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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

We know how to do all those girlie things!

Unlike real boys, we knew how to do things like this!
Remember when you were growing up a sissy how the mean boys ridiculed you because you could not play any sport well? In fact, you were pretty pathetic, weren't you? I know I was!

And remember how you could not climb the rope in gym class?

How the girls would not pay attention to you unless it was just to have you as another girlfriend?

But you knew how to do many things that those mean boys could not do!

You knew how to shave your legs! Just like the girls!

You knew how to put on nail polish! Just like the girls!

You knew the proper way to put your feet into  stockings and how to pull them up your smooth legs!

You knew how to hook those stockings to a lacy garter belt!

Just like the girls!

And while they were taking the bras off the real girls, you knew how to put one on! On yourself, that is!

So, the big question: Do you regret not knowing how to play those boy sports, but knowing how to do all those girlie things? I sure do not! And when you add knowing how to cook and bake and sew and things like that! I am glad I know those things and not those silly sports! I still cook and bake and sew!

And of course: We knew how to give great BJs and great pleasure to those silly boys who played sports! And who did they go to when they could not get the real girls to put out? I am sure you know the answer to that!

Knowing how to do those girlie things is not a bad thing at all, now is it!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Did you feel guilty about dressing up?

Did you feel guilty when you dressed
up like this as teen?
Sissy Slut Michelle made a comment on the previous post that when she began trying on girlie undies she had to go to confession and thought she was going to hell!

Well that is how I felt for awhile too! Some of the time, anyway. Anyone else feel that way?

My mother was a devout Catholic. Altar lady and everything. At about the same time I was starting to dress like a girl and really starting to want to be a girl, and "playing house" with my sissy friends, and starting to be attracted to boys ... well, my mother also made me become an altar boy!

At first, I did not feel guilty because I did not feel like or know that I was doing anything wrong. But I think it was the sneaking around we sissies had to do to dress up and "play house" that started me to thinking that what we were doing was not right. And thus the guilty feelings.

On the other hand, I was just being me. I was a sissy who did girlie things, but I also liked to do things like be an altar boy and boy scout. Very confusing time as you probably remember!

When I started giving blowjobs, though, I knew that that was not right. I knew that regular boys and even regular girls my age did not do stuff like that. Only the slutty girls did ... and the sissies.

But then again, that was how I felt I needed to be, feeling guilty or not.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Remember when!

Remember when you first tried on
your sister's or mother's panties
and bras and stockings?

How you felt so guilty, but you
knew if felt so right?

How after that first time
you knew that you could not stop?

How you realized you were
destined to be a sissy T-girl?

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I cannot imagine how great this is!

What a delightful way to be!
A man's seed starts growing a baby
inside of you! Cannot imagine
how that must be for a real woman!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Don't you want more kissing and cuddling!

I wanted more kissing, but
most boys were hesitant!
One of the things I like best about watching T-girl movies is when the guy kisses and cuddles her a lot! Before, after and during breaks while she is giving him a blowjob!

When I was pleasuring boys in high school and college, rarely did any of the guys ever hold you or kiss you! Do you know what I am talking about?

Those boys loved you when you were on your knees in front of them pleasuring their cocks, but they did not want to kiss the lips that were on their dicks, the lips that were tasting their cum! Pretty funny!

Even the boys who would neck with you would do it only before you had their dicks in your mouth! Never after!

We sissies would cuddle and kiss a lot together. A couple of the sissies were lucky enough to have steady boyfriends and I am sure they made out a lot before the T-girl got to work pleasuring him!

But that was one thing that I missed about growing up a sissy, and I have mentioned this before. Some tenderness, some love, some cuddling and some kissing from the guys you were pleasuring would have been so nice!

Sure they appreciated the blowjobs, otherwise they would not have kept coming back! But I would have given anything to have had a steady boyfriend in high school. A boy who kissed me and held me and treated me like the girlfriend that I really was to him.

I think the problem was that they feared showing that affection in public. And also that, although they loved getting blowjobs, they were not ready to admit that they were gay or bi. I guess it was one thing to get the BJs, another thing to be in love with the sissy who was giving them.

I was reminded of this because I saw a clip on the web where the T-girl and the guy making out a lot before, during and after the blowjob and him screwing her. One scene the girl goes right from his cock into a kiss! It was so nice! 

I also love kissing while the T-girl is being penetrated! And ass-to-mouth loving! That could be the hottest scene of all! There has to be love involved to do ass to mouth with a guy, I would think!

And the actors even looked like they were really having feelings for each other! That was nice too!

What was/is your experience with cuddling and kissing with guys? Lucky enough to have it? Do you miss it like I did?

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My fraternity fantasy!

One of my biggest fantasies -- dating back to when I was in college -- was and is still to be a sissy T-girl slave for a college fraternity! I would be naked all the time for them
and oh yes quite girlie! I would keep their frat house clean and do their laundry, etc.

Of course, I would have my time to go my classes and to study, but my main duty
would be suck the cocks of all the guys whenever they wanted! I am counting 27 guys
in this photo! So I would be doing a lot of sucking! Most of the guys would have pretty
girlfriends too, but still would crave those blow jobs from you. And several of the guys
would be gay guys so they would be wanting to pump their cock in and out of your
sissy ass in addition to getting blow jobs from you.

Then, when they had a frat party I would be expected to serve as a sissy maid and
perform oral sex on any guy or co-ed in attendance!

But I remember thinking about that back when I was in college
and it is still a pleasant thought to this day!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Do you remember that special tingle!

Do you remember that first time as a young sissy that you got that tingly feeling inside of you after you saw a man naked?

I was 12 or 13 years old. By that time I had already been "playing house" and dressing up with a sissy friend. If you were doing the same thing at that age, then you know what a confusing time it was. I remember that I did start liking girls at that age, but the confusing thing was that I wasn't sure whether it was because I wanted to be 
WITH them or be LIKE them!

The more my sissy friend and I played house and dressed up, the more I wanted to be like the girls. You probably remember too that you did not know what was going on with you!

My family belonged to this pool that was owned by my father's company. Actually, it was a pretty sizable park out in the country. I had been going there to swim probably since I was 6 years old but I do not remember any of that. 

I do remember, though, at the age of 12 or 13 -- the summer between 6th and 7th grade -- that I started noticing the naked men in the locker room! I could not keep my eyes off their strong bodies and their wondrous cocks! Again, I was confused as you probably experienced yourself. I lingered in the pool locker room or made frequent trips back in there from the pool area to look at the men.

I would go home from the pool and could not get the sight of those men off my mind! I spent a lot of time at the pool that summer! I was becoming attracted to those men! At that age, I didn't even know anything about sucking and fucking, but still I was attracted to those men. The thoughts and dreams that I had about them were of them holding me naked in their arms and kissing me! Or pinning me down and kissing me! They were giving me goosebumps!

About that same time -- and I have written about this before -- two boys joined my sissy friend and me in our playing house. And it was not long before we were kissing them and soon after we were sucking them. Then other boys would follow and we were inducted into the ranks of the sissy cocksuckers in junior and senior high school. The thoughts of having a girlfriend went away and the thoughts of wanting to be a girl came on even stronger.

So the following summer -- between 7th and 8th grades, when I was 13 or 14 -- I saw naked men at the pool again and this time I ogled their cocks and could not get the thought of sucking them out of my mind! Their cocks were so much bigger than the boys my sissy friend and I were sucking! I wanted so much to be their girlfriend that it hurt!

I have to say, thought, that I definitely did NOT get involved with any men at that young age, but I was always dreaming about them! But I knew that because I tingled when I saw men naked, I knew what a sissy fag submissive cocksucker I was destined to be.

Do you remember the first time a naked man make you tingle? How you felt the first time you realized you were attracted to men?

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Is this your greatest dream too?

Here is another great one! Be sure to check out
that blog on tumblr! And yes, this is my greatest,
greatest, greatest, greatest, greatest dream!

How do YOU dress at home?

There is a series of posts like this at the tumblr site
on top of the photo! So how do you dress at home?
I do wear dresses but most often I am dressed like
this girl! A little more practical to do
my housework in!

Friday, April 5, 2013

About to become sissy wives?

Image you are sissy T-girl dressed like the two girls on the left. And why would you be dressed in such a sissy-like fashion? Showing all that leg in such short pretty dresses? 

See the bridal veils in the photo on the right? You would be dressed like that because you are about to be married to a beautiful man in state that allow same sex marriage! About to become a submissive sissy wife forever!

Hopefully, with the states that allow same-sex marriage and the even more to come, we will see more sissy T-girls marrying men and being the sissy wife and housewife that they yearn to be. I know I had feelings that I wanted to be a man's wife ever since I was a teen. Oh, if only I could have been in a later time!

Throughout your life as a sissy T-girl, what derogatory name have you been called the most?

Why do your wear bras? Or not?

Ever pilfer panties from a girl's drawer, clothesline or laundry, etc?,

How do you wear your pantyhose?

As a young sissy, did you look at naked men in locker rooms?

Did you ever raid a clothesline for bras or panties?

Do you hate getting erections?

Do you want to have your penis removed?

Do you take female hormones to be more girlie?

What is your mental state as a T-girl who wishes they were a girl?

Do you tuck away your sissy clitty to pretend you are a girl?

Do you wear a bra on a daily basis?

As a t-girl, what do you shave? (Pick closest choice)

What is your favorite lingerie?

You have always wanted one, but what would you call it?

Did you have a crush on a boy when you were in high school?

When you see a gorgeous girl, do you want to:

At this exact second, what are you wearing?

Do you use feminine protection?

Who was the first female you envied and wanted to be like?

Growing up, did you place dress-up with a sissy friend?

Did you play with dolls like Barbie and Tammy as a young sissy?