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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Here are two girls with a sanitary napkin and belt!

Anyone use a belt and pad?
Here are a couple of real girls wearing a sanitary napkin on a belt, something I wrote about in a recent post!

So much more feminine than even sticking a pad in your panties, don't you think!

I have gone around the house doing my chores just as these two lovelies are dressed! You can do that when you have a 1-inch sissy clitty down below! It snuggles nicely into a maxipad!

As I said, as a young teen I got my start getting into my mother's monthly supplies. This is what she wore. I am sure it was before the sticky pads came out. Although, I managed to find a lace panty in the drugstore next to the pads into which you affixed the maxipad. What an exciting day that was for me when I took those panties and a pack of maxipads up the checkout lady! Do you think she had any inkling as to what was going on!

So, having my panty and pads, I loved wearing them to school just like the hot real girls were doing! Wasn't that a great feeling knowing that you were wearing even panties like the girls were wearing. And that you were shaving your legs just like them! And thinking of boys just like them too.


Cindy Williams said...

Did that bring back some buried memories. I was about 9 or 10 when I watched my mother put on a sanitary napkin. I was peeking through the key hole(skeleton type keyhole)of the bathroom. I had seen the Kotex box in the bathroom and knew what they used for, but didn't see any directions on how to use them.

A few days later I noticed the belt in the bathroom dirty clothes hamper.

So I had to try and wear one and I did, and I immediately got an erection as pulled it up between my legs. I then put on a pair of my mom's panties and pulled up my pants over them. It felt like I was floating on air.

KayLisa Bruse said...

Oh YES, Cindy...I love having a sanitary pad in my panties. I use Poise Long Ultimates and Poise Long Panty Liners because I just dislike so much those pee pee drips stains on my panties. Some times when I am lazy I use the pad to release my pee pee and it makes Me so horny my clitty & pussy gits soooo wet with pre-cum I have to masturbate & orgasm over & over!

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