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Thursday, January 31, 2013

How do you put on your bra?

 I saw these diagrams and had to say something about them.

Is this the way most girls put on their bra? Is this the way they are taught? To put their titties in first, then reach around and hook it?

I always found that to be difficult. And I have been wearing bras since I "borrowed" my sister's when I was a young sissy!

What I learned to do -- and how I always do it to this day -- is to hook the bra first when it is against your belly. Then swing it around until the cups are in front. Then put your little titties -- or big titties if you are luckier than me! -- into the cups. Then put your arms through the strap holes and adjust the straps if necessary.
I always had trouble reaching around and trying to hook the bra as shown in Step 2 and at right! So at some point I gave up! Now I guess you can just avoid that by wearing front-closure bras! And I do have several of them!

How do other sissies and T-girls put on their bra? Like it is shown in the diagrams and photo? Or like how I described I do it?

Either way though, isn't it such a nice feeling to be wearing a bra like a real girl! Isn't it such a constant reminder of what sissies we are!


m said...

Generally hook around the back. If it's a new bra, I might hook around the front a few times until I get used to it.

Clive Serves said...

I am with you, Stevie - hook to the front and then swivel the bra around. Although I don't wear a bra very often. I picked up this technique from watching my wife fix hers

Lynne said...

The pics show the correct way to put on a Bra, I do it this way with no problems !! also scoop my Breasts into the Cups.

Just learn to do it this way, shown to me by a female Bra Fitter. Lovely leaning forward and letting your breast fill the cups and then reaching for the rear Clasps !!

Love + Hugzzz

Lynne xxxx

Stevie Stevens said...

I believe you, Lynne, that it is the correct way. I just have trouble doing the hook-up in the back!

marilynsturn said...

I do now and always have done as I saw Mom and all my daughters do As in the diagram. My spouse on the other hand does it Stevie's way
I wear a bra every day and enjoy my way too.

jennapher said...

Like so many other feminine things, I came to this late, and I had a heck of a time hooking by the back. That is certainly the correct way to do it, and the most feminine. So I try to do it right, and if I can't, I just do it the utilitarian way by hooking it in the front and then twist the bra to the correct position.
It took a while to find the proper size bra for me, and it appears women have the same problem! I think if the bra is the correct size, hooking from the back is much easier...

sissycindy said...
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sissycindy said...

Like most women I've met6, I put mine on backwards and spin it.

sissycindy said...
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Miss M. T. said...

Stevie: yes - hook it up and then put in the breasts! If only i had breasts .... Melodyx

jessica said...
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jessica said...

I always hook mine around back. been doing this about 30 years.

Liza said...

i hook from the back unless I'm putting on a bra with multiple clasps (>3)

LaurieJean Becker said...

Been faster hooking it around the back than my sister ever was. And my boobies are bigger than hers!

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