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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Prancing around in sister's clothing!

I thought this caption was great! This was me when I was about 12 or 13 years old!

I have a sister who is just year older than me. At that time she was one of the prettiest and most popular girls in school. She was one of the girls most desired by the boys in school. I wanted to be just like her!

In a small way, that meant dressing up in her clothes. Of course, I was caught at it because she noticed things had been moved and she was so sweet -- she actually gave me some of her hand-me-downs and some undies she no longer wanted. To this day, I love her so much for doing that!

I became popular in my own way in high school by becoming one of the sissies who not-so-secretly gave blowjobs to any of the boys who wanted them!

Anyway, did you prance around in your sister's clothing when you were a young sissy?


Alana Tgirl said...

I wasn't lucky enough to even HAVE a sister (whether younger, same age or older than me). :-(
If I had been, I would hope that she would've reacted the same as your sister did, Stevie.

LaurieJean Becker said...

I do have an older sister and growing up, and we still do, we would go to the mall as sisters. I always thought of myself as a girl from around 6 years old.

John Smith said...

This is why I can't wait for your posts! You connect me to wonderful memories and feelings.

My sister is three years older and she is my idol to this day.

She teases me because whenever it comes out that I'm a sissy, she immediately gets "blamed." She loves to take credit for my "condition."

She was the most popular girl. Our house stayed packed full of older girls. They put makeup on me, cut my hair, polished my nails and had me polish theirs. Our house had a pool, but my mom didn't allow boys over. So the girls made me wear skimpy string bikini bottoms.

I was their little slave at all of the sleepovers, cooking the popcorn and bringing them drinks. I'd model clothes for them. It was divine.

Stevie Stevens said...

JS: Our house was like yours! Since my sister was one of the most popular girls in school, that meant that in addition to the hot guys coming over to our house to see her, the other hot popular girls did too. And I just idolized those girls! Just the way they were and the way they looked and how the hot boys chased after them. I was so envious!

Salome said...

Well, my sister was 6 years older, and so our size started matching when I was about 15. She started working as a flight attendant and got her own apartment, what meant I could stay there from time to time to "care" for her home when she was away.

And of course, that's when I started cross-dressing seriously, while it was only a panty or a bra occasionally before.

I spent whole days at the time fully dolled, including make-up and curlers... :)

Nancy Lewis said...

Growing up with two sisters was wonderful. One was 5-years older and my other sister was 4 years younger.

My awareness of wanting to be a female started when I was about 8. At about 10, I started secretly wearing their clothing.

Growing up with them gave me an enormous appreciation of "female life". I saw everything and envied them each day. I even had the good fortune to participate in some of their activities - small sleepovers ast our house, shopping, playing doctor, and so on.

They thought I was weird at times, but we loved each other so nobody cared or made an issue of my "differences".

I particularly enjoyed being privy to all the juicy details about my older sister's life when she started dating.

Stevie Stevens said...

You are like me then Nancy! My one sister was 7 years older, but my other sister was just a year older. She the one I identified with.

Add to that mix my mother and my aunts who were all in the neighborhood and my father who did not spend time with us kids, then you can see how I had a female upbringing! Which I loved of course!

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