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Monday, July 21, 2014

Upset that we cannot be pretty in public!

 Doesn't it really suck that we cannot dress like this in public! Whenever I see real girls like this out in public and I think how I cannot be out there just like them, well I just hate the world!

I mean, I have dresses like these, which I described in a recent post, that I wear around the house. Maybe sneak out late at night occasionally with them on. But to walk down a public street during the day like these pretty girls, well, most of us just cannot do it. And it is just not fair!

I envy those girls so much! Just like them, I want to show off my smooth legs and pretty clothes, but society will not let me. And just why the heck not!

Who else is mad about this?


jackie rose said...

I feel the same way when I see a woman wearing beautiful shoes. I want to go up to her and tell her how nice they are.

jen smith said...

I get bummed out too! My biggest dream is to be able to pass in public.

And by the way I have lurked reading your blog for some time, I love hearing what you have to say.

Thank you!

jellybean said...

I have been dreaming of this my whole life. (I'm 71) Guess what, it's never going to happen, not in my life time. I have gone out "dressed" and love it so much, but it's never going to happen that guys will be able to get dressed and be accepted on the street. Well, maybe someday.

If it were OK for us to dress 100% in women's clothes, WOULD WE STILL HAVE THE SAME DESIRE TO DO IT????

Alana Tgirl said...

I SO AGREE with you, Stevie, and all the girls above....especially Jackie Rose. I want to give them compliments on their scrumptious outfits and/or heels. *sigh*
I have SO MANY outfits/dresses/heels that I would just LOVE to wear out in public....but am SO AFRAID of the ridicule that I'd face. :-(

LaurieJean Becker said...

I am so fortunate that I am able to, and have been since a teen, dress like this. My sister and I would go shopping and everywhere.

The other me said...

I agree with you 100%. I sometimes see a woman in an outfit that I would love to wear and I am so envious of her.

Susan Lynch said...

Beautiful outfits. I love to shop for dresses and have had some lovely experiences where the sales assistants help me selections as try on different options. While i have a smile on my face as i leave the store i also know that i won;t get to enjoy the real pleasure of being able to wear them and be as pretty as i can be out in public settings. It just would not work. Such a shame.

eleventhdr said...

yes i agree

and it make's me depressed that those of us who want to be girl's can not dress like we wish to in cute pretty girly dresses!

sassy said...

But you can! I do! Like you already know, our fear is greater than reality. I wear my little sundresses with cute shoes and I have been to many cities dressed like this. Oh yes, some people will look.
And you might hear some comments, but nothing terrible!At least, that has been my experience. I should mention I do not pass and I am 56 years old.

sassy said...

By the way, Stevie, I have been reading your blog for like what seems forever!

Stevie Stevens said...

I get enough looks and comments from wearing short shorts and tops that show how I have boobies. I do not wish to get beat up by wearing dresses like those pictured. And of course that is why I say it is not fair.

Dan Mel said...

I have gone out in public and I've never had any problems. Most people never even looked at me.

I take a ballet class and I leave my house in leotards and tights and go to class. I walk through the parking lot and never had anyone say anything and sometimes I stop at a store on the way home in my leotards.

I always wear pantyhose with shorts in the summer and if the weather is cool I wear tights with shorts.

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