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Friday, April 3, 2015

I needed a man to change my tire!

I felt like this as the AAA guy
changed my tire!
Recently I had a flat tire and that really made for a sucky day!

Fortunately I was in a convenience store parking lot and enjoyed a cup of coffee while I waited for a tow truck from AAA to come and change my tire. Almost three hours! Luckily, the store had wi-fi!

Anyway, you may ask, why didn't you just change the tire yourself and not waste three hours waiting?

Obvious answer: I am such a sissy that I cannot change a tire! I never learned how to! I know about housework and baking and buying lingerie and how to get a guy or gal off with my mouth, but not too much about cars!

So, I have always been a AAA member and this was not the first time I have had to call them to have a tire changed or for a jump start.

So I waited. Then the tow truck pulls up and a big black guy comes to me to change the tire. I know he must have been thinking: "What a fag, cannot even change a tire!" Well, that is something I cannot dispute! 

I waited almost three hours and the guy changes the tire in probably 10 minutes as I looked on like the girl in the above photo! 

Turns out the tire valve was bad and I had to take it to the tire shop and have them replace it and put the tire back on the car for me. I always get looks from the workers when I am sitting in a tire or auto shop waiting room for simple car repairs. Could be my tight girlie jeans or most likely my breasts I would think!

But my question for you is: Can you do things like change a tire or do you have to rely on a real man to do it for you like I do?


Nancy Lewis said...

I must admit, I like it when a guy helps me.

Sissy Faggot said...

If I absolutely have to, yes I can butch up and change a tire. However, like you, I belong to AAA so I don't have to butch up.

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