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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Don't you want more kissing and cuddling!

I wanted more kissing, but
most boys were hesitant!
One of the things I like best about watching T-girl movies is when the guy kisses and cuddles her a lot! Before, after and during breaks while she is giving him a blowjob!

When I was pleasuring boys in high school and college, rarely did any of the guys ever hold you or kiss you! Do you know what I am talking about?

Those boys loved you when you were on your knees in front of them pleasuring their cocks, but they did not want to kiss the lips that were on their dicks, the lips that were tasting their cum! Pretty funny!

Even the boys who would neck with you would do it only before you had their dicks in your mouth! Never after!

We sissies would cuddle and kiss a lot together. A couple of the sissies were lucky enough to have steady boyfriends and I am sure they made out a lot before the T-girl got to work pleasuring him!

But that was one thing that I missed about growing up a sissy, and I have mentioned this before. Some tenderness, some love, some cuddling and some kissing from the guys you were pleasuring would have been so nice!

Sure they appreciated the blowjobs, otherwise they would not have kept coming back! But I would have given anything to have had a steady boyfriend in high school. A boy who kissed me and held me and treated me like the girlfriend that I really was to him.

I think the problem was that they feared showing that affection in public. And also that, although they loved getting blowjobs, they were not ready to admit that they were gay or bi. I guess it was one thing to get the BJs, another thing to be in love with the sissy who was giving them.

I was reminded of this because I saw a clip on the web where the T-girl and the guy making out a lot before, during and after the blowjob and him screwing her. One scene the girl goes right from his cock into a kiss! It was so nice! 

I also love kissing while the T-girl is being penetrated! And ass-to-mouth loving! That could be the hottest scene of all! There has to be love involved to do ass to mouth with a guy, I would think!

And the actors even looked like they were really having feelings for each other! That was nice too!

What was/is your experience with cuddling and kissing with guys? Lucky enough to have it? Do you miss it like I did?


Billie said...

Your right of course, Stevie, it would've been very nice to experience true love.

I was not lucky enough to have a steady beau while I grew up, but secretly I was quite popular with many boys!

Cuddling and kissing from the guys I knew was always accompanied with my being felt up. That usually came before but never after!

sissydoll said...

Cuddling, spooning after sex...I love it and was lucky to have experienced it ( A long time ago unfortunalely) As a sissy who really feels like a girl inside, I love to be treated tenderly. I love foreplay and love to kiss while my bf is inside me. Oh! How I miss those days!

eleventhdr said...

oh yes

i have alway's wished for this to at long last be lissed and made love to with breast and a pussy instead of the penis i have been stuck with all of my life and that i never ever asked for

i wanted a pussy and breast!

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