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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sissies must sit like girls!

This is not how I sit!
The proper way for a sissy!
 One of the things that got me in trouble in high school was how I sat like a girl!

And you probably remember that that was just one of the things that got us verbal abuse and led to name-calling like sissy and faggot.

Of course, I did not sit like the boy in the photo above! Not at all! Never! I sat like the girl at left! I am sure you did too if you are reading this!

The mean boys did notice this and would tell me to quit being a cunt. But that was just the way I was. What was I supposed to do? Change the way it was natural for me to sit! Or even walk, for that matter.

I remember also how I was called names for the way I carried my books: Close to my chest like a girl and not at my hip like a boy.

I often sat with the real girls just like them!
The funny thing was -- and this really led to trouble and name calling -- was when I did it or another sissy sat with the girls and sat just like them as in the photo at right!

Or maybe when three sissies all sat in a row just like girls as in the photo above!

It just always felt natural to sit with my legs crossed like a girl. Just another feminine mannerism that we sissies and T-girls were born with, I guess!

Do you sit like a girl? Have you always sat that way? Did you also get into any trouble over doing it like I did?


susanrhodes said...

funny you have posted this, i have just moved offices and now sit in a large open plan office rather than a smaller office with just 3 of us. one of men in the new office looked at me on the first day and said "stop crossing you legs, you sit like a girl". i was actually quite proud!!

LaurieJean Becker said...

It has always been natural for me to sit with my legs crossed at the knee or ankles, knees always together. Even when the other kids made fun of me for doing it, it was just sooooo natural.

Belinda Reed said...

I often sit crosslegged too.

Joy said...

I have always been inclined to sit with my ankles crossed in what modeling schools refer to as the "S" position which is very curvy and feminine. Even when I tried to consciously not do it, I would just naturally revert to sitting that way. The mean boys would mimic me not only for this but also for having a very feminine voice and girlish mannerisms. Everyone knew I was a sissy, but I was always reluctant back then to totally accept it even though I loved everything about being that way.


Billie said...

Do I sit like a girl? Yes.

Have I always sat that way? Yes!

Did I also get into any trouble over doing it like you did? Yes and no, Stevie. I did get into some trouble at first, but I was "groomed" and simply turned that into becoming quite popular!

Boys have always been boys, I am not a boy and never have been. I'm so happy about that!

Ingrid W said...

I don't always cross my legs when I sit, but when I do I have always had a tendency to do it "sissy style." So prounounced, in fact, that I had to teach myself to cross my legs "man style."

Stevie Stevens said...

Curious, Ingrid? Why did you feel you had to change? I still sit like a girl! Just natural, I sit down, I sit like a girl!

Keith Hansen said...

I sit like a girl every chance I get.

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