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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Wishing to look down at nothing!

Since the age of 12 or so, this is
what I have wished to see looking
down while lying in bed!
Of course, I would tuck my
little sissy clitty and
pretend it was not there! 

And be so frustrated that
my desire would not come true!
Anyone else do the same thing
and have such thoughts?


sissy regina said...

Ever since I can remember I have been having that same thought. My little clitty tucked away so nicely I have had lovers say how natural it looked. I say tucked but lying on my back it just goes there natural like. I thought everyone did the same. Hugs

Belinda Reed said...

Sure, I have sometimes fantasizing i'd wake up to find it's not there or wanting to take a knife to it. It's not elegant looking and has no real function for me so like why do i need it?

Sissy Kaaren said...

I also remember tucking it in and posing in front of the mirror. When I would slip on my panties I wished I could make those boy bits disappear!

jellybean said...

For sooooo many years i have actually prayed that all of that filthy "stuff" would disappear, which of course, it didn't.
Yes, we can tuck and hide it but we know that its still there.
Maybe, someday, i will have the guts to get a knife and cut all of it off.

Lisa Kaufmann said...

Yes I too have wished and prayed on many a night that when I woke next everything would be right. I do not desire the hanging items at that point but do wish there were a couple of projections a bit higher on my anatomy.
I do tuck and dress and visualize it the way it should be. Maybe someday I'll be lucky.

Stevie Stevens said...

Oh do not do that yourself Jelly Bean! No good can come from that. Go through the process and have a trained surgeon do that. I was never fortunate enough or had the opportunity to have SRS. If I were younger -- knowing what I know today -- I would have tried much harder to achieve that.

LaurieJean Becker said...

Do not even think, though I know it is difficult, to mutilate yourself because of the extra parts you were born with. When you can go have your SRS done!

Jo Worthy said...

Check out my blog
Think you will get a kick out of it.

Sissy_Jenny said...

i have always wanted to look down and see nothing it has been a dream of mien since i was 13

Renee Melanie Leinfelder said...

My biggest wish is to become a black woman ,but i know it´s only a wish who will never come true in this life!!.
I hope in my next life to become a black woman

I hate my white male body!!!

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As a young sissy, did you look at naked men in locker rooms?

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