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Friday, July 12, 2013

Abuse for being nakie in swimming class!

Taking swimming class with your
little sissy clitty showing
was a lot like this!
When I was in junior high school, there was no excuse to miss swimming class unless you had a sick note from your parent to miss one class or a note from your doctor to miss multiple times. Back then, swimming class was once a week.

The pool was in the basement of the school under the gym floor. So there were no windows and I cannot remember for sure, but I would bet there was no window on the door either.

The gym teachers' rules were pretty much don't drown, keep your mouth shut and if you forget your swim trunks, that is no excuse and you must take class nakie! Yes, at one time, teachers got away with stuff like that. Sort of like paddling.

I have to say that I really feared having to take swimming class nakie in front of the real boys. At age 13 in 7th grade I had a 1-inch sissy clitty and by that age I had already started to shave my legs (nothing else needed to be shaved at that point). I also had skinny and really weak arms -- I was the kid who could not climb the rope in gym class! 
Mean boys also commented on those shaved
legs, of course, and in a mean way.

My mother was always great at keeping in mind the day my sisters and I had swimming class and my trunks and towel were always reading to go in my gym bag. By the way, the mothers of some of the other sissies always made sure they had an excuse not to take swimming or gym. I remember some sissies sitting out a lot. But my mother did not do that unless I was or had been legitimately sick.

So even though my mother always got me ready for swimming and gym, sure enough one day I forgot my gym back on swimming class day. I can't recall exactly what age I was, but I was in that junior high school between the ages of 13 and 15.

I would have taken measures to stop the
taunting, if you know what I mean.
I had to take class nakie. Once and only once. And all the mean boys in the class got to see my little sissy clitty and how I was all smooth like a girl. I took a lot of verbal abuse before, during and for some time after that class. It wasn't like I had never been called a pussy and a cunt and faggot before, but it really got a lot worse after the day I had to take class nakie. And the boys told many of the girls in school too about how little I had down below.

What really ceases to amaze me about all of that what the fact that some of the boys who abused me verbally were the same boys who were getting blow jobs from me and the other sissies. I guess they felt that they were making us give them blow jobs and so were dominating us.


Billie said...

I never had to take swimming lessons while in school but, reading what you post here, we must've known some of the same boys in junior high, Stevie!

Thinking back on those days is kind of funny in many ways, submission was always my strongest suit!

PS: Mothers always know!

Dan Mel said...

When I was in school if we forgot our swim trunks they made us wear a girls bathing suit. I forgot my swim trunks a lot.

John Smith said...

THANK YOU! No one from the younger generations believes me when I tell virtually the same story.

I went to an all boys Catholic HS and of course, our gym teacher was a football coach. Anytime a sissy forgot their suit, he'd pick 1 or more of his studs to conveniently forget their suits too. It was a dare to show their alpha status.

We were like chum in the water and remained a target until "pierced." Once opened, there was no going back.

Joy said...

I was one of those sissies who avoided gym or any other activities that involved getting undressed with other boys. My first three years of high school, we were in an old building that had no swim facilities and the faculty was very lax about participation. However, my senior year we were in a brand new school and my worst fears became realized. I was required to take gym and shower with all of those mean boys who had been calling me a pussy and a little fairy for the last three years. When these guys saw me naked in the shower, they teased me and joked that I should have been a girl because I had a cunt. One of the boys came up behind me and put his arms around my waist, mocking me and pretending to kiss me like I was a girl. Everyone was roaring, but what made it even worse was that he actually got me excited and my little sissy clit got fully hard. I don't know what was more embarrassing; everyone now surely knowing that I really was a faggot or the fact that even fully erect, I couldn't even began to compare size wise with any of the flaccid cocks. They told all the girls knew my little secret and I graduated from high school as a virgin. The bright side was that after graduation, one of those guys still remembered me and I began orally servicing him. It even progressed to where I began taking estrogen and would go out with him in girl mode. By that time I was "giving it up " to him completely.


Billie said...

I most certainly agree with you Ms. Smith, I know I'll never go back!

I can identify with your getting excited, Joy! It happens to some of us from time to time. Glad to see you made it to girl-hood, good for you!

LaurieJean Becker said...

All through school it was the same for me. Had to wear those horrible swim trunks, and then they switched to speedo's. That was the same year I started also budding out. So I not only did not "fill" the speedo, I was also the joke of not wearing my bikini top, even was given one of the girls one pieces to wear by the coach and told to wear it from then on.

I do not know how many times I cried from the name calling and abuse they all gave me.

Stevie Stevens said...

Of course, sissies also had to be nakie in the locker room after phys ed classes, but at least you could hide behind a big towel or try to skip taking a shower, a thing frowned upon by the teachers. But when a sissy with a little clitty had to take swimming class nakie with a group of boys in their trunks, it was very embarrassing, to say the least.

Terilyn Bardot said...

Middle School and High School were Hell for me! I had some of the most humiliating experiences in the shower after PE. During puberty I developed breasts, which was extremely humiliating, because the boys would grab my towel away, pinch my tits and slap my bare buttocks. A kid named Tim was my biggest tormentor, and once when he was slapping me and we were all naked in the shower, I looked and he had a hardon. He grabbed my wrist and tried to force my hand on his dick, but the PE teacher came in and stopped it. After that I was excused from showers.

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