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Friday, March 1, 2013

Looking the part of a sissy girl!

I resembled this sissy girl when I was in high school!
I saw this photo on Tumblr the other day and I immediately thought "oh my." This is pretty much how I looked in senior high school!

I did have long hair like that, only my hair was not entirely straight. It curled up at the bottom. I wish my hair style were like this sissy girl's back then!

I had that girlie face and that girlie look just like this sissy. But what I really noticed were those skinny un-muscular and weak arms. I was built just like that!

You may have looked like this too! And you can imagine how looking like this brought on remarks and even bullying. How the girls would not date you but they did want you to be their special girlfriend. How some boys gladly accepted oral pleasure from you, but did not want you as a friend or really even be seen around you in public that. (I never understood that last thing, but that is the subject for another post.)

I don't know why, but I can't find more than a few pictures of me in high school other than my yearbook photos, either posed or my school organization group photos. But there are photos of me in grade school and you could tell from them how I was probably going to turn out. I really looked like a sissy girl in those photos! And I seemed to be pouting all the time!

So did anyone else who looks in here really look like a sissy girl in addition to acting like one?


Billie said...

I have no photos of myself in high school, in fact I quit, but I knew how I felt and it felt honest!

I must have "looked" the part of a sissy but don't recall. I know I acted like one and I became very popular with most boys!

Liz Nami said...

HI, Stevie. I love your blog. Would you be so kind to take a look at mine? Here's the address:

Joy said...

This is also pretty much the way I looked all through high school. As much as I tried to hide my secret desires, my girlish looks and mannerisms always gave me away. At seventeen I was slim and petite with arms like a girl. My hair was long and my face was smooth and feminine. Part of me was still hoping that puberty would kick in and I might become a real boy. Yet I couldn't resist my innate desire to maintain my girlie appearance in spite of all the teasing and bullying.
In my school the boys knew I was a sissy but I managed to avoid activities such gym and sports, and thus kept myself safe from any encounters that might result in physical abuse. But I still had to endure being called "pussy" and "faggot". Due to my own sexual ambivilance I remained a virgin throughout high school. I just couldn't act on my desire to orally service many of these boys, which I now somewhat regret. Although I hung out with girlfriends, they had no sexual interest in me. Even if they did, I knew I could never pleasure them like their boyfriends did. I was also much too ashamed for them to see my little sissy clit that was smaller than the five and six year olds that many of them babysat. I knew this for a fact because as their sissy girlfriend I sometimes babysat with them and saw these little boys when they got undressed for their baths. This in and of itself was embarrassing and at the time I felt humiliated.

However, my most embarrassing moment came with some teenagers who were not from my school. I was in 10th grade and often walked home from school through a secluded field behind an old building that allowed me to take a short cut home. One day I encountered two bullies smoking with their girlfriends. They were from another school that was on the rougher side of town. Although they were a year younger than me they were obviously much bigger and stronger than I. One of the boys noticed my girlie mannerisms and sarcastically whistled at me. When I told him to shut up he raced after me and knocked me down. When I got up I began flailing at him like a girl throwing punches he never felt. He laughed and lifted me up by my waist just as though I were a girl and carried me over to a bench where he proceeded to put me over his knee, take down my pants and spank my pantied bottom in front of his friends. As they encouraged him, he took down my panties placing me in full view of the girls. They laughed hysterically and told me they never saw one that small. When the bully let go of me the girls asked me if I wanted to borrow a dress since it looked as though I had a "cunt." I just pulled up my pants and ran home crying. I'm sure many sissies have had traumas of this nature. Fortunately, I survived and grew to become the lady that I am.

Stevie Stevens said...

Oh yes Joy, your story is a common one. To address one item: yes, I was "depantsed" as they called it a couple of times by the bullies during junior high school. They held me down and pulled down my jeans and had a good laugh at my sister's panties and my tiny thing. The thing that made it worse for me, as you said, was that I fought back like a girl and also cried.

lessthanzeromasculinity said...

Oh, heavens yes! I was constantly being mistaken for a girl by adults and kids who did not know me. And I never idicated I was bothered by being mistaken for a girl. In fact, it was pretty clear I liked it!

LaurieJean Becker said...

In gym class I couldn't even do half the things the girls could do,forget about climbing the rope or pull ups. And when the boys did do "wedgies" trying to hurt me, everything was so small it never hurt, except for my feelings. Even the girls got involved and made sure I never used the boys restrooms.

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