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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Stumbling upon a memorable scene!

This is what I stumbled upon one day when I was
on a bike trail in a park and it left a big impression
on a teenage sissy, for sure!
Near where I grew up there is a big state park. Also a very sizable lake with a bike trail going about 7 miles along the shore and into the woods.

When I was in high school and college, I would throw my bike into the back of my hatchback car and go out and ride the bike trail, often by myself. One time, when I was in high school, I was out on the trail when I noticed some people out in the brush. It was not uncommon to see people out there hiking because there were several hiking trails as well.

But they were not hiking. A naked guy was lying on a blanket with his big hard dick sticking straight up in the air and a pretty girl was bouncing up and down on it. I think they must have thought they were in an area where they would not be seen. That must have been why they never noticed me standing about 100 feet away watching them.

It seemed like I was sitting there on my bike watching them for a long time, but I bet it was just a few minutes. I went on my way and they never even knew they were spotted.

I don't remember exactly what year of high school I was in when that happened, sophomore or junior I recall, but I do know that was the first time I ever saw two strangers having sex. I know I was giving blowjobs to the boys and saw other sissy friends giving blowjobs, but I knew all those sissies and boys. I hadn't ever even seen a porn movie.

So, seeing that naked girl bouncing up and down on that guy's big beautiful cock made a big impression on me. I went home and that was all I could think of for days and nights. Of course, I wanted to be like that girl so much! Pretty, nice breasts, smooth all over, lovely pussy, giving a man pleasure with it! Oh my, it was almost too much for me to take mentally!

Anyway, has anyone else who looks in here ever stumbled across a scene similar to what I saw? Please tell us about it!

1 comment:

david ferris said...

I had the experience of coming upon two boys as I walking through the woods when I was a teenager. One boys was bent over a fallen tree, I could see that his pants and underpants were off.

The second boy just had his pants down and he was reaming the behind of the first boy.

I got out of there as quickly and as quietly as I could. These boys would not have wanted anyone to know that they engaged in homosexual activities.

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