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Thursday, July 18, 2013

A silly sissy dream!

In my dream, I was walking
down a busy street in a pink bra!
I had a silly sissy dream last night! 

Well, normally I dream about being in the arms of a hunky man with a big beautiful cock and I am doing everything that a sissy T-girl would do to pleasure him: Kiss him, suck him and have him dominate my sissy behind! And then cuddle with him, of course!

I bet you all have dreams like that!

But this dream was really silly. I am walking down a busy street. I have on my usual summer clothes of very short shorts and girlie sandals. But as far as a top, I am wearing just a pink bra!

So I am trying not to be noticed. I have on sunglasses, but I am walking down the street with my head down, trying not to make eye contact with anyone. Still, I notice people who probably would be shocked at what a sissy T-girl I am: current co-workers and bosses and some friends that don't really know the whole story about me.

The dream was just about me trying to avoid detection, but really there was nothing I could do about it. I felt like everyone was looking at me! I was walking down a busy street in just a pink bra on top after all! I think I would notice that if a real gal passed by me like that! And that's all the dream was, nothing more. I was still just walking down the street trying to avoid detection when I woke up!

I don't know what the meaning of the dream is. Why I would ever dream that. Have you ever had silly sissy dreams like that? I mean dreams that do not include pleasuring a man? Those are standard dreams for a sissy T-girl! I mean crazy silly dreams!


Billie said...

I once dreamt I attended a gala dressed as a woman! Only women (GGs) were in attendance and I was given no problems. I listened to the speakers, I ordered dinner for myself and I was asked what kind of drink I would like to close the night. It was a fantastic dream!

AnaKaren said...

Technically pleasuring a man wasn't part of the dream, so: I dreamed I woke up in as a slim, dark-skinned Latina, surrounded by several men who explained it was like a medical experiment, and after some hesitation they said I was pregnant, I just asked how far and they said it was like I'd just gotten pregnant. A man (light-skinned, muscular, clean-shaven) was assigned to act like my husband for my new identity, it had to be kept secret that I wasn't a woman before. We moved to another city and he went out to work while I stayed as a housewife and cooked for him and so forth. I learned about makeup and dressing like a woman (I always chose to wear dresses). One day, when the pregnancy was just starting to show (physically and also in that I was very emotional due to hormones), he casually mentioned that sex was part of our roles, I nodded - I wanted it but I was very nervous, I sat on the bed, I was wearing a yellow summer dress, I took off my shoes (black, low heels) and glanced at my smooth, shapely legs, I told myself I had nice legs, and smiled at the irony that even though I was pregnant I was really a virgin as a woman, and was about to start undressing (my plan being to strip, lay on my back and spread my legs for my husband and let him take over) when I woke up.

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