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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Treating myself with girlie birthday presents!

So I had a birthday recently and as usual I wanted to treat myself to some girlie things! No hunting rifle or tools for me, that's for sure!

So I ended up buying that vintage garter belt that I posted about before and luckily I did find my stockings: they were in a lingerie box just like I had put them! Only, just like a silly sissy girl, I misplaced the box!

I also purchased a white lacy bra that I thought would go along with the garter belt. I thought it also had that vintage look. The garter belt has metal clips. Now, there are sexier garter belts but those plastic clips have broken on me over the years.

I think I am attracted to that vintage look because it reminds me of how when I was a young sissy I was so infatuated with the items that my mother was wearing that were like that! Not my father's flannel shirts and wife-beater undershirts, but my mother's lingerie!

I also purchased two pairs of shoes from Payless, a wonderful place for a sissy to buy her shoes! One pair was the pumps shown above and I also picked up a pair of glittery flats.

So do you also treat yourself with girlie things for your birthday? Please tell us about it!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Don't forget to wipe your little sissy clitty!

Don't forget to wipe your little sissy clitty!
After I sit down to tinkle like a girl and I always take a little bit of toilet tissue to wipe any droplets from my little sissy clitty!

I know this is a really silly thing to mention, but it just another sissy thing that I do, like shaving my body, doing my nails, using a feminine pad, putting on makeup, buying a new garter belt, etc.

But then again, you don't want a wet spot in your nice satiny panties, do you? Of course not! And sissies who have a dripping problem after wiping really should be using a panty liner!

Men will shake their petey at the urinal, but then again we sissies don't use urinals, or a least should not be using urinals! Sitting down and peeing like a girl as we should be doing, we can't really shake much, so that necessitates a girlie wipe!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

New garter belt! No stockings!

I purchased a new garter belt!
But now I can't find my stockings!
I am a little distressed today! I was sorting my pantyhose and tights, making sure all the colors were together, that sort of thing.

Then I noticed my stockings were nowhere to be found! I looked around in all the obvious spots. They were not in my bra and panty drawer. Not in my girlie sock drawer. Not with my slips. I'm really at a loss! 

I'm thinking I might have put them in a suitcase that is stored away. Or maybe the couple of pairs I was using got runs in them and the others are stored away somewhere. 

What's funny is -- and this is a silly sissy thing -- I put things where I think I will remember where they are, then I forget where they are!

I know I can buy more stockings, but it's funny that I can't find the ones I have. And yesterday I bought a new vintage-style garter belt!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Dreaming of being a Victoria's Secret model!

What sissy T-girl would not want to be in this group!
I will be watching the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show tonight for sure! (Or at least DVRing it to watch when I can!)

I never miss it! And I have been a pretty good customer over the years! I wonder sometimes how many sissy T-girls they have as customers! 

I'm in the market
for a new garter belt! Most
males don't say that!
You know what is funny, I have never ordered off their website. I have always walked into the store at a nearby mall and purchased their sexy bras and panties! I do the same at Bath and Body Works. The sales girls let me spray on some scents to see what I like. And oh, they pretty much know they are dealing with a sissy! The same at the Victoria's Secret store: I am sure the clerks can tell the difference between a male who is buying for his wife or girlfriend and a sissy who is buying for herself. Sort of like gaydar but sissy radar.

But I am in the market for a new garter belt. Those darn plastic clips break, don't they! I'm looking for one with metal clips and I think I found a nice one on eBay for 15 dollars. I'm afraid the ones they sell at Victoria's Secret, although incredibly sexy, are too dainty to last, so I am looking for maybe something in lycra.

There's also the fact that I wish I could be one of those Victoria's Secret models! What sissy has not dreamed of being one of those models or a Playboy playmate! Or an actress or a cheerleader or a beauty queen, for that matter!

Image always putting on sexy lingerie and strutting your stuff in an super-extra girl way! 

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Football was definitely not for this sissy!

Football definitely was not for me.
I wanted to be like this!
I like to watch my college's football team and the local pro team. Heck, many real girls do as well, so it is not strictly a manly thing.

But I never played football! I did play sports that girls play like tennis and I am a good swimmer. But football with the boys, no way!

Many girls play sports like basketball and softball today, but I was never even good enough at sports to play on a girls team!

As a young sissy, while the boys were at the playground playing football and baseball and basketball, I would be with my mother, sisters and aunts cooking dinner for the men and baking and sewing! 

While the real boys were getting muddy and knocking themselves senseless playing tackle football, I would be shaving my legs and putting on a bra and panties, and trying on my sister's dresses.

You know what I wish I could have done? And there is no way my parents would have allowed this. I wanted to take up dancing lessons and be a ballerina, just like the girl in the photo! 

I actually had a sissy friend who did go to a dance school with his older sister! How lucky that was for him! And I don't remember him ever being ridiculed for it. A boy in the neighborhood who was a friend's brother was not even a sissy but he took dancing lessons and ended up with a job in Atlantic City.

So, that is one of my many regrets. I love to watch Dancing with the Stars, and of course I wish I was the pretty girl with the long legs dancing out there!

Anyone take dancing lessons? Anyone like me regret that they did not? 

If you were a sissy growing up and did not play football, what then did you do?

Monday, November 17, 2014

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

It's pantyhose weather!

Real men don't know how to put on pantyhose.
But we sissies sure do!
I will miss summer and the feeling of the air against my freshly shaved sissy legs. 

But there is something great about the chilly weather arriving in the northern U.S. as we sissies there well know!

And that would be donning our pantyhose and stockings again! I have on a short dress and pantyhose today and the feeling is wonderful as you well know.

But today I was reminded of something I used to do when I was a sissy about 12 years old. My mother and two older sisters wore pantyhose of course and when they got a big run that could not be stopped with clear nail police -- how many real guys know that secret! -- the pantyhose got thrown out. 

But what I would do is grab them. When I collected a pair that had a good right leg I cut off the other. When  I got a pair that had a good left leg, again, I cut off the bad one. 

See where I'm going here! I put on both pairs: the two good legs plus the double panty. So I had a steady supply of pantyhose as a young teen sissy! 

How wonderful it was to not only have my mother, but to have two older sisters. As I have probably mentioned before, I also had hand-me-down panties and short dresses, especially from the sister who was just a year older than me. (My other sister was six years older and on her way out of the household.)

I was also lucky that my sister who was a year older and knew about my sissiness was nice enough to give me her gently worn things and be so nice about it!

As I grew older and braver, and also got a little allowance money, I began to buy my own pantyhose and panties.

But did anyone else do what I did with the discarded pantyhose? What did you do to acquire your first pantyhose as a very young sissy?

* Check out the poll on how you wear your pantyhose!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Still like a sissy boy and not a man!

I had a good laugh today!

I was looking for something else and came across these two illustrations about male puberty.

I laughed because as far as development down below that is how I am on the left side of each illustration!

My little sissy clitty is the same as boys classified as either in "childhood" or "before puberty."

Of course, being a sissy and all, it is not really a cock at all because it is not used as a cock. So it cannot be called a cock. It's a clitty as we all know. And my useless ball sack -- which I really have always wished I could have been removed -- is also very tiny, again, in the left of both of these illustrations.

My body hair never really came in either and now, of course, what is not inhibited by female hormones is shaved off.

So, if you are a sissy reading this, do you fall into the same category as this sissy, that is just like the left side of each illustration? Never becoming a real man?

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Ever pilfer a girl's panties?

Ever grab panties from a clothesline? Admit it!
Anyone else ever "borrow," meaning pilfer, panties from a sister, a friend's sister, a clothesline, a girls locker room, a laundromat, etc.?

I confess that one time I grabbed panties at night off a clothesline that belonged to a girl my age in the neighborhood!

And this may or may not fall under pilfering, but when I was in high school, I went to the room that had the lost and found for the phys-ed department and there were numerous pairs of panties. I made off with the ones that seemed to be my size, plus some bras and some of those short shorts the girls wore for gym class in high school.

It was pretty exciting for a sissy to realize that girls in my school had worn those items!

I did get into my sister's panties and she caught me at it. So was so nice about, was not mad and even gave me some of her hand-me-downs if I would quit touching her stuff!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Wanting to be one of the hot girls in high school!

Guys talked about their exploits with the
hot girls in high school, but I wanted to
be one of those hot girls!
When I was a high school sissy, I actually had a few male friends who were not fellow sissies, nerds, geeks, emos or guys I was blowing! Maybe they were in my classes or something like that.

And I would be around these guys when they would ogle the hottest girls in school and make comments about their tits and their asses and their bodies in general (hair, great legs, etc.)!

Better yet, some of these boys were dating the hottest girls or going steady with them. So I always heard about how they "got into their panties" at the very least, how they got blowjobs from them (even better!) or how they may have even fucked them (even better yet, since I was giving blowjobs as well!).

But if you were a sissy like me, you were not hoping to link up with these hot girls. As the boys talked, I dreamed about being those girls! Having the great tits and hot asses! Going out on the dates with the popular boys! Them getting into MY pants! Since I already was giving blowjobs to boys, it was so hot to hear if a guy fucked a hot girl and I, of course, wished so hard that I could be that hot girl!

As you know, it was very difficult to be a teen sissy and have thoughts like that. Dreams that were not going to come true. All I could do was dress up like a girl in private or with my sissy friends. And give blowjobs to the boys who did not care who was giving them.

So, for you, in high school, did you want to get into a girl's panties or really be in girls' panties!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A Playgirl scam?

So today, I received in the mail a subscription offer for Playgirl magazine. The letter said that since I had let my subscription lapse they were going to offer me a special rate to get me back.

Only problem is: my subscription lapsed because Playgirl as a magazine is no longer being published! I don't know if it is a scam or not because the letter was not dated. But I suspect it is a scam!

I did a Google search and could not find any evidence that Playgirl is being published again. If you know that it is, let me know!

I had subscribed to Playgirl for years and I was really sad when it was no longer published. I loved fantasizing about the hot men and lovedthe pictorials with the women in them, hoping that I was the woman of course!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Having fun with my bra and panties!

My panty drawer now looks
similar to this one, nice and neat!
I hadn't gone through my panty and lingerie drawers for a long time so with the rainy weather in our area it seemed like a good indoor thing to do!

One result was that now things are sorted properly. Thongs now take up one side of a drawer and lacy panties the other side. My nylon panties have a drawer of their own and so do the cotton panties. There is a drawer for boy shorts and matching tank and panty sets. My nicest bra and panty sets are all matched up again, which I especially love!

I haven't gotten to my pantyhose and garter belts and stockings yet. I have been trying on some bras and panties to see if they still fit nice or I still like them and that slows me down! But it is fun, just like when I was trying on my sister's bras and panties in my pre-teen sissy years!

But the neatest thing is that by going through my bras and panties I am finding some items that I haven't been wearing just because they got moved to the back of a drawer. So finding these items was pretty much like a new purchase for me and so delightful!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

One of the truest signs of being a sissy!

I bet your sissy clitty is smaller than this cock's head!
I would have to bet that if you are reading this blog you are not endowed like the real man at right! Ha ha, that is pretty safe to say, is it not!

You are probably like me, you have a 1-inch sissy clitty that was the object of laughter when you had to get nakie after school phys ed class! You are so very close to being a girl that only that little pathetic thing keeps you from being one!

Now, look at the size of the head on that real man's cock! I bet the head of his cock is bigger than your sissy clitty! I know that is true with me! I saw this photo and it popped into my head that when I have seen manly men with cocks like this, cocks with big beautiful heads, how I would just melt!

When I was a young sissy, I was just amazed! I would see them at the pool locker room and could not keep my eyes off of them. I did my best to not get caught eyeing up these manly men! I would go home and all I could thing about was those beautiful cocks I saw in the locker room and I would diddle my little sissy thing! Dreaming about sucking and licking it of course!

But isn't that just one of the truest signs of what a sissy you are! When your little sissy clitty is the same size as the head of real man's cock! Talk about being put in your place! And, actually, your proper place!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Teen memories of men

When I was growing up a sissy, my family had access to a pool at a park owned by my dad's company. I would love going out there at every opportunity for reasons that I will explain.

When I reached junior high age, 13 or 14, I began to have feelings not only for boys my age but for men who were much older. So we would go out to this pool and I would linger in the changing room so I could get a glimpse of the men in the shower and when they were changing in and out of their trunks.

Most of these men were rugged steelworkers, although office workers for the plant could use the pool as well. But it was the rugged men who caught my eye and made me tingle. Now, the reason I am posting that picture at right of the model Dave Dekker, is because there was a man there who looked a lot like that. Big muscles! Big cock!

As I said, I would linger in the shower or changing room just to get a good look at that man. And, of course, I tried very hard not to get caught while eying him up. Then I would go home and while lying in bed at night I would fantasize about being held in those strong arms, just like Dave's arms. The man would hold me and kiss me. And he would tell me how he was going to make me his girlfriend.

Now, I have to admit that at that time I had no thoughts or desires about taking a man's cock in my ass, but I had already started sucking the much smaller cocks of boys my age. So I certainly fantasized about sucking that man's big manly cock and licking his big hairy balls. In my dreams, I would pleasure him with my lips and tongue until he was groaning and then convulsing with an incredible orgasm. And after I ate his cum, he would hold me in his strong arms again and brush my cheek and tell me what a good sissy girl I was.

So I had this fantasy almost constantly and like I said I never missed an opportunity to get out to that pool and perhaps get a glimpse of this man naked -- or any hunky mane for that matter -- in the changing room.

Did anyone else go through this, you know, having a crush on or fantasies about some hunky muscular man when you were a young sissy?

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Attracted to men as a teen sissy!

I have written about sucking other teen boys and having crushes on them, one in very much in particular. And also ogling naked men in the pool locker room.

Haha. James Bond was the type
of real man I was attracted to!
But as a teen sissy, I always had crushes on grown men that I would come across. Like my middle-age neighbor's boyfriend and her daughter's boyfriend too. He was a sailor. Then there were other kids' dads. And the police officers and ball players! Thought they were hunks!

One of the things that attracted me -- a soft sissy -- was their ruggedness. Then there was their smells! Whether it was their aftershave or just that manly musky smell! You probably know what I mean!

I envied the girls who were with these men of course. Made me both excited and sad at the same time. I saw how they were with these men and I never could be. Have you had that feeling too?

Monday, July 21, 2014

Upset that we cannot be pretty in public!

 Doesn't it really suck that we cannot dress like this in public! Whenever I see real girls like this out in public and I think how I cannot be out there just like them, well I just hate the world!

I mean, I have dresses like these, which I described in a recent post, that I wear around the house. Maybe sneak out late at night occasionally with them on. But to walk down a public street during the day like these pretty girls, well, most of us just cannot do it. And it is just not fair!

I envy those girls so much! Just like them, I want to show off my smooth legs and pretty clothes, but society will not let me. And just why the heck not!

Who else is mad about this?

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Here's a story that popped into my head!

Funny how a memory can pop into your head at any time:

When I started college I met a girl through an organization and we became girl friends, although definitely not girlfriends. She was really liberal and liked to be around gay guys and sissies.

Anyway, she lived near my hometown and I was at her house a lot. She had a brother who was still in high school. In the process of talking to him, he introduced me to these two other boys. I remember one was David; the other I'll call Brucy because I don't remember his name even though I can picture his face from that time.

David and Brucy, it seemed, were giving special favors to a guy who lived out in the middle of nowhere, the brother, Kevin, said. They would go to this man's house and get naked and he would kiss and cuddle with them or even just have them be naked with him for hours. And of course, they would also give him blowjobs.

Kevin said he knew about this because he had asked David and Brucy where they were getting all their money and jewelry and other gifts that they would show off.

(By the way, I hope David and Brucy were 18 -- and they might very well have been because they were seniors in high school -- so this was legal at least in the age of consent sense. I know the sissies in my group played around with other boys, but never with adult men.)

Having said the above, I do remember thinking how lucky David and Brucey were and how I wished I had a gig like that! And I guess I really could have. There were men in my neighborhood who would eye me up when I passed by in my girlie short shorts with my shaved legs and painted nails and all. And some of these men were dads who probably knew from their teen sons which sissies were giving their sons blowjobs!

I would fantasize about real men and even eye them up in the pool locker room. It was probably my greatest wish to be in the arms of real man! But sadly, it did not happen. Lucky for David and Brucy that it happened for them. 

I might add here that David and Brucy weren't even sissies; I don't even know if they were gay boys. I remember that they were on their high school's basketball team. Might have just been doing it for the money and gifts!

I hope you enjoyed this little memory that popped into my head the other day!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Strong girls vs. weak sissies!

I was just wondering: 

Nowadays, you see so many strong, athletic girls out there, like the softball player in the photo. You see many girls in the military. You just see so many girls who are executives and are strong and assertive and dominant.

That must mean there is a corresponding number of sissies out there who are meek and submissive and not strong and not athletic! Sissies like the ones who look in here!

So, my point is: if girls can be opposite of what they should be, that is strong and dominant, then why can't boys be opposite of what they should be, that is weak and submissive, like the sissy below. Talk about a double standard! But it has always been that way hasn't it? Even more so today.

I guess up until the 60s, women stayed at home in their house dresses having babies and doing housework, while their men worked in the steel mills. Effeminate sissies had it very tough. In fact, they just stayed in the background.

Now, the women are assertive, so why can't we sissies be our effeminate submissive selves! The good news is that nowadays we actually can! So, my point is, it is only fair: if girls want to be like guys, then we sissies certainly should be able to be like girls!

Ha ha, this is an essay, isn't it! But these are great times for sissy T-girls!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Stumbling upon a memorable scene!

This is what I stumbled upon one day when I was
on a bike trail in a park and it left a big impression
on a teenage sissy, for sure!
Near where I grew up there is a big state park. Also a very sizable lake with a bike trail going about 7 miles along the shore and into the woods.

When I was in high school and college, I would throw my bike into the back of my hatchback car and go out and ride the bike trail, often by myself. One time, when I was in high school, I was out on the trail when I noticed some people out in the brush. It was not uncommon to see people out there hiking because there were several hiking trails as well.

But they were not hiking. A naked guy was lying on a blanket with his big hard dick sticking straight up in the air and a pretty girl was bouncing up and down on it. I think they must have thought they were in an area where they would not be seen. That must have been why they never noticed me standing about 100 feet away watching them.

It seemed like I was sitting there on my bike watching them for a long time, but I bet it was just a few minutes. I went on my way and they never even knew they were spotted.

I don't remember exactly what year of high school I was in when that happened, sophomore or junior I recall, but I do know that was the first time I ever saw two strangers having sex. I know I was giving blowjobs to the boys and saw other sissy friends giving blowjobs, but I knew all those sissies and boys. I hadn't ever even seen a porn movie.

So, seeing that naked girl bouncing up and down on that guy's big beautiful cock made a big impression on me. I went home and that was all I could think of for days and nights. Of course, I wanted to be like that girl so much! Pretty, nice breasts, smooth all over, lovely pussy, giving a man pleasure with it! Oh my, it was almost too much for me to take mentally!

Anyway, has anyone else who looks in here ever stumbled across a scene similar to what I saw? Please tell us about it!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Prancing around in sister's clothing!

I thought this caption was great! This was me when I was about 12 or 13 years old!

I have a sister who is just year older than me. At that time she was one of the prettiest and most popular girls in school. She was one of the girls most desired by the boys in school. I wanted to be just like her!

In a small way, that meant dressing up in her clothes. Of course, I was caught at it because she noticed things had been moved and she was so sweet -- she actually gave me some of her hand-me-downs and some undies she no longer wanted. To this day, I love her so much for doing that!

I became popular in my own way in high school by becoming one of the sissies who not-so-secretly gave blowjobs to any of the boys who wanted them!

Anyway, did you prance around in your sister's clothing when you were a young sissy?

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Ever give a BJ out in public?

OK, fess up! I bet that if you are a sissy T-girl who looks in here that you have at some point given a guy a blowjob in a public spot! 

Here's your chance to tell us about it!

For me, it happened several times in high school. We kids used to party in a picnic shelter behind the school district's administration building. Someone had figured out that it was hidden enough to party and also had escape routes in case we had to run if the police showed up. And several times they did!

But there were trails and park benches back there. Heck, one of the escape routes was to run down one of those trails. In fact, the cross country team used them.

So we would be drinking at these parties and the alpha males at some point would demand a blowjob from either the slutty girls or the sissies, both of which were always happy to oblige. 

I would end up sitting with a guy on one of these benches and my face would end up in his lap just like the real girl in the clip above. And I would enjoy giving a guy a nice blowjob and I would swallow and we would head back to the group. Of course, everyone knew what we were up to because one of those alpha males would otherwise not be hanging out with a sissy. Most often, another alpha male would come up to you and say "I'm next" and you would head back to that bench!

OK, so it was not really really in public. It was in a hidden spot and it was dark, but still it took place with other people around and not in some guy's bedroom.

The neatest thing about it was that I was not the only sissy doing it. The slutty girls were giving BJs too and so too were the girls who were going steady with guys. You could just count on getting a BJ at these parties if you were an alpha male.

So has any other sissy T-girl done stuff like this?

Sunday, June 1, 2014

First thoughts of wanting to be a girl!

I watched my mother breast-feed my little brother
and I realized that I wished I could do that too!
What about you?
As I have written before, I really do not remember much before the age of 8. I see photos of me in 1st grade at age 6 and they stir some memories or feelings but I really do not remember much. I do, however, really looked like a little timid sissy in those old photos!

But when I was 8, I remember that time because my little brother was born. I also had two older sisters. The one sister, who was just a year older, was the one that I wanted to be like!

But when I was 8 and my brother came along, I remember how my mother would nurse him right in front of us. She must have figured it was in her own house and not out in public, so she just did it.

I do remember seeing this and I do remember how it left an impression on me. I know my sissy and girlie ways really kicked in a couple of years later but seeing my mother's breasts and seeing her breast-feed my brother was a pleasant experience for me. At that time and for the years that followed I enjoyed seeing my mother just be a mother and housewife and I started to realize that that was how I wanted to be!

Does this resonate with anybody? Was there one thing she saw or experienced that  really made you realize what a sissy you were and how much you wanted to be a girl?

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Kissing men vs. kissing boys!

All sissies feel so feminine when
they end up in a man's arms!
Nancy noted how feminine she felt when was being kissing by a man in a recent comment!

I would just like to second that! When we were teen sissies kissing each other and kissing the boys that came around for BJs, it was pretty much playing around and really silly stuff!

I had two relationships with men when I was out of my teens. And I have to agree with Nancy in that I was still a sissy being kissing by a man who was manly, not another sissy or a teen boy. Like Nancy, I felt so feminine being kissed by a real man. I felt so girlie having a man on top of me and kissing me! Then, of course, taking him in my mouth for a glorious BJ! Then him kissing me again!

I guess the difference was when we were teen sissies we were submitting to the real boys but it was pretty much still playing around, was it not? As adults, sissies do some serious submitting and it would end up with taking a dick up the ass, something that did not happen when most of us were teens!

But the point is that being kissed by a man really makes a sissy feel feminine and so glad that they are a sissy girl. And then the man wanting that sissy to pleasure his cock just tops it off, doesn't it?

How was your 1st kiss?

Do you remember your very first kiss? I know I do!

Now, I had been kissed on the cheek and forehead by my mom, grandmother and aunts. But the first non-relative to kiss me was my sissy friend Timmy. On the lips and with tongue.

Starting at about age 12, Timmy and I would "play house" a lot. We would dress up in his mother's extra lingerie and we especially loved the garter belt and stockings and full slips. I provided various items that were my sisters, including bras and panties and short dresses.

So Timmy and I would dress up and prance around like two fairies. And that would lead to us tickling each other and then frolicking around on the bed. And that in turn led to us hugging each other up and eventually kissing on the lips, wearing his mom's lipstick, of course.

Sometimes we would get totally nudie and we would tuck our little sissy clitties between our legs so that we would look like two girls lying there. And we would rub against each other with our clitties tucked back and hold each other and kiss.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

What did you want to be?

Most boys want to be a football or
baseball player when they grow up.
Or maybe a police officer or a soldier.
I wanted to be a Victoria's Secret model!
Or maybe a Playboy playmate!

Discovering your sissy self

When I was in grade school, I was not a total sissy of course. I am a firm believer that sissies -- and gays as well -- are born that way, but as a boy I think you naturally try to be a boy until you discover that that is not what you are suited to be.

So I tried playing boys sports  like football and basketball and baseball and I was just not very good at them. And I was the kid who could not climb the rope in gym class or do a pull-up or a push-up. I did gravitate to some of the more girlie sports like swimming and tennis.

I liked watching sports on TV, but I also liked to read my mom's fashion magazines and watch her soap operas with her.

My dad was a hunter and so were all of my uncles. They would go and take my male cousins along with them. But I was never invited. They new that that would not be my thing. And they were right. And they would go on fishing trips to Canada and also leave me behind.

So I stayed home with my mother and helped her with housework. And I found I enjoyed that. I learned how to cook dinner and bake and sew. I even enjoyed doing the laundry and ironing and dusting and vacuuming. I learned about female clothing and underwear and inevitably I found that I liked that too.

I had two older sisters so I became wrapped up in a female world and discovered that that was my place. I also spent time with my aunts in the neighborhood and their daughters. Not their sons.

So I would bet if any of you sissies out there are reading this that you probably went through a similar experience. It has not been all roses, of course, but I just found myself better suited and happier in a feminine/sissy world, not a macho/manly world.

Please add your experience if you are reading this. I would love to some sissies to share.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Dressing is what comes natural!

Jellybean asked the question: If it were OK for us to dress 100% in women's clothes, WOULD WE STILL HAVE THE SAME DESIRE TO DO IT????

I know I have gone through various stages as far as wearing clothes. When I was a young sissy and did not really know what was going on, I got a big a big thrill from wearing my sister's and mother's clothes. But did I want to wear them all the time? Of course not. When I wanted to play dress-up, I had to sneak around to do it. And it was a big thrill, as you know.

But starting when I went off to college and beyond that and I no lo
This is a typical summer look for me, complete
with handbag and sunglasses. Sure I get
some looks but it not like I was wearing
a dress. But I need to do it because it is
what comes natural and not for a thrill.
nger had to sneak around as much -- except around roommates -- I began to wear panties 100 percent of the time. Not for a thrill anymore, but because it just felt natural.

It was also at this time when I felt that I was doing this not so much because I was a sissy, but because I was transgender. I wanted to be a girl in the worst way. I wanted to be a guy's girlfriend. I wanted to be a man's wife! Sure I would wear dresses and garter belt and stockings, etc., in private but that did not really matter. I wanted to be a girl even if I was wearing jeans and a T-shirt.

But since we are able to wear certain women's clothes that we can get away with I would wear out in public women's slacks and tops and shorts and shoes, etc. It is not a thrill for me to shave my legs and wear short shorts out in public. It is just what comes natural. If I were wearing a dress, I would get a lot of looks. But wearing women's s shorts, well you might get a few looks, but mostly it is not a big deal.

So in the winter I wear a nice women's sweater. In the summer I wear women's shorts. Women's sandals too. But not a dress and heels out in public. Even though the point of a previous post was how sad it is that we cannot do that.

So Jellybean, I already dress probably 80 percent in women's clothes. I cannot dress that way at work beyond panties and slacks, but still I am able to do that. So if we were able to dress 100 percent of the time in women's clothes I would certainly do it because it would be doing just what comes natural. 

I mean right now as I write this I do not even have a dress on, although I could. I am wearing very short shorts and blue and white striped cotton top and sandals with a 1 inch heel, with panties on of course!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Please forgive me for re-running older posts!

I hope you don't mind, but I have been re-running some previous posts because this blog has been around for more than 5 years (!) and I would imagine there are some newer followers who are not going to look back that far. Some of the posts I have been editing or adding to them.

Amazing that is has been more than 5 years though! I continue to have thoughts about always wanting to be a girl! The problem is finding the time to write down those thoughts! So please enjoy and comment on some of those older thoughts, especially if you are a new follower!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Wanted to have sex as a girl!

Take a guess where I wanted to be!
When I was 12 or 13 years old, I did not know what it meant to be "gay." Can you identify with that?

All I knew at that time was that I was not like the other boys and that I wanted to dress like the girls -- especially my two older sisters -- and do the things that girls did.

When my sisters brought boyfriends around to our house, I was quite envious!

Still, I did not know the definition of being gay -- or at that time what was more likely to be call "homo."

So when I say that I fantasized about being with strong men, it was not as a boy .... but as a girl or a sissy. Does that make any sense.?

To this day, I am not really into two men having masculine gay sex. That is great for them though! But for me, one partner has to be feminine and submissive! And also denied! I do not like T-girl porn in which she has to cum! I just don't. To me, a T-girl submits to her man or woman and her orgasm is not a factor. It is only their partner's pleasure that counts! But actually, don't T-girls get their pleasure from submitting and GIVING orgasms!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Fondly remembering self sucks!

Really not able to do this anymore!
OK, admit it: How many of you sissy girls who look in here have every sucked your own little sissy clitty?

It's been years since I have been able to do it but there was a time I looked like the girl in the photo. But once you get out of your teen years and start to grow around the waist, it gets a little harder to do such a thing! I actually would be afraid to even try it today!

I even had to bend more than this girl in the photo because I am nowhere near her length! That's what happens when you have just an inch or two!

But I would throw my legs back over my head and suck on my little sissy clitty like the girl in the photo and make a little spurt into my mouth that I swallowed! 

Can't explain exactly why I did this because there were plenty of boys that I was sucking! But they certainly were not sucking me in return so that was the only way I was going to get sucked I guess!

But when I came across this photo it had me thinking back to that time! So, tell me, did you do this as a young teen? If so, how long were you able to do it? Anyone able to do it as an older sissy?

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Updating a favorite post: School days

Why couldn't we sissies wear even
a nice conservative outfit
like this too school?

Don't you wish you could have gone to school dressed like this T-girl? 

In a nice conservative skirt and blouse?

Of course, nasty bullies would have beat you up. But I never understood why those bullies in school never liked us. What were they afraid of? We're they afraid about their own sexuality? It could never be that they were afraid they might actually like us. Could it?

I do know one thing. Bullies hated me because the prettiest girls included me in their circle as a friend during junior and senior high school. I would even be invited over to their houses and got to know their moms and dads. (Who, by the way, thought I was just so sweet and wouldn't have complained at all if their daughters actually dated me. I was safe, I guess!)

Bullies also hated me because I shaved my legs as soon as the hair started coming in. But why would they hate me? What did that have to do with them anyway? This bullying is still going on. I read it in the news all the time. And it will probably never stop. 

But do you think there will ever come the day when T-girls like us can actually wear what they want to school or on the job. I doubt it, but who would have ever thought gay marriage would be legal, as it is several states already?

Great to see how things turned out!

German artist Christian Schad (1894–1982)
I have written in this blog about how we would "play house" as teen sissies at my sissy friend's house. How he would supply his mother's lingerie like garter belts and stockings and how I had access to my sisters' dresses, etc.

And how other boys joined us and how we gave them blowjobs after school and on Saturday mornings. Ah, a great time!

But the point today is that through Facebook I have found that my main old sissy friend is gay and in a relationship with a man and another boy who joined us but did not dress in the feminine clothes is also gay and has a male partner.

Although they may be effeminate and dress up in private, they just don't appear like they are still sissy girls like I am. One even has facial hair, which I would never have in a million years. But the fact that they are with male partners ... not surprised at all! Good for them!

I would like to "friend" them and catch up on what they are doing. That would be so nice. They both live out of town, although one's brother is good friends with my sister.

But I was not surprised to see their relationship status. Me, at one time I wanted the same thing very badly -- to be with a man -- but was not accepted in the gay community. Maybe things are different now. So I ended up being an effeminate submissive, going with guys and gals, and eventually married to an assertive dominate woman who accepts me the way I am. 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A bra and panties kind of day

Today I had a lot of paperwork to do: bills, taxes, that sort of thing.

So I set up a card table so I could spread out some papers near my computer desk, made a pot of coffee and got to it.

I did this while wearing just a bra and panties -- like the pretty T-girl pictured at right. I just felt like it was a bra and panties type of day.!

I have drawers full of bras and panties! And if you are a T-girl reading this, I bet you do too! They are such pretty things that sometimes it is a shame cover them up!

I love the set the girl in the picture is wearing! But I was actually wearing a pink bra with matching panties! A sissy girl cannot go wrong with pink!

It is so gratifying to have your growing titties in a nice feminine bra and your shrinking little sissy clitty in a nice pair of pink panties! What a wonderful way to be!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I have always loved short dresses!

I have always loved short dresses! Ever since I borrowed my sister's short dresses and was lucky enough that she gave me some of her hand-me-downs when I was a young teen sissy girl!

So needless to say, I have a nice wardrobe of short dresses -- and skirts -- that I have built over the years. 

Last fall, I purchased the short dresses that I have pictured here. I seem to believe that they are all from Kmart and some or all are from the store's fabulous Sofia Vergara line of clothing. Wal-Mart also has some nice dresses and you can buy online from both Kmart and Wal-Mart and them shipped to you. Probably with spring on the way the selection will be a lot nicer than it was over the winter. The ones I purchases last fall were had at clearance prices for some of them.

The dress in the upper right could possibly be my favorite dress! Though as a sissy T-girl, I just love them all! But I know that the brown print is from the Sofia Vergara collection at Kmart. I also have some of her slightly longer dresses.

And how about that pink dress! Most appropriate for a sissy T-girl! 

How nice it is to be shaved smooth, smelling sweet, wearing a sexy and feminine short dress, and some nice girlie high heels!

Monday, March 3, 2014

A young sissy and her mother!

Some images you never get out of your mind!

When I was a very young sissy -- even pre-teen and maybe even when I was 10 -- I remember going upstairs at our house and heading toward the bathroom. The door was wide open and my mother was in there dressing after taking a bath.

She was standing there in just her garter belt and stockings like the woman in the photo. Her dress was hanging nearby on a hook. She was putting on her makeup first.

My mother has big breasts like the woman in the photo and there they were in all their glory for a young sissy to see! But she did not try to cover up. She talked to me like nothing else was going on and that went on for several minutes.

But there was something else going on and it was with me! I was already having feelings that I wanted to be a girl. Seeing her beautiful breasts and those wonderful pieces of underwear and watching her put on makeup left a profound effect on me! Those became things that I wanted!

My mother never did cover up when she was around the bathroom or her bedroom. I would see her nakie or in lingerie or in a nightie many times after that. Sometimes I would see her in the tub. You can imagine what kind of effect seeing such things would have on a young sissy. I could not get over how wonderful it must have been to be her! I dreamed of being like that, not of doing boy things!

Did your mother have an effect on you as a young sissy?

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Losing those dreaded erections!

The way it should be: Only the
real man with the erection,
but never the sissy or t-girl!
The other day I wrote about playing house with my sissy friend and other boys coming around for bj sessions when I was a teen.

And later that day I had to laugh to myself because the memory popped into my head how my sissy friend and I would get these little boners -- we called them boners at that age! -- while the boys we were pleasuring had beautiful nice-sized ones (at least until we took care of them).

What made me laugh was the thought of the two sissies with little boners pleasuring these boys and these little boners would eventually shrink up and go away while the act was taking place until they were back to their sissy state at the time the real boys were cumming in the sissies' mouths!

It brought back a pleasant memory because we sissies lost our boners while we were pleasuring the real boys probably subconsciously because we knew that sissies were not supposed to get boners if they had little sissy clitties like we had.

Since we were definitely leaning toward the girlie side, boners were really not something we were supposed to have.

That is what is great about female hormones and testosterone blockers. They will definitely take away those nasty dreaded erections for guys who wish they were girls!

So the questions would be: Do you hate getting erections (boners!)? Are you doing anything to rid yourself of those nasty things?

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Always loved short dresses, beginning with sister's!

I was lucky enough to dress like
this as a teen sissy ... and still do!
This is how I have wished I could look ever since I was a teen sissy!

And I sure did try to look that way because I would borrow my sister's short dresses that resemble what the girl in the photo is wearing. I also was lucky enough to acquire her short dresses that she did not want anymore. How fortunate was that!

By the age of 13 I was already shaving my legs because I could not stand the look or feel of body hair. And of course because the girls did not have body hair!

But I loved the time when I wore my sister's short dresses, even though I had to wear them behind my locked bedroom door or when my family was out of the house! Or when I got brave enough to venture out of the house under the cover of darkness!

I still love short dresses to this day and luckily I have pretty nice legs, even if I do say so myself! Wish they were as nice as the girl's legs in the photo those!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

My panties for my sanitary napkin!

As a teen sissy I had the panties in the middle for my sanitary napkin!

If you are of a certain age, in the time before adhesive maxipads, you may remember the panties shown in the photo above. My mother used the two panties on the right to hold her sanitary napkin and when I started using the napkins too as a teen sissy, I had to have some too.

I remember going into a drug store and purchasing the panties in the middle. Nice lacy panties to hold my sanitary napkin! I helped myself occasionally to my mother's napkins until I got the courage to go back to that drug store and purchase my own. I remember that day too. I bought my napkins along with a bunch of other things like toilet paper and Kleenex, etc., so as to not draw any funny looks. Imagine a teen sissy walking into a drug store and purchasing only sanitary napkins!

I washed my panties in the bathroom sink and eventually purchased a second pair!

And get this, I wore my panties and pad to junior and senior high school so I could "be on the rag" (as the boys would say) like the real girls! Talk about a real sissy thrill: to be wearing panties and sanitary napkins just like the girls!

If I had to go pee during school, of course I went into a stall and did my business and adjusted things, again, just like a girl would!

Does anyone else remember or use these panties with a sanitary napkin!

Actually, I wonder if they are still sold today?

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Do you wiggle your butt too?

OK, admit it girls! How many
of you have wiggled your butt
like this girl in front of a mirror?

I admit that every time I buy
a package of new panties, I put
them on and model them for
myself in front of a mirror
and yes I wiggle my butt
like a sissy faggy girly girl!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Recent Comments widget no longer working

Does anyone know what is up with the Recent Comments widget no longer working in Blogger? Anyone know an alternative? I really liked that function.

Throughout your life as a sissy T-girl, what derogatory name have you been called the most?

Why do your wear bras? Or not?

Ever pilfer panties from a girl's drawer, clothesline or laundry, etc?,

How do you wear your pantyhose?

As a young sissy, did you look at naked men in locker rooms?

Did you ever raid a clothesline for bras or panties?

Do you hate getting erections?

Do you want to have your penis removed?

Do you take female hormones to be more girlie?

What is your mental state as a T-girl who wishes they were a girl?

Do you tuck away your sissy clitty to pretend you are a girl?

Do you wear a bra on a daily basis?

As a t-girl, what do you shave? (Pick closest choice)

What is your favorite lingerie?

You have always wanted one, but what would you call it?

Did you have a crush on a boy when you were in high school?

When you see a gorgeous girl, do you want to:

At this exact second, what are you wearing?

Do you use feminine protection?

Who was the first female you envied and wanted to be like?

Growing up, did you place dress-up with a sissy friend?

Did you play with dolls like Barbie and Tammy as a young sissy?