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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Kissing men vs. kissing boys!

All sissies feel so feminine when
they end up in a man's arms!
Nancy noted how feminine she felt when was being kissing by a man in a recent comment!

I would just like to second that! When we were teen sissies kissing each other and kissing the boys that came around for BJs, it was pretty much playing around and really silly stuff!

I had two relationships with men when I was out of my teens. And I have to agree with Nancy in that I was still a sissy being kissing by a man who was manly, not another sissy or a teen boy. Like Nancy, I felt so feminine being kissed by a real man. I felt so girlie having a man on top of me and kissing me! Then, of course, taking him in my mouth for a glorious BJ! Then him kissing me again!

I guess the difference was when we were teen sissies we were submitting to the real boys but it was pretty much still playing around, was it not? As adults, sissies do some serious submitting and it would end up with taking a dick up the ass, something that did not happen when most of us were teens!

But the point is that being kissed by a man really makes a sissy feel feminine and so glad that they are a sissy girl. And then the man wanting that sissy to pleasure his cock just tops it off, doesn't it?


Nancy Lewis said...

I must admit that after he kissed me, a profound urge to pleasure him overcame the "feminine me".

My first time giving him the pleasure men need made me feel even more feminine. This "date" with a real man helped me turn the corner. I've never regretted giving him the best BJ he ever had.. He told me so and wanted more.

darlene porter said...

I have never been kissed by a real man,but I can just imagine how hot it is! I think I've progressed further into sissyism this last year.I used to jack off thinking about sucking a cock, and later on about getting fucked by a man.But lately my fantasys have turned more to kissing and cuddling with a strong man and laying my head on his hairy chest as he holds me in his muscular arms laying in our bed.

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