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Friday, May 2, 2014

Dressing is what comes natural!

Jellybean asked the question: If it were OK for us to dress 100% in women's clothes, WOULD WE STILL HAVE THE SAME DESIRE TO DO IT????

I know I have gone through various stages as far as wearing clothes. When I was a young sissy and did not really know what was going on, I got a big a big thrill from wearing my sister's and mother's clothes. But did I want to wear them all the time? Of course not. When I wanted to play dress-up, I had to sneak around to do it. And it was a big thrill, as you know.

But starting when I went off to college and beyond that and I no lo
This is a typical summer look for me, complete
with handbag and sunglasses. Sure I get
some looks but it not like I was wearing
a dress. But I need to do it because it is
what comes natural and not for a thrill.
nger had to sneak around as much -- except around roommates -- I began to wear panties 100 percent of the time. Not for a thrill anymore, but because it just felt natural.

It was also at this time when I felt that I was doing this not so much because I was a sissy, but because I was transgender. I wanted to be a girl in the worst way. I wanted to be a guy's girlfriend. I wanted to be a man's wife! Sure I would wear dresses and garter belt and stockings, etc., in private but that did not really matter. I wanted to be a girl even if I was wearing jeans and a T-shirt.

But since we are able to wear certain women's clothes that we can get away with I would wear out in public women's slacks and tops and shorts and shoes, etc. It is not a thrill for me to shave my legs and wear short shorts out in public. It is just what comes natural. If I were wearing a dress, I would get a lot of looks. But wearing women's s shorts, well you might get a few looks, but mostly it is not a big deal.

So in the winter I wear a nice women's sweater. In the summer I wear women's shorts. Women's sandals too. But not a dress and heels out in public. Even though the point of a previous post was how sad it is that we cannot do that.

So Jellybean, I already dress probably 80 percent in women's clothes. I cannot dress that way at work beyond panties and slacks, but still I am able to do that. So if we were able to dress 100 percent of the time in women's clothes I would certainly do it because it would be doing just what comes natural. 

I mean right now as I write this I do not even have a dress on, although I could. I am wearing very short shorts and blue and white striped cotton top and sandals with a 1 inch heel, with panties on of course!


Dan Mel said...

You are right. I wear panties all the time and it's no big deal anymore. I wear pantyhose with shorts and never seem to have any take a second look. I wear leotards and tights all the time in my ballet and aerobics class and again it's no big deal anymore, it's just natural. All my jeans are womans jeans and all my dress slacks are womans and no one ever notices. When I put on a short skirt with pantyhose and heels it feels so good because I only do it once in a while but if I did it every day it wouldn't be special anymore.

Billie said...

Dressing like a female is no big deal! My legs are always shaved and the shorts I wear are short! I get "looks" from many people (both cis men AND women!) but that only encourages me.

Necc said...

I dress in women's clothes full days at the winter and summer. Every item of my clothing for women from my shoes to caps. I do not want to embarrass anyone in the sight of the skirt. The people are very conservative in Hungary.Therefore, do not wear a skirt in the morning and in the afternoon on the streets - only women's pants or (in summer) shorts. I feel so natural and comfortable. :)

Stevie Stevens said...

What's funny is you can wear short shorts and show even more leg than wearing a skirt, but you definitely cannot go around wearing a skirt (unless you are ultra passable, that is).

Throughout your life as a sissy T-girl, what derogatory name have you been called the most?

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As a young sissy, did you look at naked men in locker rooms?

Did you ever raid a clothesline for bras or panties?

Do you hate getting erections?

Do you want to have your penis removed?

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