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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

One of the truest signs of being a sissy!

I bet your sissy clitty is smaller than this cock's head!
I would have to bet that if you are reading this blog you are not endowed like the real man at right! Ha ha, that is pretty safe to say, is it not!

You are probably like me, you have a 1-inch sissy clitty that was the object of laughter when you had to get nakie after school phys ed class! You are so very close to being a girl that only that little pathetic thing keeps you from being one!

Now, look at the size of the head on that real man's cock! I bet the head of his cock is bigger than your sissy clitty! I know that is true with me! I saw this photo and it popped into my head that when I have seen manly men with cocks like this, cocks with big beautiful heads, how I would just melt!

When I was a young sissy, I was just amazed! I would see them at the pool locker room and could not keep my eyes off of them. I did my best to not get caught eyeing up these manly men! I would go home and all I could thing about was those beautiful cocks I saw in the locker room and I would diddle my little sissy thing! Dreaming about sucking and licking it of course!

But isn't that just one of the truest signs of what a sissy you are! When your little sissy clitty is the same size as the head of real man's cock! Talk about being put in your place! And, actually, your proper place!


SissyChrissyPinkPanties said...

I love my little clitty, if it were any bigger it would spoil the line of my panties!!! lolz

Joy said...

In looking back, I guess it was obvious to others that I was very feminine, and behaved like a girl. However, in my mind, having what resembled a tiny clit between my legs confirmed that I was a little sissy. Growing up, I really can't remember seeing any other boys who were as small as I was down there. This also included many little boys who were quite younger than me. I even remember overhearing my aunts making the same observations and commenting that I fit in perfectly being one of the girls when we had family gatherings. They were so right. As an adult, I have become even more female through hormone therapy which keeps tiny, soft, and nonfunctional as a male. Therefore, it's is only natural that sexually my relationships are exclusively with masculine men and socially my relationships with women are as a sissy girlfriend.


Liza said...

there is just no comparison to what i have and what a real man has. I need to have him inside of me..mmmmmm

Stevie Stevens said...

I know that most of my desire to have always wanted to be a girl is in my brain, but I also know that having a tiny sissy clitty like I do was also a major factor. I mean, when you have a 1 inch clitty you really cannot pretend to be a male, can you?

DANDINE said...

my own clitty is miniscule i agree must be a sure sign of sissidom --can't wait to start hormones

jesse green said...

how does a man find one of you for a long term relationship. I am Jesse in Abilene Texas my cell is 325-260-4043 I love sissies. My email is

Lisa Kaufmann said...

As others have indicted, mine too is very small and was often bullied in school. I have wanted it gone for years. Someday maybe it will be replaced. The problem then will be that I am probably too old to ever enjoy the new tool. it is kind of nice thou as it does make it easier to tuck when I do not want it to show.

Balpheena said...
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slave sissy gurly said...

I to have a very tiny clitty. As far back as I can remember I so wanted to be a girl. But no one in my family would have had anything to do with me. I only had brothers with male penises. they would tease me and I was the youngest. My testes normally were retrached inside me. I remember the hell I went thru in school. I wouldn't dare look at their huge cock or else be tormented even ,ore. I've always thought I was a freak until a few years ago. I just know when I was with girls I seem to fit in and so so wished I were a girl.

robin48 said...

I am just accepting that I want to be with men now I love wearing a dress and know I was born to be in a dress.I love looking at cocks and looking for my first date with a real man.

Candi said...

My little clitty is barely half the size of that real mans cock but I like it that way because I can wear my thong panties without worry of slipping out or not wear panties at all! Great post!

Kathyann H said...

The picture of the real man's cock made my mouth drool, LOL!!
But, like the rest of the sissys here, my sissy clit is also very small. But, how big it is now I don't know for sure as it has been locked up in chasity since I was castrated years ago.
Sure I clean it & all while it is in chasity. But, it never comes off. My step-mother who castrated me assures me that with those nasty male things gone my sissy clit would no longer function. that's what I wanted for a long time anyway.Only men have testicles and since I was 6 years old I knew in my heart, brain & soul that i was a girl trapped in a boys body, but I'm no boy now.

Erika Kerrie said...

Small clit here as well. I am always embarrassed at the gym or locker room. I was once laughed at in a men's sauna :( oh well. As a regular guy it sucks now being endowed but as a tgurl I like having a tiny pee pee, I haven't heard any complaints.

eversosweetclarissa said...

A woman named Goddess Gracie, maker of sissy feminization hypnosis/affirmation audio programs has one titled "The Logic of Limp" that goes pretty much like:
"I am fully aware of the extreme physical difference between the itzy-bitsy little clitty of a true sissy and the large, powerful cock of a real man. I understand that for me penetrative sex with a woman is both impossible and illogical and my knowledge of that fact gives me a great sense of comfort and serenity. Women want men who are capable of providing them with hours of sexual gratification. There is not a woman on Earth who would ever want a limp, dickless little sissy mincing all over her, trying in vain to maneuver a soft little clitty into her unmoistened and utterly unstimulated vagina and any actual sexual satisfaction for her would be unimaginable."

It is my feeling that anyone can call themself a sissy but only those of us who are so inadequately endowed as to be physically incapable of performing penetrative sex with a woman are TRUE sissies. I've always had a miniclitty but ever since my first six months on estrogen, progesterone, finesteride and spironolactone little miss everlimp takes an hour to orgasm then when she finally does she just drools a half thimble full of clear watery liquid and her two effeminate earrings have atrophied down to the size of small wine grapes that ceased to hang down years ago. And if the truth be known, I actually LOVE being read as an ultra-feminized sissy transvestite by masculine, manly men to their amusement, because it feels so emasculating. Which makes perfect sense to me given that I am all about my feminization and emasculation is the next best thing to feminization. In fact, one cannot fully feminize until they have fully emasculated and there is just something so deliriously exciting to me about strong, muscular, manly, masculine men seeing me dressed, made-up and adorned as an exceedingly effeminate sissy weakling and having it be so obvious to them that I am hopelessly and irreversibly well beyond even just imagining myself with any masculinity whatsoever.

LaurieJean Becker said...

My "clitty" before my surgery in Oct. was smaller and shorter than my thumb, actually about half the size if that. I was forced to be in the boys gym classes, was forced to dress and shower with them, and eventually they forced me to suck their cocks and later receive them in my "boy pussy".

Now I have a real vagina and everything else and am waiting until my man can take my virginity.

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As a young sissy, did you look at naked men in locker rooms?

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Do you hate getting erections?

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Do you take female hormones to be more girlie?

What is your mental state as a T-girl who wishes they were a girl?

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