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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Do you remember that special tingle!

Do you remember that first time as a young sissy that you got that tingly feeling inside of you after you saw a man naked?

I was 12 or 13 years old. By that time I had already been "playing house" and dressing up with a sissy friend. If you were doing the same thing at that age, then you know what a confusing time it was. I remember that I did start liking girls at that age, but the confusing thing was that I wasn't sure whether it was because I wanted to be 
WITH them or be LIKE them!

The more my sissy friend and I played house and dressed up, the more I wanted to be like the girls. You probably remember too that you did not know what was going on with you!

My family belonged to this pool that was owned by my father's company. Actually, it was a pretty sizable park out in the country. I had been going there to swim probably since I was 6 years old but I do not remember any of that. 

I do remember, though, at the age of 12 or 13 -- the summer between 6th and 7th grade -- that I started noticing the naked men in the locker room! I could not keep my eyes off their strong bodies and their wondrous cocks! Again, I was confused as you probably experienced yourself. I lingered in the pool locker room or made frequent trips back in there from the pool area to look at the men.

I would go home from the pool and could not get the sight of those men off my mind! I spent a lot of time at the pool that summer! I was becoming attracted to those men! At that age, I didn't even know anything about sucking and fucking, but still I was attracted to those men. The thoughts and dreams that I had about them were of them holding me naked in their arms and kissing me! Or pinning me down and kissing me! They were giving me goosebumps!

About that same time -- and I have written about this before -- two boys joined my sissy friend and me in our playing house. And it was not long before we were kissing them and soon after we were sucking them. Then other boys would follow and we were inducted into the ranks of the sissy cocksuckers in junior and senior high school. The thoughts of having a girlfriend went away and the thoughts of wanting to be a girl came on even stronger.

So the following summer -- between 7th and 8th grades, when I was 13 or 14 -- I saw naked men at the pool again and this time I ogled their cocks and could not get the thought of sucking them out of my mind! Their cocks were so much bigger than the boys my sissy friend and I were sucking! I wanted so much to be their girlfriend that it hurt!

I have to say, thought, that I definitely did NOT get involved with any men at that young age, but I was always dreaming about them! But I knew that because I tingled when I saw men naked, I knew what a sissy fag submissive cocksucker I was destined to be.

Do you remember the first time a naked man make you tingle? How you felt the first time you realized you were attracted to men?


LaurieJean Becker said...

I think I was about the same age. My sister caught me staring at one of the Mexican gardener's around our complex. We were tanning by the pool and he was wearing sneakers and shorts. She laughed when I subconsciously licked my lips while staring at him.

And of course she HAD to see how I would blush when she told our mom!

Sissy Slut Michelle said...

No but I wish I did feel that way then, maybe I wouldn't be living a lie now. I dressed in my sisters stuff she was 10 years older so everything fit. Just glad to b here now and accept who I am and be able to participate in blogs like yours.

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