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Sunday, September 29, 2013

A nice sissy dress!

Now this is something
I wish I could be
wearing in public!


Davina said...

adorable dress!

Billie said...

Or behind closed doors!

Marci DeLaO said...

Public or pubic

Steve Sybert said...

Billie, I have short dresses that I wear behind closed doors. I am lamenting the fact we cannot wear them like real girls can wear them and that is wherever we want.

LaurieJean Becker said...

Short dresses that remind a girl to bend at the knees and not at the waist (unless her man wants her to). I love wearing mine everywhere!

jennapher said...

Oh god, this dress is to die for, and yes, to wear it out would be divine, such an affirmation of our inner beauty! Why can't we just wear what we want?

Dan Mel said...

You can wear something like that out. Once you do it and get past the embarrassment and realize no one notices or cares what you have on. My wife has me wearing leotards to our aerobics class and I wear no clothes over the leotards so walking to and from the building like that is nothing. Stopping at a store after and going in like that is nothing. One person in a store asked me if I was a ballet dancer.

My wife also has me wear pantyhose with shorts in the summer and yes I wear a skirt sometimes when going shopping.

Dylan Parkm said...

U are one lucky man! ! And I couldnt agree more! Absolutely adorable dress! :)) I couldnt agree more on the fact that it sucks we cant b pretty in public wothout being looked down upon or judged :/

Dylan Parkm said...

Absolutely adorable dress! :))The problem for me would b keeping my boner down an unnoticed. Lol

Keith Hansen said...

I'd also wear that in a second!

robyn ecker said...

Shirt dresses remind me that I am a little sissy and need to constantly make sure I'm showing my panties off! I'd love being made to wear that dress by the girls in my office!
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