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Monday, April 20, 2015

Just like my sister's dressing table!

Here is another cartoon where I have
to mention my sister! She had a little
dressing table like this one and when
she was not at home I would play
in her bras and panties and hose and
experiment with her makeup! I got
very good at that and also practiced
with my sissy best friend.

It was a great time except for when
I would hear the front door open
and had to run to the bathroom to get
out of those undies and wash
that makeup off my face!


Sissy Faggot said...

Yes, the dreaded (yet somehow thrilling) run for the bathroom. I didn't have a sister so it was mom's clothes and makeup for me. Then it was the inevitable question of how to get her clothes back where they belong and will she notice they are gone before you can. Oh, by the way, mom didn't have one of those dressing tables. But I do in my bedroom. I told my wife I would even share it with her.

Stevie Stevens said...

Ms. Faggot: The neat thing about having a sister who was a year older, actually 15 months, was that her things fit me.

She was older but being a sissy I was bigger so we ended up being the same size at some point. So I fit into her undies and dresses!

And her bras and panties were more my style than my mother's things!

Trisha K said...

I was always into my sisters pantie drawer. And all of her pretty dresses that she didn't want to wear I dreamed of being in them always.
I wanted to be mommies little girl

Stevie Stevens said...

Yes Trisha we were so fortunate. The best thing was that I got her hand-me-downs so at some point I no longer had to sneak things!

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