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Friday, July 19, 2013

This sissy could not climb that darn rope!

Climbing the rope in gym class intimidated me so
much and I could not even get off the floor!
I talked about the embarrassment of swimming class so now I will talk about the embarrassment of gym class!

As a sissy, do you remember always being picked last for teams when the boys who were talented in sports were made the captains and were told by the teacher to pick the teams?

Do you remember how you were taunted as a sissy for being one of the sissies always picked last?

Do you remember how you thought that gym class could not possibly get any worse than that?
It got worse for me in high school! Not only did I continue to get picked last for games during gym class, at my high school, which was big on gymnastics, you were expected to climb the rope! And that was something I, and the other sissies, just could not do!

At that age -- I was 15 entering 10th grade -- I had girlie legs and skinny girlie arms. And yes, weak wrists. And yes, I could have been described as limp-wristed. 
There were real girls who could easily
climb the rope when we
sissies just could not!

When it came to climbing that rope, I could not even pull myself off the floor! (Needless to say, I could not do a pull-up either!) The boys would taunt me and the other sissies as we tried and failed. The gym teacher would even get into the act and ridicule us.

What made things even worse was that there girls
 who could easily climb to the top of the rope and back down! They would give us sissies an evil, taunting smile when they passed by us when they came back down. And the mean boys would tell us sissies that we weren't even fit to girls!

It really sucked for us sissies! I hated gym class even more than swimming class. At least in swimming class, I could get by as long as I did not forget my bathing suit.

I will say one thing though. Even though I was taunted in the locker room for being a sissy with a little cockette, I did enjoy seeing the cocks on the real boys! Some of which I was actually secretly sucking. That eased the pain of the whole phys ed experience.

How did you get by in phys ed class as you were growing up a sissy in high school? Did you have problems like I did? Could you climb that rope? Like me, did you at least enjoy the wondering view of the boys' cocks in the locker room?


LaurieJean Becker said...

Hated the rope, could stand on the knot on the end but could never pull myself up. Swimming was best because I actually could swim. Running was a pain because I did "run like a girl". And eventually I knew that I was always the last one out of the shower and gym because the boys would want me to please them, so I always was late for my next class.

Sharon Lawson said...

laurie, I liked what you said about your time in school. running like a girl seems to sum it up. That is so cute.

Terilyn Bardot said...

That is totally ME! I have never had any upper body strength. I loathed sports, and dreaded PE classes. Yes, I was always the last to be chosen for teams. I throw like a girl, run like a girl, and suck cock like a girl.

Miss M. T. said...

Nice post! I remember sucking off a guy I was completely crazy for in the showers at school one time; happy memories! xx Melody

Promiscuous Gurly Boi said...

I was a very good athlete in high school, and didn't discover I am a sissy cock slut until I adulthood. The only sissy thing I remember in high school is that I looked a bit too closely at the other guys' cocks in the shower while thinking, "Oh, how nasty it would be to have to suck that!" I now realize I was actually fantasizing about it and sublimating.

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As a young sissy, did you look at naked men in locker rooms?

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Do you hate getting erections?

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