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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Did you feel guilty about dressing up?

Did you feel guilty when you dressed
up like this as teen?
Sissy Slut Michelle made a comment on the previous post that when she began trying on girlie undies she had to go to confession and thought she was going to hell!

Well that is how I felt for awhile too! Some of the time, anyway. Anyone else feel that way?

My mother was a devout Catholic. Altar lady and everything. At about the same time I was starting to dress like a girl and really starting to want to be a girl, and "playing house" with my sissy friends, and starting to be attracted to boys ... well, my mother also made me become an altar boy!

At first, I did not feel guilty because I did not feel like or know that I was doing anything wrong. But I think it was the sneaking around we sissies had to do to dress up and "play house" that started me to thinking that what we were doing was not right. And thus the guilty feelings.

On the other hand, I was just being me. I was a sissy who did girlie things, but I also liked to do things like be an altar boy and boy scout. Very confusing time as you probably remember!

When I started giving blowjobs, though, I knew that that was not right. I knew that regular boys and even regular girls my age did not do stuff like that. Only the slutty girls did ... and the sissies.

But then again, that was how I felt I needed to be, feeling guilty or not.


Billie said...

A very thought provoking question, Stevie! I like it!

My first "real" kiss from a boy told me I was a sissy! Giving blow jobs (which came after just a few more kisses) felt wrong at first and maybe kind of sinful, too, but doing that became my real-life validation. I was calm yet very confused!

I can't explain it but I've never been happier or felt more natural than when I'm dressed (and behaving) like a girl.

marilynsturn said...

As usual I love your post. Guilt fllowed me around for more years than I could count. There was no internet for me until I was in my 60's. My first man encounter came at 65. He was black and big
and WOW
Accceptance was along ardous journey for me
Today I am the wife to a GG
I love my life
Thanks again Stevie

Stevie Stevens said...

You know, I think the guilt was around until I got to the point where dressing up was not longer a sexual turn-on. You know what I mean? When dressing up became just dressing in what made you feel comfortable, what make you feel yourself. When all your male underwear was gone because you would grab the panties without thinking about what you were grabbing.

Dacia David said...

I still feel guilty sometimes. It's not really that I think it's sinful anymore. It's more that I wish it were easier. I wish I was turned on and felt natural by and with all the things normal men are. It would make things a lot easier! But when I am dressed, it feels so natural.

LaurieJean Becker said...

Guilty, never. I even went to my proms all dressed up and wearing stockings, heels, and a corset my senior year!

Stevie Stevens said...

Nice LaurieJean! Wonderful that you could do that!

Joy said...

I never felt guilty. Putting on women's clothes made me feel complete because I looked and behaved like a girl in every other way. There was more a sense of fear that if I was caught by the wrong person, the teasing and verbal abuse would worsen. Being a sissy, even as a teenager, mean boys would often make me cry. This is also why I didn't get sexual. As much as I would have enjoyed giving a cute boy at school a blowjob, I knew once the word got out, I would have to deal with the abuse that would follow.


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