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Friday, November 29, 2013

Definitely more like a housewife!

I could never do this because I
could never even lift
a sledgehammer!
Follower Joy made a good point in response to my post about being weak: 

"Growing up, my female relatives realized from early on that I was a little sissy and treated me as such. As a teenager, my chores around the house were always limited to things that girls would do. I recall many times when I was unable to do certain tasks expected of a typical boy my age the females around the house would often say to me 'don't try to do that sweetie,' we will get a "boy" to do it. It seems as though even back then everyone knew I was a girl except me."

That pretty much says it all for us sissies, does it not? As a sissy teen, probably the most manly chore I ever did was cut the grass with a push lawnmower! 

-- I was never strong enough to carry anything heavy or dig a ditch or do anything at all related to construction. 
This was definitely more like me!
And yes I have always loved housework!

-- I knew nothing about fixing a car, plumbing or electrical. And I still do not, except for the very basics. (Since I was nerdy, I do know a little about how to work with computers!)

Because I was a sissy, my father did not spend time with me, so I never learned how to do male things, as Joy states. I spent time with my mother, sisters, aunts and neighbor females, learning how to cook and bake and sew and about clothes and makeup.

Does this sound familiar to other besides Joy and me? I bet it does!


Billie said...

The father idea is the only and most readily identifiable. Mine wanted nothing to do with me!

I envy you, I really do! Keep on, Stevie!

marilynsturn said...

count me in

JinianVictoria Herdina said...

Darn right. I did manage to do some boy stuff with a lot of focus and hard effort. But not as a matter of routine. In school for me the sports were gymnastics, tennis or running. I much preferred the less violent activities. It has been that way for me all of my 60 plus years.

LaurieJean Becker said...

My father ran out right after I was born, most likely from seeing me and whatever the doctor said. I have always identified with the girls and women in my family and all the girls I grew up with. I remember one time that my uncle forced me to go with them playing baseball and laughing at me because I barely could swing the bat, and did not hit the ball, and threw like a girl. Even worse when I started crying my eyes out and they kept making fun of me for that.
All the girls and women treated me like one of them ALL the time. I can sew, cook, love to keep things clean, and keep my man happy. Besides living going shopping even if we (the girls and I) never buy anything.
As far as sports, swimming, and I look hot in a bikini, and bicycling.

Joy said...

The term "Definitely More Like a Housewife" as well as it being the holiday season brings back some bittersweet memories of family gatherings. On holidays the men would gather around in one room watching and discussing sports while I would be with the girls in the kitchen preparing dinner and doing the dishes. What was quite clear was how definable the gender roles were. All of the females in my family were so girly and the men were totally manly. Even though there was no doubt where I best fit in, there was still an element of shame on my part that I obviously loved being one of the girls. I was always sensitive and would cry even when the little boys in my family would call me a sissy. As a result, the women were very protective of me, and tried to keep me invisible around the men. But sometimes I would still over hear the men sarcastically commenting that they were surprised I wasn't wearing a dress, or that someday I was going to end up being someone's wife. In looking back, I actually regret not being in dresses like the other girls because the men all thought of me as a little pussy anyway. I guess it was the culture that prevented the women from encouraging me to cross over that line even though they probably knew in their hearts that eventually I would be in skirts and dresses on my way to having a pussy and being someone's wife.

Stevie Stevens said...

Wow! Very thoughtful responses! I think that growing up in the late 60s and early 70s as I did and being such a sissy and doing womanly things as I did, it was just a way of life to be called a pussy and a sissy faggot and you just dealt with it or just hid.

Growing up now as a sissy or transgendered, you would be seeing a psychiatrist and there would be accommodations for you and your parents might be looking into a sex change for you. Or you could just marry a man and go on being transgendered non-op. How things have changed!

Throughout your life as a sissy T-girl, what derogatory name have you been called the most?

Why do your wear bras? Or not?

Ever pilfer panties from a girl's drawer, clothesline or laundry, etc?,

How do you wear your pantyhose?

As a young sissy, did you look at naked men in locker rooms?

Did you ever raid a clothesline for bras or panties?

Do you hate getting erections?

Do you want to have your penis removed?

Do you take female hormones to be more girlie?

What is your mental state as a T-girl who wishes they were a girl?

Do you tuck away your sissy clitty to pretend you are a girl?

Do you wear a bra on a daily basis?

As a t-girl, what do you shave? (Pick closest choice)

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Did you have a crush on a boy when you were in high school?

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Who was the first female you envied and wanted to be like?

Growing up, did you place dress-up with a sissy friend?

Did you play with dolls like Barbie and Tammy as a young sissy?