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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Dreaming of being a Victoria's Secret model!

What sissy T-girl would not want to be in this group!
I will be watching the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show tonight for sure! (Or at least DVRing it to watch when I can!)

I never miss it! And I have been a pretty good customer over the years! I wonder sometimes how many sissy T-girls they have as customers! 

I'm in the market
for a new garter belt! Most
males don't say that!
You know what is funny, I have never ordered off their website. I have always walked into the store at a nearby mall and purchased their sexy bras and panties! I do the same at Bath and Body Works. The sales girls let me spray on some scents to see what I like. And oh, they pretty much know they are dealing with a sissy! The same at the Victoria's Secret store: I am sure the clerks can tell the difference between a male who is buying for his wife or girlfriend and a sissy who is buying for herself. Sort of like gaydar but sissy radar.

But I am in the market for a new garter belt. Those darn plastic clips break, don't they! I'm looking for one with metal clips and I think I found a nice one on eBay for 15 dollars. I'm afraid the ones they sell at Victoria's Secret, although incredibly sexy, are too dainty to last, so I am looking for maybe something in lycra.

There's also the fact that I wish I could be one of those Victoria's Secret models! What sissy has not dreamed of being one of those models or a Playboy playmate! Or an actress or a cheerleader or a beauty queen, for that matter!

Image always putting on sexy lingerie and strutting your stuff in an super-extra girl way! 

1 comment:

susanrhodes said...

my wife is so excited about the VS fashion show and she has already set the timer etc.
i said i would also watch, but she doesn't know i am more excited about it than her - especially seeing arianna grande(role model) (who gets hit by some wings!!)

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