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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Ever pilfer a girl's panties?

Ever grab panties from a clothesline? Admit it!
Anyone else ever "borrow," meaning pilfer, panties from a sister, a friend's sister, a clothesline, a girls locker room, a laundromat, etc.?

I confess that one time I grabbed panties at night off a clothesline that belonged to a girl my age in the neighborhood!

And this may or may not fall under pilfering, but when I was in high school, I went to the room that had the lost and found for the phys-ed department and there were numerous pairs of panties. I made off with the ones that seemed to be my size, plus some bras and some of those short shorts the girls wore for gym class in high school.

It was pretty exciting for a sissy to realize that girls in my school had worn those items!

I did get into my sister's panties and she caught me at it. So was so nice about, was not mad and even gave me some of her hand-me-downs if I would quit touching her stuff!


xabi armando said...

I have never done it.
It does not seem to me likely to steal what is not mine. I would not like that nobody was stealing mine.

Pero tengo que reconocer que yo debería ser encantado con esto algunos de estos artículos de ropa, podría ser la mía.

Some time ago, I would have liked it.

Nowadays every time me it is more difficult to control my desire to be able to have and dress this feminine wardrobe.

Great title.
Thank you very much for sharing it. Cordial regards.

Stevie Stevens said...

I would never do such a thing today. I was a stupid kid when I took from the clothesline. My urges got the better of me. At some point, I got the courage to just walk into a store and buy my very own panties.

Sissy Kaaren said...

My first pair of panties was a pair of purple and white checkered cotton bikinis1 Taken from the dryer in the laundromat I worked in when I was 14!
Not the first time I knew I was a sissy but they were the first pair that were "mine".
They were very pretty and I wish I had kept them just for old times sake!

slave sissy gurly said...

I also took a pair of panties at night off the clothesline and also the gym's Lost and found. I wore them and they seems to transform me into a girl while wearing them. weird part was, I actually wanted to get caught in them. Buying lingerie, I was way to embarrassed to do, unless I was really arouse and I just didn't care. Omg, I remember paying $20 for a pair of panties and this was a long time ago. It's has always been strange to me. girls can wear what ever they want with no really problems, but style. males anywhere near the lingerie department seems so no no and to wear anything femenite, is a big no no.

Dan Mel said...

I never took panties but, I had a neighbor girl who would hang her bikini on the clothes line at night and I would go out there and put it on and wear it for about 10 minutes then put it back.

vickyut said...

I have swiped many a pair of panties and bras in the laundry room of my old apartment, never knowing their owner. I even found a very petite (they were so tight!) pair of panties for a very cute oriental girl who was staying at the same Residence Inn® as I was. She left them behind…..Just like in “Toy Story”—A Lost Toy (or Lingerie as it will!). When I was a yard sale my very good friends gave, I nabbed a bra and several pairs of panties that felt very good when I rubbed my man clit against them. I love wearing panties that were meant for a woman (Like Me!)

Randi Pearson said...

When I was a teen I took a pair of yellow panties off of a girl's clothsline. I didn't get to wear it though. I also took from girl's hampers. I didn't start wearing until I was a lot older. I also
went into shops in town that sold panties.

Kathyann H said...

I never did that. my sister gave me her's freely when she turned me into a sissy. It was only when i finally got a job that i started buying my own clothes. Then me and sis would share clothing.

Dariana Wheeland said...

I used to steal pantys and bras from friends sisters hampers until around 20 years old when I finally got the nerve to buy my own. I regret stealing though. I guess I had to do what I had to do back then.

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