clitty and your hormone-induced titties for the boys!

For the next week you will be preparing their meals and washing their clothes. And oh yes, also for the next week you will be sucking their cocks one after another after another! Whenever they summon you to do it! Figuring at least twice a day each, you will be eating 40 to 50 loads of sweet cum!

And of course you will be keeping them warm in their sleeping bags! Going from one to the other where they also will be keeping their boners warm deep inside your sissy behind!

Each morning, you will prepare them a nice breakfast, right after you wake up each gorgeous boy with a blow job! Ah, such fun you will have on this camping trip!


davidainmaryland1 said...

ha!... i'd be camping with just girls. gorgious genetic girls only for me!

Billie said...

Good story, Stevie.

This photo shows exactly why I "camp" so often while wearing decisively feminine clothes!

Jeanne Rutgers said...

Sounds like a great week!

Belinda Reed said...

Being of service is so sweet....

Stevie Stevens said...

Davida: I would camp with 3 girls too, but that would just mean continuously licking and sucking pussies and pretty assholes, and I am quite good at that too!

Clive Serves said...

Well - that scenario would certainly keep me happy. What dreams are made of!! (well, mine anyway :)

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