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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

How a sissy should pee!

Follow this proper way to tinkle!
How a sissy should pee!

1 -- Pull up your dress or skirt or pull down your short shorts.

2 -- Pull down your panties

3 -- Do not touch your little sissy 1 inch clitty.

4 --  Sit toward the back of the toilet seat, then pivot forward so you clitty is pointed down.

5 -- Remember: Don't touch your sissy clitty like a man would!

6 -- Make your little sissy tinkle in the toilet.

7 -- Take a couple of sheets of toilet paper and dab the little thimble-like head of your clitty so you do not drip in your panties. But don't touch anything else!

8 -- Stand up and change your feminine protection. Wrap it up in tissue for disposal.

9 -- Spray around your sissy clitty and around your ass pussy with feminine deodorant spray.

10 -- Pull up your panties.

11 -- Pull down your skirt or dress, or pull up your short shorts.

12 -- While you are in the bathroom, freshen up whatever girlie scent you are wearing.

13  -- Oh, and don't forget to wash your hands! (Thanks, Billie!)


Belinda Reed said...

"That's the way to do it"

LaurieJean Becker said...
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LaurieJean Becker said...

Been peeing like that since I was 5. My mom always had me sit to pee because she told me that is why toilets had seats. I have never pee'd standing, not even sure if I could.

Billie said...

You didn't mention washing your hands! Shame on you, Stevie.

Stevie Stevens said...

Ha ha you caught me Billie! I will do some editing!

Stevie Stevens said...

Yea that was a big omission, Billie! Especially when dealing with the tampon!

Billie said...

An "edit" is not necessary, Stevie, I know what you meant! It's just a small detail I noticed.

Just an FYI, I always wash my hands and I don't use Tampons very frequently. I prefer "butt-plugs" held in place by a girdle! The girdle also serves as my gaff.

A good post nonetheless and, although I don't always comment, I like to read yours.

Cindy Williams said...

Great post for all sissies. I am a closet sissy, and can't indulge in wearing dresses or skirts, but do wear panties under my pants. Yes sometimes I wear a tampon. I never thought of sitting back and bending down when I pee. Occasionally I would have an accident and my pee would hit the top of the toilet seat and drip down the outside of the bowl. Thanks for the tip.

Stevie Stevens said...

To echo Laurie Jean: I also was always made to sit down to pee even before I realized that I wanted to do it that way because it was the girlie thing to do. I had two older sisters growing up. My mom said to keep the seat down. My dad did his business mostly at the mill where he worked or at one of the many bars or bowling alleys he spent most of his time at.

eleventhdr said...

oh yes just to be able to wear cute pretty girly dresses skirts with soft slips and panties

and than you finally get to use the girl's toilet

so you can just go in have total privacy go in sit right down and pee and or poop like girl's do

than do all of the other girly stuff just as well after all you are now just one of the girlies!

Robyn Ecker said...

Well, that's how mommy taught me to go pee-pee as a little boy. sit down, don't touch my tinkie, go pee-pee and pat dry.
Sissy Missy Marine

Stevie Stevens said...

So true Robyn. I grew up with my mom and two older sisters. (My dad peed at the mill or a bar.) The seat was to be kept down so I naturally peed sitting down. But it just felt right because that is how girls pee.

House Bitch Sissy said...

Anyone ever worried about the tampon sliding up or the string breaking? Yes I love the feeling as well. When I'm on my period I love sitting to pee.

Amanda Mellors said...

Thanks for the instruction. I'm now following your suggestion. My mother always said that a nice girl always wears a slip so if you're a nice girl you should also pull up and then pull down your slip and look in the mirror to make sure it's not caught in your panties. Also as I was dabbing my very tiny "thimble" I thought a suggestion for an interesting survey would be to see what size thimble most sissies have?

Sally said...

Standing to pee is so unhygienic, so much easier to pull up a dress or skirt, pull down your knickers and pantyhose squat or sit and pee. Bonus you don't need to touch your bits nor see them, just dab dry with toilet paper. Good tip wear a panty liner.

johnny mindell said...


johnny mindell said...


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