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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Fondly remembering self sucks!

Really not able to do this anymore!
OK, admit it: How many of you sissy girls who look in here have every sucked your own little sissy clitty?

It's been years since I have been able to do it but there was a time I looked like the girl in the photo. But once you get out of your teen years and start to grow around the waist, it gets a little harder to do such a thing! I actually would be afraid to even try it today!

I even had to bend more than this girl in the photo because I am nowhere near her length! That's what happens when you have just an inch or two!

But I would throw my legs back over my head and suck on my little sissy clitty like the girl in the photo and make a little spurt into my mouth that I swallowed! 

Can't explain exactly why I did this because there were plenty of boys that I was sucking! But they certainly were not sucking me in return so that was the only way I was going to get sucked I guess!

But when I came across this photo it had me thinking back to that time! So, tell me, did you do this as a young teen? If so, how long were you able to do it? Anyone able to do it as an older sissy?


jen smith said...

Unfortunately I only did this once when I was probably 13 years old. Came all over my face!

I wish I had kept it up. If I had maybe I could have kept limber enough to still be able to do it.

I love your blog! I've been following it for some time but just now created an account to use to post comments.

Billie said...

I've done this as a youngster but can't do it any longer, I've gotten a bit older and less pliable. LOL!

I still jack myself off and when my "load" is on the mirror I just lick it up.

Maybe I'm simple? Or hungry!

LaurieJean Becker said...

Never could, just like asking a woman to lick herself.

Stevie Stevens said...

I actually could do it until I graduated from college. That all-you-can-eat cafeteria in college really did me in and added to my pudge under my belly button!

Wendi Robertson said...

I couldn't quite suck myself but I o often lean against a wall with my little sissy dick above my mouth. I would jack off and spurt onto my face. I felt that I was a slut servicing my man.

sissydoll said...

Oh my! Did I try to self suck, but couldn't quite reach my little sissy dicklet. Had to settle for the way Wendi did. Thanks for a wonderful blog.

Nancy Lewis said...

I've done it several times. It wasn't easy but it worked. After being with a man, I never tried it again. The real thing is soooon much better.

Salome said...

I could do it when younger. I never got to suck more than the tip of my cock (which always had been small, so I guess I was really flexible). Later than that I did came in my mouth from a distance, not able to lick my dick anymore.

But it's been a decade or more since. As Nancy said, after sucking a real man, it lost every attraction. :)

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