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Monday, June 3, 2013

Do you use Feminine Deodorant Spray?

I spray this around my little
sissy clitty and my feminine
V patch of pubic hair!
Please tell me that someone else out there uses Feminine Deodorant Spray!

I discovered it when I was a teen sissy probably about the same time I discovered maxipads! I got into my mother things at first before getting the courage to go into a drugstore and buy my own! 

But in addition to buying my own maxipads and a that special panty to hold them in place -- remember them! -- I started buying and using  Feminine Deodorant Spray.

I loved the idea that when I was spraying it on my little sissy clitty that there were girls my age and women out there who were doing the same thing! I know because, like I said, my mother used it!

It was especially fun to spray it in my panties before going to junior and senior high school and being around the pretty girls I wanted to be like!


alexis michelle said...

why do you need a special panty to keep them in place? Buy a brand with an adhesive strip in the bottom. They hold themselves in place.

LaurieJean Becker said...

The strip or wings. And Feminine Deo Spray is a MUST for any girl!

Stevie Stevens said...

Alexis, some pads have a tab that connects to a piece of plastic on the panties, front and back. You can also attach such pads to a sanitary napkin belt. I believe they call them hospital pads.

Stevie Stevens said...

Oh also, since the adhesive pad was invented those belts and those panties you attach a pad to are rare and you would have to find them on eBay probably. That is where I got my sanitary napkin belt.

Billie said...

I remember those belts, I kept them in my purse for use afterward! Boys always watched me as I put them on. They weren't pretty but truly feminine and a blessing for all us boys who felt we were girls!

Tracy Davis said...

I've never used FDS, but I do use Secret deodorant and take Correctol when I need a laxative.

Smiles, Tracy

johanna robins said...

I agree with Stevie, pads should be held with with a small harness and were more Lady-like. Just like hose should be supported with a garter-belt, thus eliminating wearing panties.

johanna robins said...

but I do agree with the female deoderant. All of girls should be using some.

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