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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Wanting to be one of the hot girls in high school!

Guys talked about their exploits with the
hot girls in high school, but I wanted to
be one of those hot girls!
When I was a high school sissy, I actually had a few male friends who were not fellow sissies, nerds, geeks, emos or guys I was blowing! Maybe they were in my classes or something like that.

And I would be around these guys when they would ogle the hottest girls in school and make comments about their tits and their asses and their bodies in general (hair, great legs, etc.)!

Better yet, some of these boys were dating the hottest girls or going steady with them. So I always heard about how they "got into their panties" at the very least, how they got blowjobs from them (even better!) or how they may have even fucked them (even better yet, since I was giving blowjobs as well!).

But if you were a sissy like me, you were not hoping to link up with these hot girls. As the boys talked, I dreamed about being those girls! Having the great tits and hot asses! Going out on the dates with the popular boys! Them getting into MY pants! Since I already was giving blowjobs to boys, it was so hot to hear if a guy fucked a hot girl and I, of course, wished so hard that I could be that hot girl!

As you know, it was very difficult to be a teen sissy and have thoughts like that. Dreams that were not going to come true. All I could do was dress up like a girl in private or with my sissy friends. And give blowjobs to the boys who did not care who was giving them.

So, for you, in high school, did you want to get into a girl's panties or really be in girls' panties!


Sissy Faggot said...

I was in the band so I didn't have to take phys-ed. Because of that, I could occasionally wear panties I snitched from mom to school. I wasn't giving boys (plural) blowjobs but I was giving one boy all the blowjobs he wanted from the time I was 13 until we moved away just before I turned 16. But yeah, I wanted to be one of the hot girls in school and especially one of the girls rumored to spread her legs for her boyfriend.

Randi Pearson said...

I wanted to be one of the girls
so I could have phys-ed with them
and wear the swim suits. Also
to be able to wear the short
skirts and sit on my panties
if I wanted to.

Stevie Stevens said...

Randi, I wrote previously how I went through the lost and found at the phys ed area at school and came away with various items of girls clothing! What a treat that was for a teen sissy!

maggie said...

I didn't have the balls in high school to be sexually active with men but there was this one guy who I would fantasize about. I would purpose try to get a locker next to him during gym just so I could see him naked. I often fantasized about being alone with him with me on my knees. If only I could go back to high school, things would be different.

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