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Monday, August 26, 2013

I envy my pretty niece so much!

My niece looks like this!
And I am so envious of her!

And, oh yes, she dresses just
like this all the time, too!
I have written about how I have two older sisters who I wanted to be like as I grew up a sissy. Especially the one who is just a year older than me and who is very pretty and was one of the most popular girls in school.

Well, I also have a younger brother. He is actually a lot younger than me, by eight years. He did not turn out like me! He seems to be pretty well-adjusted! He did go through a divorce, but his second wife is awesome!

Anyway, he has two teen-aged kids, a boy and a girl. The reason I posted the photo of the pretty girl above is that my niece looks just like that girl! Now, I am not some pervert that wants to take advantage of a young girl, now 17. As a sissy, I have always want to be like those girls, not to have sex with them! (By the way, my nephew shows signs that he is a sissy!)

But I have to say that I am so envious of my niece! And I am so frustrated that I could not have been dealt those genes, since they obviously have existed in our family line. Like I said, my sister looked like that in high school too.

I should add here that my aunt recently let me scan some old family photos and some were of my mother when she was a teen. Except for the much more conservative clothing she wore growing up, it was evident that she also was a real beauty. She passed those genes down to my sister. But not me! (If you were here right now, you would be seeing a really sad expression on my face!)

But I watched my niece growing up and you could just tell that she was going to be a beauty like the girl in the photo. I had fun watching her -- and also other pretty young girls -- but it sort of makes me sad that I did not grow up like that. If your are reading this, then you are a sissy T-girl who probably feels the same way!

But my niece -- nephew too -- just love me so much. She always gives me a big hug and she is so sweet. But I have to say that I just envy her so much!

Anyone else have a similar story to tell?


LaurieJean Becker said...

My sister and I have always looked similar. More so than friends that are sisters. We both have our mothers looks and I do not know of anything of our fathers. She is taller than I am by an inch, but I was fortunate to have a mother that understood me and gave me the medical help I needed. So when I was 9 they started me on hormones and now I have my grandmothers breasts, only a C cup, but my sister is jealous of them :).

We both learned from our mother that sex is to be enjoyed, and giving pleasure is also a great part of sex. She is the one that taught us how to please a man.

Stevie Stevens said...

I am a year younger than my one sister and there was a time during our school years that we were the same height. As a sissy boy I was going to be naturally taller, but we were the same height for a couple of years until I passed her up.

(Also, luckily for me, we were also the same clothing size until I passed her up!)

I would have to look back at our school pictures to see if I looked similar in the face and would have looked like her if I had a wig on.

Christine B said...

Since your nephew shows signs of being a sissy, that apparently runs in the family also. Keep us posted on his progress too! :)


Kathyann H. said...

My story is much like the ladies, here. When I was 6 years old is when I really knew that I should have been born a girl & not a boy. Luckidly for me I have a sister that is 9 years older then me. I always watched her & envied Jamie for being a girl. Long story short, I started wearing her clothing, and yes eventually she caught me. But, instead of being mad at me. She encouraged me into my feminitivity. She taught me how to get dressed up in her clothes, how a girl does it. She taught me & I learned well. And, thankfully for me our step-mother wanted another girl in the family as well. So with my sister's & step-mother's help I got rid of all my boy clothing & dressed as a girl, full time since I was 7. Then when I became a teenager my step-mom put me on hormones. By that time I was very feminine acting & looking as well. Now that I am 28 I am very feminine looking, as well as passive & submissive. And, to all you guys out there I just lovethick & hard cock. Whenever a man comes knocking I just hope he has a big cock, big ball sack load up with cum. Because I love both. IAnd, guys! I just love how good & tasty cum is & I always swallow, because it is just to precious for me to spit out.

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