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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Oh, geez, which pajamas to choose?

OK, so which sleepwear would you choose! 

Would you choose to wear the pajamas on the left
and be just like any other regular (read: boring) guy?

Or would you want to be special and choose the pretty pink sleepwear on the right? Oh, and also be shaved smooth all over and pretty smelling and maybe have titties from taking hormones?

Oh geez! I just cannot make up my mind!
Let's see: boring guy or special girl! Of course I'm being silly!
 I am already like the girl on the right and have been for some time!

And I would not have it any other way!

What about you? Boring PJs or pretty sheer pink baby doll?


cdnicole said...

Pink baby doll of course :)

xabi armando said...

Without being able to avoid it.
Certainly, the maravillos pink mischievousnesses of the beautiful girl.

LaurieJean Becker said...

Pink Babydoll of course! Or my black Negligee. Or for him seamed stockings, heels, and waiting for him to come through the door bent over our table. ;)

Billie said...

The Baby-doll of course!

I often sleep in a plain and common yet very long tee shirt and it isn't too hard to get me to turn over onto my stomach! LOL!

Sissy Kaaren said...

I love frills and bows and ruffles and lace but I also occasionally sleep in panties and a t-shirt. Never boring old PJ's though!
So it's the pink babydoll for me sweetie!

jungle-king said...

pink baby doll nighty of course

Dylan Parkm said...

I agree with the pink ;) throw on a nice thing with it

Sandi said...

Wait, this can't actually be a choice, right? Baby doll 8 days a week.

Stevie Stevens said...

You know, thinking back, I remember how my mother would buy me boys PJs and I naturally would just wear the top and the panties that I began to borrow from my sister.

Girlie J said...

Without question the Baby-doll!

Girlie J said...

It goes without saying The baby doll for sure!

Dee Dee Fitzgerald said...

If I really and truly looked like she does, but of course the baby doll! BUT looking like him and putting the baby doll on, would do a grave injustice to the baby doll itself!

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