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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Princess boy: I know one too!

Princess boy from the Today show a couple of years ago.
I wrote about a boy -- a relative of a relative -- before who is just like the boy featured in the interview done by the "Today" show a couple of years ago -- a princess boy.

Well, I ran into this boy and his family recently at a family function. He must be 11 or 12 by now, still is effeminate as I wrote before, and still likes to play with dolls with his female cousins. But while I was sitting there talking to his mother, she said how he wants to be a princess and has asked for princess costumes so he can dress up. He does it by himself at home and when his little female cousins come over to their house.

His mother said she is perfectly happy with it! She talked about it like it was a non-issue. Personally, I hid my dressing up from my mother when I was 12. Although she and my sisters knew that I was doing it. But I did it and we all pretended that it wasn't going on I guess.

But this boy's mom is sitting there happily talking about how her 11- or 12-year-old boy enjoys dressing as a princess! I guess I never really wanted to do that. I wanted to dress like my older sisters, that is, like teenage girls!

The only thing is: this boy is effeminate and looks like he will be gay. I think I can tell based on my own experience. I hope he does not get picked on when he gets to middle school and high school. I am curious to see what happens. I guess I will be seeing him here and there at family events.

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