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Sunday, June 1, 2014

First thoughts of wanting to be a girl!

I watched my mother breast-feed my little brother
and I realized that I wished I could do that too!
What about you?
As I have written before, I really do not remember much before the age of 8. I see photos of me in 1st grade at age 6 and they stir some memories or feelings but I really do not remember much. I do, however, really looked like a little timid sissy in those old photos!

But when I was 8, I remember that time because my little brother was born. I also had two older sisters. The one sister, who was just a year older, was the one that I wanted to be like!

But when I was 8 and my brother came along, I remember how my mother would nurse him right in front of us. She must have figured it was in her own house and not out in public, so she just did it.

I do remember seeing this and I do remember how it left an impression on me. I know my sissy and girlie ways really kicked in a couple of years later but seeing my mother's breasts and seeing her breast-feed my brother was a pleasant experience for me. At that time and for the years that followed I enjoyed seeing my mother just be a mother and housewife and I started to realize that that was how I wanted to be!

Does this resonate with anybody? Was there one thing she saw or experienced that  really made you realize what a sissy you were and how much you wanted to be a girl?


Living as Stephanie now said...

OMG!... you nailed it!... I was 7 yrs old, my mom had my younger brother, watching her breast feed, that was so wonderful.... even before that.... I used to watch my mom get ready... watched her shave her legs, sat and watched her do her makeup... she use to tease me with a little powder... and blush....I loved it... and all the pretty under garments...silky and satin items and pretty colors...... as a boy I had white cotton underwear....boring...

Billie said...

I have always wished for breasts but never for nursing a baby! Guess I lack the required nurturing quality.

I also had older sisters and wanted desperately to be popular like them, my prayers were finally answered by my introduction to boys!

I've always felt I simply wanted to be a girl.

Liza said...

I've always wanted to have nice large soft breasts. Especially to have the opportunity to nurse would be so special. What a wonderful way to bond.

Stevie Stevens said...

Billie: I have always been nurturing. Little kids and animals just love me! I would have made a great mom! I know that for sure!

AnaKaren said...

OMG, I remember, as a teenager, the first time I saw a woman nurse - I was overcome with a really intense desire to be her. Before that, like Liza, I had fantasized with getting large soft breasts, with noticing growing breast buds, etc but after that those fantasies always led to nursing. I remember a recurring fantasy in which I grew breasts I hid at first, and I at first secretly nursed a baby I was babysitting in the fantasy, and the final scene in it was me, surrounded by women, wearing a white skirt (I'm not sure why white - maybe a reference to wedding dresses?) and with my legs and armpits shaved - and naked from the waist up, openly nursing the baby.
Even the sort of girl I was in my fantasies changed - instead of being like my sister if I'd had one, she was inspired by that woman.

eleventhdr said...

yes when i was very lttle and was at this church nursery school i can still recall seeing the other little girl's in those lovely sweet pastel dresses that little girl's used to wear

and it was than that i felt these frist urgnes that i want to be a little girlie but back than their just was nonone to tell this to

Nancy Lewis said...

My very first memory that related to being a girl happened when I was 5. I recall the moment vividly, although I don't recall much of anything else at that age with the same degree of clarity.

It happened in a doctor's office. My father and I were waiting to see the doctor. A little girl and her mother were also waiting. I recall with extreme clarity that I wished I could wear her dress.

Fast forward to age 11 or 12. I grew up with 2 sisters, one older and one younger. I also had 3 bothers. My older sister and I were very close. She was the first child and I was the second.

She would frequently get dressed while I was playing in her room. On occasion, I saw her nude. I knew I wanted to be a girl from the moment I learned saw she had no penis. This fascinated me. From that day forward, I became obsessed with not having a penis. As I aged, my desire continued unabated.

Michellewhois said...

WOW did this bring back memories. All my life I had wished that I could birth and raise a child. When my first one was born, my SO didn't want to breast feed. Since I was at home all day with my baby, I tried several times to get her to latch on and suckle. I knew I couldn't provide the nourishment but at least she would be able to satisfy her need to suckle on something more natural than a nasty old pacifier.

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